Monday, April 25, 2005

I Gotsta Blog This

I purposed to take a couple weeks off of everything, including blogging, in order to study for finals and make arrangements to spend the summer in Peru. But, then I saw this over at Father Sibley's blog.


>>What had driven Father Sergio to lead a double-life: a priest by day, a masked wrestler by night, and how he had managed to keep it secret for so long.

"It is simple," he began. "No one would have taken me seriously as a wrestler had they known I was a priest. The fans, the impresarios, thought my nom de guerre was a joke, like all the other characters we impersonate in the ring. No one believed there was a real priest concealed behind the mask of Fray Tormenta."

Wrestling, he said, had been a lifelong passion. The priesthood came later. <<

-end quote-

I tracked down a picture of Father Sergio/Fray Tormenta, this is quite possibly the most badass thing I've ever seen.

He's like Paladin Alexander Anderson meets La Parka.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm Going To Go Back To Blogging About Marty Jannetty....

....instead of focusing on my new Pope.


>>Marty Jannetty no-showed one of his final indie dates over the weekend. He was booked to work for Southern Championship Wrestling at the Nashville Fairgrounds. The rumor making the rounds was that rival promoter, Bert Prentice, called the WWE and said something which led to his no-show. <<

-end quote-

I will spend the rest of my life wondering what Mr. Prentice said to scare Marty away from the Nashville Fairgrounds. And I won't be posting anything about Pope Benedict XVI as I will not be reading anything about him unless it comes from the sites I actually trust. I loved Pope John Paul II and reading all the horrible things people said about him in light of his recent passing only made me pissy and not fun to be around. The Pope Benedict XVI is my new Holy Father and out of respect I'm going to stay away from all the bullshit and simply be happy that God has given me a new Pope.

Wrestlers Who Don't Understand Wrestling

Lita sucks.


>>According to WWE sources backstage at RAW, Lita was said to have been somewhat shaken up by the reaction the Madison Square Garden crowd gave her, but was doing her best not to react to them. <<

-end quote-

My thought as I was watching it; "Why the hell isn't Lita reacting to the crowd?". You see, that's what wrestlers are supposed to do, and competent wrestlers know how to improvise and play to the crowd instead of following a tight script. It completely killed the segment when Lita kept acting as though the crowd was still on her side despite the deafening "You screwed Matt!" chant. Not that the segment was any good to begin with.

Viva Il Papa

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21

Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. Therefore I urge you to imitate me. 1 Corinthians 4:15-16

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Not Only Does The Raw Diva Search Ruin Twenty Minutes Of Valuable TV Time A Week

It also makes good wrestlers decide to quit. Only Vince McMahon would revive a failed experiment and lose a valued employee in the process. I'd like to see him revive the Katie Vick storyline and then fire John Cena.

A Liberal Comes To The Defense Of The UCONN College Republicans

And contributes nothing of intelligence.


>>Emily Salisbury, the president of the UConn College Republicans, and I disagree on nearly every possible political position on which two people could disagree, from affirmative action to abortion rights to military policy. We are diametrically opposed, and yet she is one of my oldest friends because she is, beyond doubt, passionate, intelligent, rational and, above all, well meaning. Without question, the man known as Warrior proved Tuesday night and in recent days that he is racist, facile, myopic and an historical hack. On Wednesday morning I saw Emily more upset than I have ever seen her. The College Republicans had no idea the man they hired as a reputable, engaging public speaker was in fact a maniac. The first thing she said to me that morning when I saw her was, "I can't believe the things he said." <<

-end quote-

In reference to the highlighted text: Mmhh... ahem.... *cough*.. *cough*... ahem.... BULLSHIT!!

Who Would Have Thought A Former Steroid Abusing Pro Wrestler Would Have An Angry Disposition?

More jibber jabber.


>>Free speech is not an exception, however, and Warrior undoubtedly abandoned his responsibility by engaging in shouting arguments with opposing members of the audience and resorted to insults against specific individuals based on political beliefs, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. In his lecture, Warrior also made negative remarks regarding color, nationality and religion. <<

-end quote-

How about some examples? The remarks I've read thus far from Warrior's speech have been fairly vague. I'm sorry, but "queering don't make the world work" hardly constitutes hate speech. And "could someone get that man a towel?" could mean a million different thing. The guy could have been sweating profusely or maybe spitting when he talked. These remarks are the sort of remarks that only immediately come off as blatant insults when one is going into the scenario looking to be insulted.

The Ultimate Warrior Was Sabotaged

Just like at Royal Rumble 1991.


>>The reason the event got out of hand and police had to be called in was solely the fault of the premeditated hostile disrespect of the groups in the crowd. These groups attended the event with the expressed purpose of making a scene and disrupting the event. There is absolutely no contesting the fact their actions were premeditated. They showed up at the event handing out flyers outside of the front door and blocked the entrance to the event. Now one could enter the Dodd Center without being accosted by the Strike One members and their propaganda.

Accomplishing exactly what they set out to do, they sabotaged a conservative speaker from presenting his views in the spirit of awareness and discussion. In fact, while leaving the event there were numerous cries of, "Yes, we did it." A statement such as this unequivocally proves the malignant intentions of this subversive group. <<

-end quote-

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Reason # 413 Why I'm Not A Baptist

And reason # 284 why no one should be a Baptist.


>>A sign in front of a Baptist church in Newport is drawing criticism from other churchgoers because of its reference to the pope and hell.

Posted on the sign in front of Hilltop Baptist Church is the message, "No truth. No hope following a hell-bound pope." The other side of the sign reads, "False hope in a fake pope."

An assistant pastor at the church, who declined to go on camera, told 6 News the sign's main message is that people shouldn't put their hope in the pope alone. He insisted the church isn't trying to say the pope is in hell, saying that people are misunderstanding the sign. <<

-end quote-

People are misunderstanding the sign? Baptists criticize Catholics for being hierarchical, this right here is a perfect example of why congregationalism isn't all that great.

If One More Person Refers To The Media Coverage Of The Pope As "Uncritical"...

....I never really have anything to follow up statements like that...but I will be rather annoyed.


>>The TV coverage was so over-the-top and utterly uncritical, it was as if John Paul had been, well, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. <<

-end quote-

Don't bother reading the article, it's the same old "The Pope killed twenty million Africans" nonsense.

Mel Gibson To Make Pope Movie

I wonder what his dad will think.


...this guy must have been watching the same funeral coverage as I was.


>>Heffernan said that as he watched the cardinals at the funeral Mass on Friday, he could almost hear their thoughts: "I don't want to be pope. . . . I'd like to be pope. . . . How could I ever fill those shoes?" <<

-end quote-

Of All The...

WWE fires wholesome, God fearing woman who can actually wrestler to make room for more harlots who can't.

The Hurricane's Subtle Defiance

Yeah, I missed it.


>>During the Hurrican/Rosey vs. Triple H match I don't know if it came across but after Hurricane went off the top rope, right before he attempted to go up again he threw up the V1 sign.<<

-end quote-

Monday, April 11, 2005

Baptists To Get Crazier

Looks like they'll be stealing a couple of pages from them Watchtower pamphlets.


>>Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch is challenging the flock across the nation to mobilize door-to-door visitations to get 1 million people baptized in one year. The effort is part of this summer's annual convention here in Nashville whose theme is Everyone Can: Win, Witness and Baptize.<<

-end quote-

Oh Come On, Let The Mormons Have Their Posthumous Baptisms

It's incredibly silly, but they're not hurting anyone.


>>A 1995 agreement signed by Jewish leaders and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called for an immediate halt to unwanted proxy baptisms. After evidence was found in the church's massive International Genealogical Index that the baptisms for many Jews -- including Anne Frank -- continued, the two faiths reaffirmed the agreement in 2002.

Jewish leaders in New York have bitterly complained that the baptisms never stopped, and last year asked Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton to intervene. She met with Sen. Orrin Hatch, an Utah Republican and active Mormon, though neither side would discuss what was said.


Under the Mormon practice, most Catholic popes have been proxy baptized, as have historical figures including Ghengis Khan, Joan of Arc, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Buddha, according to Helen Radkey, an independent genealogical researcher in Salt Lake City.

However, the church directed its members after 1995 to not include for baptism the names of Jewish Holocaust victims, celebrities and people who aren't relatives.<<

-end quote-

I, for one, don't care if I get a Mormon proxy baptism when I'm dead, because I don't believe in it. Why would anyone who doesn't believe in Mormonism be even remotely threatened by this? Feeling threatened by posthumous baptisms is almost as silly as performing posthumous baptisms.

Hopefully The Next Pope Will Regard My Conscience As The Ultimate Moral Authority



>>Although the arrival of a new pope was unlikely to bring about a major change, "there may be some slight shift in the recognition that some people are not able to live in monogamous relationships - some bishops already recognise that.

"The late Pope has been criticised for not coming out more clearly on the recognition that conscience plays a role [in deciding whether to use condoms] - the church's teaching is that informed conscience must be the basis for a decision." <<

-end quote-

I can't even get one girl, and there are people out there whining because the Catholic Church dissaproves of them fucking multiple girls. I'm gradually moving from annoyed to flat out pissed.

More From The Warrior On UCONN Incident

He makes a couple of good points....


>>A little advice -- don’t try to out-diss or talk over a guy who’s skilled in doing pro-wrestling promos, especially after he grabs a mike to get the job done even better. And, look, if you expect a guy who’s swam the back-biting, shark-infested waters of pro-wrestling to cower and run for cover just because of some obnoxious personal slights, well, you are just wasting your time. My skin is thin and the meat of my body thick, and my self-confidence runs deep -- real deep. That said, I’m glad those numbnuts showed up. You made for some silly moments and, apparently, it has come to my attention, have bigger nads than the "Republicans" - or, more accurately, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) - that brought me in.


Sure, the liberals were idiots, but you are craven cowards. You are young and not even full of youth’s natural piss and vinegar - only of your phony, superficial selves. Truth is, you stand for nothing, and resist absolutely none laying down to be violated and beaten by others.<<

-end quote-

...and some crazy ones too.


>>Maybe though it’s just that he made the mistake of bringing just one cupcake instead of three. Ask him where his face, foot and testicles are.


And Emily Salisbury. Why the feigned innocence and proper and demure demeanor as if you hold so high and reverently true femininity and traditional Conservative principles? Why, when you so easily bed yourself with those who would savagely, in Genghis Khan fashion, laugh while “lying upon your lily white belly” raping you and the quality of your future family’s life?<<

-end quote-

College Republicans Are Still Pussies

But, my sympathy for the Ultimate Warrior ends now.


>> "Terry Schiavo's life is not the most important one on the line, here. The life of our Republic is. The life of our kids’ future is. The life of the future lying ahead for every single human being yet to come is. As much as our hearts may be disturbed, our heads and our consciences should be more bothered by how our gov reps, sworn to uphold our Constitution, are showing no informed restraint at all about trampling all over it. Schiavo got her “due justice” -- by any and all forms of reasonable and rational interpretation, both judiciously and medically. It does not matter that there are those who erroneously think she did not -- SHE DID! All the rest of this demagoguery going on is nothing but sophistry and judicial venue shopping --and this ugly admixture is a starvation more cruel (of something else) than the painless one Schiavo is being subjected to now." <<

-end quote-

I'm sorry, Warrior, but Schiavo's death was anything but painless. Unlike you, when she was getting tortured she couldn't just reach for the ropes and start shaking like a retard in a blatant rip off of "Hulking Up".

Affirmative Action Bake Sale

I'm just wondering how long it'll be before these College Republicans issue an apology.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

More On Warrior/UCONN Incident

What the Warrior said that got everyone in a tizzy.


>>Warrior got an unfavorable response from the crowd when he discussed homosexuals.

"Queering don't make the world work," Warrior said.


While listening to Moghtaderi, Warrior said he needed to get a towel. Moghtaderi is Iranian and his friend took offense, causing an outburst. <<

-end quote-

Here's what the College Republicans of UCONN had to say.


>>"We are truly sorry that the Warrior did not measure up to our standards," College Republicans Spokesman Heath Fahle said.<<

-end quote-

That's probably because the standards of the College Republicans (and this can pretty much be applied to any College Republicans organization on any campus) usually entails a lot of mincing of words.

Anyways, here's how the Warrior essentially feels about this whole thing.


>>When all was said and done, Warrior said he felt that the event was a success. His associates also saw the event as an exchange of ideas. Many students waited outside the event. Many of them hoped to get one last glimpse of the man who had come to give a lecture. But they never did. <<

-end quote-

Actually, I'd have to agree that it was a success. First off, I find myself sympathizing with the Ultimate Warrior, and I HATE the Ultimate Warrior. Second off, this created great publicity that is going to appeal to exactly the kind of people that the Warrior wants to target. I could have told him from the beginning that the College Republicans weren't his ideal demographic.

Friday, April 08, 2005

With A Name Like Smuckers They Have To Be Assholes

You can't patent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


>>Brigid Quinn, a spokeswoman for the patent office, said the Smucker case is one of several that seek to test the limits of what federal law has determined can be protected by patents.<<

-end quote-

Bush Is Smart

Or at least smarter than Clinton.


>>President Bush on Friday said that attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II was "one of the highlights of my presidency" and made clear that he disagrees with former President Clinton's assessment that the pontiff leaves a mixed legacy.

"I think John Paul II will have a clear legacy of peace, compassion and a strong legacy of setting a clear moral tone," Bush told reporters on Air Force One as he flew from Rome to the United States just hours after the funeral. He said he wanted to amend his remarks to add the word "excellent."

"It was a strong legacy," the president said. "I wanted to make sure there was a proper adjective to the legacy he left behind, not just the word clear."<<

-end quote-

A clear, strong, and excellent legacy! And this is coming from a guy who took his fair share of verbal lashings from the Pope. Women For Ordination and the Rainbow Sashers could learn a thing or two from Dubya. Not that they would.

Apparently, We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

More anti-pope drivel yet to come.


>>The head of a leading Roman Catholic lay group says U.S. leftists are about to unleash an avalanche of invective against the church and its leadership.

The storm is about to hit, William Donohue of the Catholic League said in a news release.


He cited early signs of coming anti-Catholic attacks.

-- Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minneapolis posting a sign on its property saying, ALL WELCOME, CHRIST IS ALIVE, THE POPE IS DEAD;<<

-end quote-

Pope John Paul II:

A Softy For Baptists.


>>Greeting those gathered, including clergy members representing Presbyterians, United Methodists, Episcopalians, Greek Orthodox and Southern Baptists, Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb noted that John Paul was "truly a universal pastor."

During the Mass, which was offered in thanksgiving for John Paul's pontificate as well as to pray for the repose of the pope's soul, Lipscomb noted John Paul's emphasis on ecumenism, and in particular, that he had a "very soft spot in his heart for Baptists." <<

-end quote-

I'm guessing it's probably because he was aware of just how many of them end up converting to Catholicism.

College Republicans Are, As It Turns Out, Pussies

It's a first, the Ultimate Warrior has every right to be pissed.


>>Last night, during the College Republican sponsored speech by the "Ultimate Warrior", there were many comments made which were extremely offensive to many members of the UCONN community, including the College Republicans. We immediately recognized our responsibility and fault for the event by issuing an apology on our website, We then released that apology to the Daily Campus. Subsequently, the UCONN College Republicans have taken several other actions of which the members of the University Community should be aware.

We have written letters of apology to several groups and organizations on campus that represent the people toward whom many of the Warrior's comments were directed.


We brought the Ultimate Warrior to campus because we wanted to host a thought-provoking discussion from an individual who would appeal to a broader range of students than normal, given his background. Sadly, the Warrior's presentation accomplished none of those goals and we were horrified like most of the UCONN community by the display. <<

-end quote-

The UCONN College Republicans are completely full of shit. No one in their right mind who is even remotely familiar with the Ultimate Warrior would expect him to lead a "thought-provoking discussion". In fact, as pointed out in a previously linked article, the UCONN College Republicans had sent e-mails to the Warrior encouraging him to really stick it to them. He did. A bunch of whiny kids got pissed, and now the UCONN CR's are taking the coward's way out.

I can't believe I'm actually feeling sympathy towards the Ultimate Warrior.

Fuck the Ultimate Warrior.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Baptists Say Nice Things About Pope

And apparently Jeb's a Catholic...I did not know that.


>>Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, met Pope John Paul II twice – in the late 1970s and then in the early 1980s. Patterson was president of The Criswell College in Dallas at the time. He said the Roman Catholic leader was “affable on both occasions” and “sufficiently understanding of our evangelical position.”

“He did not ask or expect the kind of obeisance which would normally be accorded to him,” Patterson said. “I remember thinking when I left his presence, ‘Here is a pope who knows how to pope.’”

Patterson said that he and the pope discussed the biblical book of 1 Peter and then exchanged gifts. “I gave him a Criswell Study Bible and he gave me a rosary. I am not sure who won the exchange,” he said.<<

-end quote-

Let's see, he got a bible (and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he probably already had a couple) from the president of some Baptist seminary in Texas. a rosary from the Pope. Yeah, that's a brain teaser right there, I'll tell you what.

Filipinos Are Smart

Or at least smarter than Americans.


>>The question of a liberal pope is “not even worthy of asking, especially if by liberal you mean that the next pope will allow abortion, use of contraceptives, or divorce,” Arguelles said.

“This is against the law of God. The pope can’t go against the law of God.”

Father Anton Pascual, of the Manila archdiocese’s ministry for social diocese, said the next pope should remain conservative on issues of human life, marriage, and reproduction to adhere to the laws of God.

“There are issues on which we have to be conservative, like abortion, divorce, contraception because this involves life,” the priest said.

However, on matters involving social and human rights, poverty and ecology, the next pontiff should be “progressive” since these issues call for such an approach, he said.

“The best spirituality is balance. The Church acting on the issues (and) concerns while keeping fidelity to Jesus Christ and to the teaching of the Church—that is important,” Pascual said.<<

-end quote-

From The Desk Of Warrior

College Republicans are pussies.


>>All of the above notwithstanding, it is somewhat sad to see how utterly spineless the UConn College Republicans have turned out to be. Not a single UConn CR voiced any objection to Warrior after the event. The detailed emails between Warrior and the UConn CRs reveal that the CRs repeatedly encouraged Warrior to single out the Tent City Trash for some re-education. Yet, it now seems that the CRs have collectively decided to bow down and beg forgiveness from various extremist, anti-American, left-wing groups who infest the UConn campus.<<

-end quote-

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Sure, it starts with editing disease out of your DNA. Next thing you know...

Gene Robinson: Death Good

Gay bishop weighs in on Schiavo murder.


>>"Have you ever heard so much talk about death?" Robinson said. "Isn't it odd the evangelicals act as if death is an awful, awful thing? How odd."<<

-end quote-


Apparently John Cena Also Noticed....

...that his match at Wrestlemania was a bit short.

New Optimism For People Who Hated John Paul II's Teachings On Sexual Morality

Maybe the next pope will...just...kinda...ignore those isses.


>>''Even though we can assume most of the cardinals are highly conservative in terms of theological orthodoxy, from the liberals' point of view, the hope would be that the next pope won't focus so much attention on reinforcing the absolutes of the church -- he might not come in and change the teachings on sexuality, but won't necessarily give them the same high profile," said Michele Dillon, an associate professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire.<<

-end quote-

Yeah!! If we ignore the Church's teachings on sexuality, maybe they'll just eventually go away. Of course, Americans have been ignoring the Church's teachings on sexuality for years. They're still here. Funny how divine law works sometimes.

Torn Between My Two Greatest Hatreds

Liberal college students or the Ultimate Warrior?


>>This, in my opinion, just proves once and for all that Hulk Hogan was superior. Hogan was a true American who fought for the rights of every man, woman and child. The Ultimate Warrior, on the other hand, is a conservative who is pro-life and shares many of the same views as traditional conservatives, who are not necessarily for the rights of every man.<<

-end quote-

Since when is Hulk Hogan (who has torn Iraqi, Japanese, and French flags in half on numerous occassions) the wrestling superhero for liberals?

Thank God

WWE to make SNL go away.


>>In addition to Raw, the USA network will also air one yearly 60-minute special. The WWE will also be getting two 90-minute NBC specials in the Saturday Night Live time slot (as they did in the 80s). <<

-end quote-


Real Christians are fiscally liberal. Of course only a Real Christian would know that. Those who support tax cuts are Fake Christians who have sold out to the anti-Christ.

Lowering A Flag....Excessive?

Are you kidding?


>>The Freedom From Religion Foundation has protested Gov. Jim Doyle's order that flags be flown at half-staff at public buildings all week to remember Pope John Paul II.

The gesture "appears like an endorsement of Roman Catholicism over other religious viewpoints,'' Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the group, said Tuesday.


"This seems excessive,'' she said. "Not everyone in the country is Roman Catholic, and (the pope's) not even American.''<<

-end quote-

The Turks Know Karate?

This is silly. I wonder if it's anything like an international AWANA for Muslims.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Should Catholics Care What Americans Think?

Cause I don't, and I hope the next Pope doesn't either.


>>Most Americans want the next pope to work for changes in Roman Catholic Church policies to allow priests to marry and women to join the priesthood.


About two-thirds of those polled said priests should be allowed to marry and almost that many said they want women in the priesthood. A majority of Catholics supported both steps. <<

-end quote-

I wonder what other new innovations in not getting it Americans can come up with...


>>The U.S. Catholic church is struggling with a variety of problems, including a dramatically shrinking U.S. priesthood, disagreement over the proper role for lay leaders, and a conservative-liberal divide over sexuality, women's ordination and clergy celibacy. <<

-end quote-

Turning the Church's teachings on sexual morality into a "conservative vs. liberal" issue, that's genius!

I'll Be Damned

Baptist couple name son after Pope. I wonder if anyone at the old FBC of Hastings would do that.

Should Catholics Care What Evangelicals Think?

I'm guessing that one of the qualifications for being the president of Dallas Theological Seminary is an extremely superficial understanding of Roman Catholicism.

Catholic Lobbyists Sending Messages To The Conclave

And hopefully they'll ignore everyone of them.


>>We Are Church, a loosely knit federation of 147 liberal organizations, has been looking toward this moment since 1999, when it issued a manifesto titled "A Pope for the Time To Come" that demands radical changes under the next pontiff.

It has reaffirmed the statement with John Paul's death and plans to get a copy in the hands of every voting cardinal.<<

-end quote-

That's one hundred and forty seven organizations delighting in the passing of Pope John Paul II. I'm sure the cardinals care what they have to say. Imagine coming up to someone and saying; "Hey, I'm glad your close friend and father figure just died, now read this pamphlet!".

Monday, April 04, 2005

I'll Give Her This

At least she knows she's a horrible wrestler.


>>Vince McMahon was opening socially with everyone. Christy Hemme was seen trying to apologize to McMahon for her match, although Vince told her that everything was fine.<<

-end quote-

Ahhhh, she thought Vince put her in the ring against Stratus because she might possibly be a credible performer. Isn't that precious?

I'd Probably Agree

John Cena got screwed. (Don't bother using this link, the pop-ups are ridiculous. I'm just citing my source for the ethical purposes of it.)


>>The one who was really hurt last night was John Cena. He was beaten from pillar to post by JBL, then scored a freak, way too fast victory. It didn't do much for JBL either and, after having such a long title run, they took the strap off him in poor fashion. They made him look weak, especially given all of the near falls in other matches on the show, that he was one and done to the FU. They did Cena no favors in getting his title run off on a bad foot. The HHH-Batista match started the same way, with The H dominating far too much of the action, but when Batista finally made his comeback, it got a lot better and it was good from that point on. It was clear by the end of the show who the fans (and WWE) saw as the star and who was just the new champ of his brand.<<

-end quote-

An entertainer such as John Cena shouldn't have to win his first heavyweight title in the worst match of the night (not counting the women's match, which is always the default worst match of the night, unless Molly Holly is wrestling). Either way, I'm glad to see the worst heavyweight title reign in WWE history come to an end.

Of Course....

....everyone knew that HBK vs. Angle should have been the main event.


>>The changing of the guard that many people expected came with a whimper instead of a bang. In a total reversal from last year's show -- where a largely mundane card was saved by the emotional title victories of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero -- this year's elevation of rising stars John Cena and Dave Batista had no such drama. Unable to live up to the high standards set by the Undertaker-Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels-Kurt Angle bouts, the "main events" offered the worst kind of anticlimax and would have been right at home buried in the middle of the card. <<

-end quote-

JBL just can't make a match happen. It's a shame that Cena had to get his heavyweight championship off of that poor excuse for an in-ring performer. The match was astoundingly short, and I think I'm going to go on the hunt to find the exact time, cause it was damn short. Another one of those "I was looking at my beer when the match ended" matches.

Online Wrestling Journalism At It's Best

Check out's piece on the best match of the last three years.


>>Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music...both men are down...

Michaels puts his arm over Angle...1...2...kick out by Angle.

Michaels is back up but Angle gets on another Ankel Lock. Micheals doesn't wanna give the match up and fights to get out but Angle is a step ahead of him every time. Micheals can't handle the pain. Micheals is fighting to break the hold...Micheals taps!

WINNER: Shawn Michaels<<

-end quote-

I'm right now thinking that the one thing standing between me and a career in pro-wrestling journalism would probably be my G.E.D.

A Good Day For WWE Fans, A Bad Day For WWE Stock Owners

Raw is returning to USA, where it made it's greatest pop-cultural impact, plus bi-annual NBC specials. And the company is losing fifty million dollars in the process.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

One More

Christopher Johnson over at Midwest Conservative Journal has asked for Catholic converts to share some of their thoughts on how the Pope influenced their conversion. There's some good stuff in there.

Wish You Were Here

The Curt Jester has given his blog an appropriate and touching new template for the Interregnum. Check it out. And be sure to read his tribute to Pope John Paul II, as it may be a while before I've regained the adroitness to properly denote what I've been feeling over the past four days.

The Pope

A couple of months ago I told my buddy Josiah that I wasn't ready for the Pope's death. That was an understatement. I'd like to write up a huge essay about how much he meant to me as a spiritual leader and, more importantly, a father. But, right now I think I'm still somewhat incapacitated in that sense. So I'll just say this: I've remarked on here that one thing I've realized over the past couple of years is that one of the things I most missed out on having a sick and dying father was having someone to yell at me. A loving father is both gentle and authoritarian. A loving father gives testament to the Truth, even when he knows that it's not what his children want to hear. He'll surely go down as one of the most beloved and reviled men in history. But, here at the Blog Of The Hurricane, it's all love.

More later.....

Schwarzenegger Mourns The Loss Of The Pope

John Paul II: Not a pontifical girly man. (yeah...I know. But, someone was going to say it sooner or later.)


>> The Roman Catholic movie actor and his wife, Kennedy family heiress Maria Shriver, recalled meeting the late pontiff at the Vatican many years ago, saying it was the "highlight of our lives."

"Maria and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Pope John Paul II," the couple said in a statement.

"In a world of challenges, Pope John Paul II was a beacon of virtue, strength and goodness.

"He was an extraordinary pope and a profoundly deep and spiritual man who lived his life on this earth in a truly noble and exemplary way. As Catholics we admired his leadership," the couple said. <<

-end quote-

*Fill In The Blank* Mourn(s) The Loss Of Pope John Paul II






"Even a Baptist"

Pope John Paul II: A REAL Evangelical

Just like Billy Graham.


>> In his own way, he saw himself as an evangelist, traveling far more than any other Pope to rally the faithful and call non-believers to commitment. He was convinced that the complex problems of our world are ultimately moral and spiritual in nature, and only Christ can set us free from the shackles of sin and greed and violence. His courage and perseverance in the face of advancing age and illness were an inspiration to millions - including me.<<

-end quote-

Pope John Paul II: A REAL Feminist

Unlike Regina Bannan.


>>Pope John Paul II was a mixed blessing to Catholic feminists. He held an open hand to women on many fronts, such as career equality, human rights and lay leadership -- but he showed the back of his hand on the charged issue of priestly ordination.


Women no longer had to be content with taking care of the flowers on the altar or caring for the linens and vestments. Today, women are eucharistic ministers. They are missionaries and minister to the sick. They serve on parish committees and are altar girls.


Regina Bannan of Philadelphia, national past president and now local president of the Women's Ordination Conference, which advocates women in the priesthood, said John Paul, more than his predecessors, was almost "preoccupied" with the issue of the ordination of women.<<

-end quote-

I wonder if the fact that he was more preoccuopied with the issue of female priests had anything to do with the fact that, more than any other pope, he defined and redefined the role of women in the Church? The Pope gave women everything that it was within his authority to give them. But, that's not enough for some of these people, they wanted him to give them what only God has the authority to give.

Gay Activists Rejoice In The Passing Of Pope John Paul II

As I told my own mother, with tears welling up in my eyes, "The world hates that man". The Truth never was and never will be popular. And as people are coming out of the wood work to declare, like cowards, "The Pope was a great man, but...", those of us who loved Pope John Paul II because of his teachings, not despite them, hang our heads and let out a big collective UGHHH!!.


>>Peter Tatchell, of gay human rights group OutRage, said: “History will judge the Pope harshly."<<

-end quote-

Gee, I wonder how God will judge those who judge the Pope?


>>Mark Leech, The Prisons Handbook editor, hoped the Pope’s death would bring together those divided by the pontiff.

He said: “As a human being and, may I say it as a Catholic, I mourn the passing of John Paul II... but thank God he’s gone.

“He represented so much of what is an anathema to those of us who have lived in the modern world that he has left behind.

“As a gay man, and as a Catholic, looking forward to marrying my partner under the new Civil Partnership Act that comes into force in December 2005, I hope that his passing will see a new dawn in the Church.<<

-end quote-

Those sound like the kind of words that come back to bite you in the ass.

The Hurricane MIGHT Have A Match At Wrestlemania....

...and instead of plugging it in front of a live TV audience in an arena full of thousands of people, he has to divulge this information to a few loyal fans at a video game exhibition.


>>The Hurricane and Maven were telling people at the THQ Superstar Challenge yesterday that WrestleMania will feature a 30 man battle royal, with 15 stars from each brand. We're still not sure if this will be on Heat or WrestleMania.<<

-end quote-

Like it matters where you put a clusterfuck. Here's hoping for the Hurricane's sake that the yet unknown prize for winning this battle royal is a free buy out of your WWE contract.



>>At WrestleMania, there will be a 30-man Battle Royale featuring 15 superstars from Smackdown and 15 superstars from Raw. However, the match will not be televised on Sunday Night Heat prior to WrestleMania, or on the WrestleMania 21 PPV show itself. The Battle Royale will be filmed and included strictly in the WrestleMania 21 DVD, which will be released in the months following WrestleMania.<<

-end quote-