Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wait A Minute, You Mean The WWE Doesn't Pay Them To Be Nice To Everybody?
Once again, when are those people who run those wrestling news sites going to stop posting idiotic commentary from random schmucks who happened to be at the show the night before?


"The story of the night was Batista. He came out with that stupid look on his face. A bunch of people were asking for an autograph, including a bunch of 5-8 year old kids. He proceeded to give the entire crowd the middle finger as we walked past. That caused a good amount of heat. He went to his car and told the security guard to go get the two books that this young females were holding. They were probably 20 or so. After he gave them back to the security guard, he had the security guard give one of the fans a message. "You suck." The security guard then took it too far and kept saying it and saying the he agreed with it. The fan started to walk towards the gate and take of his clothes to start a fight. The guard walked right up with him, then the rest of security surrounded him. It's unbelievable how ungrateful some wrestlers can be.
Anyway, i just thought you might like to know who does what after the lights go out. It doesn't seem like Batista plays a character on TV. He acts the same when the cameras go off."

-end quote-

When I was talking to the U of M Hurridivas at a house show back in January, they were telling me how they had met Randy Orton and they didn't like him because he's just as arrogant in real life as he is on TV. To which I replied something to the extent of "Yeah, but that's totally cool". I actually think it's pretty neat when wrestlers immitate themselves in real life.

And for the record, my personal experience with Batista has been that he's actually quite cordial. I sent him an e-mail sometime last year and he replied, even though the e-mail wasn't dealing with Batsista specifically. That in my mind constitutes a fairly nice guy.

I just find myself irritated at people who react indignantly whenever some celebrity is the slightest bit of an asshole. Who cares? He's still fucking huge and freaky looking. That's all I expect from a guy like Batista.

Diva Lurch (Get It?! ........I'm Retarded)
So the first diva to get eliminated was one of the Man Show twins. I wonder if the other one has figured out that if those who are actually stupid enough to patronize this shit think that her monozygotic twin sister isn't attractive enough to make it past the first round then visa vie, she's fucked.

I'm wondering if any of those dumb broads actually knew who Kamala was.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Next You're Going To Tell Me That Mabel Once Won The King Of  The Ring Tournament
Here's a little something to contemplate, I guess.....


"While *technically* his reign was "erased" from the books prior to Wrestlemania 4 (the one with the tournament), DiBiase DID hold the Championship belt for several days. Here's the story, in case you forgot...
On Saturday Night Main Event, several weeks before the much-hyped Wrestlemania IV, Andre the Giant defeated then-World Champion, Hulk Hogan, with the aid of Ted DiBiase to win his first and only World Championship. Immediately following the match, DiBiase BOUGHT the Championship title from Andre, thus becoming the World Champion. Soon enough, in an effort to reverse this ridiculous and illegal transaction, then-President Jack Tunney announced that the title was to be stripped from DiBiase, and would be put up for grabs at the upcoming PPV spectacular in a tournament.
Ofcourse, as everyone knows, Hogan and Andre would be DQ'd during their first round showdown, leading up to Ted DiBiase earning a bye into the final round of the tournament. His challenge in the finals? "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Savage would go on to win the strap, but lose it one year later to his former compadre, the Hulkster, at Wrestlemania 5.
In closing, while DiBiase never *technically* "won" the strap in the ring, his millions of dollars earned him the title anyway. "
-end quote-

I suppose this could spur on some debate. Is Ted Dibiase a former WWF Heavyweight Champion? Regardless of what my headline might imply, I'll answer that question with a solid "NO". Though, I imagine I could use this to spark a lengthy discussion with my good friend Steve. I imagine he'll probably draw the same conclusion I did. But, I think it still leaves something to be contemplated.

For me, I think it's comparable to when Marty Janetty pinned Shawn Micheals in a match for the IC title on an episode of Raw back in 93. After the commercial break it was revealed that Micheals' foot had been on the rope, the match continued, and Micheals ended up taking the victory. Now, was Janetty the IC champion for the commercial break? The answer to that is obviously no.

I think it's kind of odd that now a days you never hear any announcers acknowledge that Andre the Giant had the shortest title reign in the history of the WWE. It's sort of like the antithetical scenario to what we see with Mabel. Mabel was so crappy that the WWE doesn't want to point out that he won the KOTR in 1995. Andre the Giant was so legendary that the WWE doesn't want to point out that he had the shortest title reign in the history of the WWE.

The Hurricane In Wheeling
Let's see, at a house show yesterday in Wheeling, West Virginia the Hurricane and Rosey beat Chuck Palumbo Mike Bucci. I believe there was a house show on Saturday night with the same results, but I can't recollect the location.

Creepy Shit From Both Sides
Well, first there's this via Relapsed Catholic. And then there's this via Catholic and Enjoying It.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

The 1-2-3 Kid Has Fucking Lost It
He really needs to wait till he's kicked the drug habbit before he shoots his mouth...


"I love Joanie Laurer more than life itself. I can’t express in words how much I hurt right now after learning of her comments on Howard Stern this morning. I am not angry. I only want to make her happy. As far as the this sex tape is concerned. I personally could care less if people see the tape in question. It is something I refuse to be ashamed of. It is actually very funny & in no way obscene. It is something I could never be ashamed of because it is a product of true love. So if anyone has a problem with it then I can only say that is their problem. I LOVE YOU JOANIE & I WILL UNTIL THE DAY I DIE."
-end quote-

Let me just say that there's absolutely nothing funny about naked Chyna. I saw just one picture from her Playboy pictorial BY ACCIDENT, and it was several weeks before I could laugh again, or find any joy in life what so ever.

Is There A Lemon Surplus Going On That I Didn't Hear About?

Some quick Hurricane updates:

The Hurricane's official website has been completely revamped.

He's also updated his online diary. 

And I may also look into this, seeing as I've got about three checks left. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Last Night's Raw And A Few Other Random Wrestling Related Thoughts
So last night we saw the Hurricane jobbing to Tyson Tomko. Though for some reason the Hurricane had Stacy Keibler in his corner and Rosey is now a full fledged super hero. So it took him a year, that seems about right. That's how long it took Jackie Chan to learn the technique of the Eight Drunken Gods.

To me it seems like common sense, with Spider Man 2 being as huge as it is, that the WWE would want to push the super hero duo. Of course, I also thought that it was common sense to not put the title on Bradshaw. Hell, they could even do a story line where Shane Helms wants to tell Stacy Keibler that he loves her, but he's afraid that if he did his enemies would go after her.
A few random thoughts........
I love Ric Flair, love him. But, I just can't get behind some of his recent remarks.
Bret Hart never drew a dime? I find that hard to believe when every time the WWE pulls into Canada they are greeted by a stadium full of people chanting "You screwed Bret" and/or "We want Bret", and sporting signs that say "We miss Bret".
Mick Foley is nothing more than a glorified stuntman? Like Vince says, the WWE isn't in the wrestling business, they're in the entertainment business. And Mick is fucking entertaining. And besides, Mick has always had great ring psychology and fantastic promos.
Mick Foley is kind of like the Jackie Chan of professional wrestling. He's a hard worker, great fighter, great actor, and funny as hell. But, when all is said and done, the thing he's remembered for is falling from really high places. Ok, that's the last Jackie Chan reference, I promise.
On another note. I've heard lots of complaints about Eugene being pushed too quickly, being over incorporated into the main event at Vengence, and the possibility of him being in the main event at Summer Slam. I, myself, have no problem with this what so ever. Why? Because Bradshaw is the champion on Smackdown, and nothing could possibly be stupider than that. In this Austin-less, Rock-less era the WWE is obviously going to be over pushing anything that the fans seem to be into. In this case it happens to be Eugene. The fans love him, so he's getting a huge push and rediculous amounts of TV time. Sounds about right to me. And I take no issue with the possibility of him being in the main event at Summer Slam against Benoit and HHH, because there's no way in hell he's going to win.
And let's say that Eugene did win. It's still not nearly as stupid as Bradshaw being the heavyweight champion on Smackdown. Let me make a few points....
1. Nick Dinsmore is a fucking good wrestler. Bradshaw can't wrestle for shit.
2. Nick Dinsmore is well liked backstage. Bradshaw ain't liked for shit.
3. Eugene is over with the fans. Bradshaw ain't over with shit. People don't boo Bradshaw because his character is an asshole. People boo Bradshaw because the man himself is an asshole. An asshole who can't wrestle for shit.
I have this theory that a couple years ago Vince got hypnotized so that he can't hear people booing. Seriously, what gives with this diva search bullshit? Three weeks into it, the boos keep getting exponentially louder. And they're going to be eliminating one chick every week. That means they're going to be keeping this shit up for another nine weeks. What they should do is stop the contest right now and give the contract to the twins from the Man Show. I'm as bored with WWE Divas as the next guy. But, diva twins. That would at least be something different. There could be some possibly interesting story lines to come out of that, and by "interesting" I mean "interesting compared to every thing else Diva related, with the exception of Molly the only diva who can put on a remotely watchable match".
I've been able to watch a bit of NWA TNA lately. I have to say that my favorite wrestler thus far is Prime Time. But, what is the deal with the Alpha Male?

This guy looks like a gay porn star. Actually, I have no idea what a gay porn star would look like. I just say that based on his leapord skin wrestling trunks and the fact that his psuedonym is the "Alpha Male". And his signature move fucking sucks. The Pounce? Is he serious about this? Compared to the Pounce, Goldberg's Spear is as awe inspiring and technically stunning as the Hurricane's Vertebreaker.
Well, that's about all of my wrestling related thoughts for the time being........Jackie Chan!!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Fun For...Well....No One Really
This guy manages to sum up the failure of the S.H.I.T. gimmick quite concisely.....
"I honestly think that WWE is missing the boat with the Hurricane, as this is the type of gimmick that can draw in kids who will grow up to be wrestling fans. However, they chose to stick him with the S.H.I.T. sidekick gimmick, making his character unsuitable for kids but not so great for adults either."
-end quote-

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'll put all my links back up tomorrow after work.

Ok, I Think I Got It Figured Out...
....and it goes something like this, if I use blockquotes my blog goes crazy. I guess from now on I'll have to use italics to indicate that the words being spoken are not my own. I sincerely apologize to any one who has a strong preference for keeping quotations in a smaller margin.

It Turns Out He Didn't Get Fooled Again 
Pete Townshend is smart.... 


"When first approached I knew nothing about the content of his film FAHRENHEIT 911. My publisher informed me they had already refused the use of my song in principle because MIRAMAX the producers offered well below what the song normally commands for use in a movie. They asked me if I wanted to ask for more money, I told them no.
Nevertheless, as a result of my refusal to consider the use, Harvey Weinstein – a good friend of mine, and my manager Bill Curbishley – interceded personally, explained in more detail to Bill what the movie was about, and offered to raise the bid very substantially indeed. This brought the issue directly to me for the first time. Bill emailed me and told me how keen Harvey and Michael Moore were to use my song.
At this point I emailed Bill (and he may have passed the essence of what I said to Harvey Weinstein) that I had not really been convinced by BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, and had been worried about its accuracy; it felt to me like a bullying film. Out of courtesy to Harvey I suggested that if he and Moore were determined to have me reconsider, I should at least get a chance to see a copy of the new film. I knew that with Cannes on the horizon, time was running short for them, and this might not be possible. I never received a copy of the film to view. At no time did I ask Moore or Miramax to reconsider anything. Once I had an idea what the film was about I was 90% certain my song was not right for them."

He later adds....

"I have nothing against Michael Moore personally, and I know Roger Daltrey is a friend and fan of his, but I greatly resent being bullied and slurred by him in interviews just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. It seems to me that this aspect of his nature is not unlike that of the powerful and wilful man at the centre of his new documentary."

Ok, looks like I fixed my blog. Now I just need to repost all the posts I deleted whilst attempting to fix it.

Ok, I think I've figured out what my blog is doing wrong. I just need to figure out how to get it to stop doing that wrong thing it's doing.

I don't know what the fuck has happened to my blog.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix this thing, please let me know. Maybe I'll try changing the template.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Hurricane Versus Flair

The Hurricane's involvement on Raw last night was sort of odd for a few reasons. First off, no Rosey, this is a good thing, that character needs to get the fuck out. Second, Shane wasn't doing his typical Hurricane accident, I don't really understand what the deal was with that or if that's going to be a permanent change. Third, it was nice to see the Hurricane taking on a different opponent, some one who isn't in La Resistance. Fourth, the match was hardly typical of what one can normally expect from Shane Helms. I imagine this has a lot to do with Helms adapting to Flair's in ring style. But, Shane got no high spots what so ever, none of his signature arm drag take downs, and it seemed that the match was eighty percent fisticuffs. Hardly the Hurricane's chance to shine, and it ended with Shane tapping out to the Figure Four Leg Lock, and on his birthday for crying out loud. I think this was the first time I've seen Flair beat some one with a Figure Four in years.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Holy Shit

The Hurricane is going to be taking on Ric Flair later tonight on Raw.

I'm A Man, And I'm Torn Between Vengeance And Fashion

I am currently in the best shape of my life. This little fact is, at the same time, something I'm very proud of and kind of depressing. I currently weigh in at two thirty. I can handle jogging up to and over two miles. I haven't been drinking much lately, due to lack of resources. And thanks to Jennifer Granholm's new cigarette tax, I'll probably be cutting down on my smoking significantly.

Hardly would constitute an inspirational story. I've lost a hundred and ten pounds over the last three and a half years. It was a pain in the ass to do so. And plus after all of it, I still look like shit.

It makes me feel really good when I hear relatives say things like; "Hey, you've lost a lot of weight. You really look like your dead father". As I mentioned before on this blog, a few months ago, this meant alot to me because for years I've had people on both sides of the family telling me I looked like my parent from the other side of the family. To have people in the family think that I look not shitty enough so that they don't want to completely dismiss me from their gene pool feels kind of good I suppose.

I suppose I'm a little proud of myself for having lost all that weight. But, at the same time it completely sucks ass to lose a hundred and ten pounds and realize that I still need to lose about another forty.

And this gets me to thinking about my father, Ronald Charles Whiting I. When my mom was pregnant for me, my dad gained thirty pounds. He became disgusted with himself. He resorted to such extreme measures as drinking Tab. The few extra pounds quickly came off and my dad spent the rest of his life drinking Diet Caffeine Free Coke in order to make sure that it never happened again. How is it that I could never muster that sort of respect for myself?

Over the past couple of months I've been keeping in contact with my older sister via e-mail. This is the most I've kept in contact with her for years. When I lived in Florida and I was only eight, I used to write to her like every other week. My three older siblings are all about fourteen to sixteen years older than me, and as a child I was in complete awe of them. Over the past ten years we've been living in the same state, but I've never attempted to keep in contact with them like I attempted to when I was eight. Sort of odd. But, I've been trying to make sure to e-mail my sister Cozette at least once a month. I can't e-mail my other sister Eyevette because she doesn't have e-mail. She's cool that way. I haven't e-mailed my older brother Alex, because for some reason he's become this sort of mythical figure in my mind and I wouldn't know what the hell to say to him. He lives up in Alaska, he married an Inuit and became an honorary member of her tribe. I've seen him about twice in the last fifteen years. Last time I saw him was at Cozette's wedding, four years ago. He brought his wife and daughter with him, it was sort of wierd meeting this little Inuit girl and knowing that she's my flesh and blood niece. Plus, Alex had all these cool stories about people getting eaten by polar bears. People do in fact get eaten by polar bears, and according to my older brother, it's always the tourists.

My three older sibling are from my father's firt marriage, and it's always wierd talking to them because we were both raised by the same guy, but at completely different times. Even though we all have the same father, we all had to deal with completely different bull shit. My older siblings had to deal with the drama of going through a divorce and subsequent remarriage when my dad hooked up with my mom. And my younger brother and I had to deal with all the crap that goes along with having a father who is in the later, more severe stages of multiple schlerosis.

Over the past couple of years I've sort of come to a realization of all the little ways in which I've gotten screwed over as a result of not having a father to slap me around. Like I already stated earlier, my father gained thirty pounds and became disgusted with himself. So I know that in the last couple of years leading up to his death he probably wasn't too pleased with me. I'm sure there were plenty of times he wanted to jump out of that fucking hospital bed and slap the shit out of me for being so lazy and stupid. I'm sure if my father had been capable of bipedal motion he would've been knocking the Mountian Dew out of my hand and forcing my sorry ass outside to get some fucking exercise.

But the whole weight issue is just an example of one of the ways in which things probably would have been different had my father not been sick. Over the past couple of years of self examination I've noticed a lot of little ways in which I've gotten a bit fucked up as a result of the whole not having a father thing. And I'm working on improving all those stupid little flaws of mine, like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm currently in the best shape of my life. Through my own religious exploration I've come across the ultimate father figure, and the simple truth is that I don't need my dad. If I absolutely needed him, he'd be here. But, he's not. I think I'm perfectly capable of taking care of these little issues of mine with out him. Or at least I am now.

On a more light hearted note, I thought Vengeance was a pretty good pay per view. Randy Orton versus Edge for the IC title was probably the best PPV match I've seen since WM XX. The last three minutes were exceptionally exciting. And it was really cool hearing the crowd going back in forth, sometimes cheering for Orton and sometimes cheering for Edge. I salute Orton for a stellar reign as IC champion, which was probably, in my mind, the most redeeming aspect of WWE so far in 2004.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Social, Cognitive, and Personality Psychology, I Understand You Now

So far at MSU I have taken classes on social psychology, cognitive psychology, and personality psychology, plus the class on data analysis in psychological research, which I still insist wasn't really a psychology class. Either ways, I found all of these classes to be horribly tedious and uninteresting.

Social psychology was the worst. It was taught by some ass clown graduate student named William Jellison, who is without a doubt the worst teacher I've ever had. And social psychology is just an all around boring field. If you've ever looked up at the sky when there was nothing there and got a bunch of other people to look up at the sky as well, the congratulations, you've reached the pinnacle of what the field of social psychology has to contribute to the human race. All the different studies and what not discussed in this class even managed to surpass the tedium of the example I just made.

And Mr. Jellison is the perfect person to be working in this field. He's some gay guy who's decided to focus his graduate work on the psychological dynamics of homophobia. Boring. I'm not going to think the guy is cool just because he's gay, I've met plenty of cool and interesting gay people in my day, Mr. Jellison is definitely not one of them. He's boring as hell. He stammers through his lectures like a frightened little girl. He made a point of telling the class that he didn't believe in review sessions for tests, concept summary sheets, or grading on a curve (oddly enough, all my professors who were actually interesting and had actual doctorates didn't seem to have problems with review sessions, concept summary sheets, or grading on a curve). So the class average on the first test was a 2.0.

I wasn't surprised when I was stumbling through Baker's Hall one day and came across a flyer advertising a new study that Mr. Jellison was doing. He was looking for African American students to participate in some tests that were designed to show how black people were different from white people when it comes to things like problem solving and/or reaction time and/or some shit like that. Geez, I thought to myself, that sounds even more boring than all that homophia dynamics crap. And this sounds like exactly the kind of study he would conduct. They only way you could possibly redeem a study as boring as this would be if you had a bunch of black guys in one room playing Mega Man and a bunch of white guys in another room playing Mega Man, and every now and then a gay guy would come into the room and look up at the ceiling even though there was nothing to look at.

Anyways, my point is this; personality and social psychology are filled to the brim with boring ass studies, conducted by boring ass people like Mr. Jellison, that don't seem to prove any real point. Cognitive psychology is guilty of this sometimes, but I did learn some interesting things from cognitive psychology. For example; something like ninety five percent of facial recognition is done in the eyes, this explains why I suck at recognizing people, because I never look people in they eyes, because I have this huge fucking fear of anything remotely resembling intimacy. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that "intimacy" and "intimdate" come from the same Latin or Greek word, if any of my readers by chance happen to know for sure, I'd be really grateful if you clued me in.

Anyways, it's always baffled me how their could possibly be money going into these boring ass studies, and today I figured it out.

Today I went up to the MSU campus to sell some of my used books back to the student book store. Much to my surprise, I couldn't return any of my psychology books. Why? The text books had all been updated, rendering my copies worthless. So, ladies and gentlemen, I think I may have stumbled on one of the the greatest conspiracies going on in academia today.

Here's how this goes. Student book stores around the country buy used books back from students for a fraction of the money that the student forked over. But, if a new edition of the text book is released, then the book store doesn't have to buy back the books. These were all psychology books that I've purchased within the last year. So all of them have been updated within the past year? Seriously now. So my theory is that essentially people like Mr. Jellison get paid huge money to conduct boring ass studies that don't say anything of interest. Then the publishers update their text books with all these new boring facts. Kablammo!! My books are now worthless.

Damn. I'm pissed.

But, my chemistry book is still worth sixty six bucks. Why? Because in chemistry you can't just go and make up shit. In the fields of personality and social psychology any dumbass professor or graduate student can go "Der, I think Asian gay people have a harder time coping with scary car accidents than your more non-Asian, not so gay people", and then some publisher who has been paid off by the United Student Book Stores Committee comes along and gives them a hundred thousand dollars to get some gay Asians and simulate scary car accidents.

Damn, I'm pissed.

Friday, July 09, 2004

In The Eye Of The Blog Of The Hurricane

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. I've been house sitting for a friend who doesn't have internet access. I was upset that I couldn't blog from his place. But on the plus side, I drank all his wine and he didn't care. I just went ahead and assumed that he probably expected me to drink it all.

Some other random things I thought I'd point out.....

a) I haven't watched any WWE programming in about two weeks, and I'm dissapointed that I wasn't able to watch Smackdown last night due to the Tigers game. I was extremely happy to hear that Paul London and Billy Kidman took the titles off of the Dudleys. Now all they need to do is never, ever give the Dudleys another title reign. Eighteen is enough.

b) I finally was able to watch an episode of NWA TNA Impact. I thought it was very bad ass. Seeing how they use an unappreciated talent like D'Lo Brown makes me wonder what kind of greatness they could do with the Hurricane.

c) Dish Network will now be carrying NWA TNA pay per views. This is great news for me. I like the idea of doing weekly pay per views for ten bucks as opposed to one pay per view a month for thirty five bucks. Although I most likely won't order their PPVs on a regular basis, probably just every now and then when I'm really interested. It's just great to know that I have the option now open to me.

d) It seems the Hurricane has been especially inactive as of late, kind of like the Blog Of The Hurricane.

e) I never voluntarily leave town for the Fourth Of July. I live a couple of blocks away from a lake where they do fire works, so my neighborhood on the Fourth Of July is like Myrtle Beach with red necks. I just grabbed a 40 of Bud Ice and watched all the hub bub go down in what is usually a very quiet, some what scantily populated neighborhood. It's about as much fun as I'm capable of having.

OH NO! The Novelty Will Take Over The Real Wrestling!!

And who exactly are these "women's wrestling advocates"?

"Carmen Electra's Naked Women's Wrestling League runs its first PPV event next month.

Many women's wrestling advocates are saying that this will hurt the entire business by making even the most talented wrestlers look like horny girls looking to show of T & A.

Women's wrestling critics are saying this is the final straw for women's wrestling, and that the novelty will take over the real wrestling because of this."

Who cares?

Frankly, I'm still pissed off at Booker Wee. That stupid novelty act totally over shadowed all that legitimate midget wrestling.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Like Putting A Loaf Of French Bread Through A Key Hole

I'm kind of proud to say that I didn't watch any wrestling this past week, apart from fifteen minutes of Smackdown. I've managed to stick to my convictions for at least a week. I was extremely pissed off after Sunday's Great American Bash, which saw Bradshaw taking the title and Paul Bearer getting murdered by the Undertaker.

So instead of watcing Raw Monday night, I went over to a friend's house and played Mario Golf. Then I tuned in for a few minutes of Smackdown to see if they were going to say anything about Paul Bearer's condition. I had read that they were going to announce that Paul Beaer had survived after being buried in concrete. Apparently, the WWE has some policy where they won't do stories involving murder. But, I guess the WWE sees nothing wrong with story lines involving rape, since they're doing that whole retarded Lita's pregnant with Kane's baby story on Raw. And if storylines involving rape and attempted murder aren't good enough, Bradshaw does a Nazi salute at a house show in Germany, and as his punishment he has to be the heavyweight champion.

And I missed AWWL Big Time Wrestling this morning, because when I went to hit the snooze button on my CD player alarm clark, I accidentally opened the CD door instead.

For the next couple of days I'm going to be house sitting for a friend who doesn't have cable, so I'll be able to stick to my convictions for at least another week. Ideally, I want to stop watching wrestling until Bradshaw drops the title and Lita turns heel and tells the crowd that the sex she had with Kane was a hundred percent concensual and she only pretended that she didn't want to have sex with him.

And to make things worse, Mordecai is gone. I guess the higher ups figured he wasn't over enough with the fans. But, I think there's a reason for that: he didn't do anything. A few good speeches and a few squash matches. But, he wasn't getting consistent enough TV time in which to beget human suffering. Of course you're not going to get over with the fans when you're only wrestling on TV every other week. Once again, another problem that could have easily been evaded by bringing an end to the brand extension.

House Show Results

Friday night at a house show in Vancouver the Hurricane and Rosey were defeated by La Resistance.

Last night at a house show in Saskatoon the Hurricane and Rosey defeated Chuck Palumbo and Garrison Cade. The Hurricane, reportedly, got one of the largest pops of the night.