Sunday, June 27, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Blog!

Yes, that's right. Today is the one year anniversary of the Blog Of The Hurricane. It's sort of interesting how in the year since I've started this blog, the Hurricane has gotten so misused and flat out fucked over by the WWE that it's gotten to the point that it's not any fun to watch him wrestle anymore, even when he wins.

But, I never really intended this thing to be a "Hurricane blog" per se. And I guess it really hasn't been. I literally came up with the idea of doing a Hurricane themed blog in a split second. I wanted to start a blog, and whilst I was setting up my account I figured my blog should have some sort of recurring theme. It needed some sort of cohesion, or so I seemed to think. So in a split second descision I named it the Blog Of The Huricane. I suppose "Blog Of The Hurricane" was supposed to be a take off of "Eye Of The Hurricane", even though "blog" doesn't rhyme with "eye". Like I said, this was all kind of split second thinking here. And as the months roled on, I realized that I had selected an absolutely horrible time to start a Hurricane themed-ish blog.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who reads this thing, thanks to everyone who's ever linked to me, and thanks to everyone who's ever had anything nice to say about his blog.

On a quick side note, I'm expecting tonight's PPV to have a couple good matches, and some serious doses of stupidity. Haas versus Reigns, that's already stupid. I don't doubt that Haas will do some good stuff, but the booking of this match is just stupid. Holly versus Mordecai is probably going to see Holly do some really stupid stuff. Mordecai is supposed to be a monster, and Holly is too much of a girl to put over new guys, so that's going to be stupid. And it looks like the WWE is actually considering killing off Paul Bearer. Man oh man, if they actually go through with that, it will be the stupidest thing ever.

The Hurricane In MSG

Yesterday at a house show at Madison Square Garden, the Hurricane and Maven scored a victory over Test and Garrison Cade with the the Hurricane getting the pinfall over Test. Yeah...that's what I said.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


This was a few months ago, but it's kind of relevant to the point I'm going to go into. So a friend of mine had seen this play Late Night Catechism, which is a one person show in which some chick plays a nun teaching a class. So I guess the idea was that the audience was supposed to be like the class, and a lot of the play was partially improvised with the actress interacting with the audience and what not. It sounded interesting, and from what my friend said there was nothing really disparaging about it. Just kind of poking fun at the little foibles and what not, nothing critical really. I think it's kind of one of those things that really pokes fun at Catholicism as a culture, and not necessarily the religion. Believe me, there's a huge difference. I would say that even though I'm a devout practicing Catholic, I would hardly consider my life culturally Catholic. I have no Catholic relatives. I don't have the supposed baggage that goes along with being raised Catholic.

Anyways, the subject got onto the Immaculate Conception, and my friend made some remark about Catholics worshipping Mary.

"We don't really worship Mary," I retort.

"But, Catholics worship Mary."

For a moment I was kind of irritated at his insistance, I think I know who I do and don't worship. But, this is a guy I've been friends with for years, and I know he would never say anything just to be a dick. Obviously, he had been misled.

He then adds; "From what I've gathered from talking to Catholics is that they worship Mary."

To which I reply something to the extent of; "Well, that's your first mistake."

First mistake indeed. One of the main things I've learned in my two years of studying Catholicism is that if you want to learn about Catholicism, the last thing you should do is talk to Catholics. Not only will they tell you things that are complete horse shit, they'll tell you things that are complete horse shit with confidence and certainty.

Let me repeat this: DO.......NOT........TALK........TO.......CATHOLICS!!

For the love of God, do not talk to cradle Catholics. When I was going through the R.C.I.A, the woman who was in charge of the whole thing, the woman who is the secretary of my parish actually made this statement: "Yes, the Catholic Church does condemn birth control. But, if you genuinely believe in your heart that it isn't a sin. Well, then for you it's not really a sin". I remember immediately thinking to myself; "Gees, I'm not even Catholic yet, and I can tell that what she just said is complete horse shit".

And for the love of everything pure, sacred, holy and good, don't even think of talking to Catholic converts. They're just as stupid, maybe more so. In fact, probably more. Although, I'm not positive, I've heard cradle Catholics say some seriously retarded crap. But anyways, there was this other guy teaching in the R.C.I.A and this guy was a convert. Some one brought up a question about Jesus making a statement about how you shouldn't call anyone Father accept God. So then why do we call the priest Father? His reply: Because the priest is, in a way, God.

I shit you not, the guy actually said this. Now, I don't know Father Russ that well, I've never really sat down and had a long chat with him, but I think I can safely assert that the guy isn't God. I think I grasp the concept of the clergy being living sacraments and tools of God. God Himself? Hardly. I don't know what it was that clued me into the fact that priests aren't God. Maybe it's the fact that they're capable of sin just like everyone else. Or maybe it's all those homilies in which Father Russ has made such bold and assertive statements, such as "I'm not God" or "You're not God, and you never will be". Why would Father Russ go against Holy Mother Church and declare himself not God? Or maybe, just maybe, I had heard another huge load of horse shit from another Catholic who didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. If I wasn't me I probably would have got up and left right there, completely giving up on the whole Catholic thing. Luckily, I'm smart enough to realize that just because some Catholic said it, doesn't mean it's the actual teachings of the Church. My understanding is that some people have a harder time grasping this concept.

And whatever you do, no matter what, even if your life is in perilous danger, under absolutely no circumstances what so ever should you talk to college-aged apostates. "I would know, I was Catholic for eighteen miserable years," they'll tell you with a condescending grin and raised eyebrows.

Hey! You know what? I was a Baptist for eighteen years, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't know jack shit about Baptists. Here's a few cases in point......

Who founded the Baptist movement?

Beats me.

What's the difference between Baptists and Southern Baptists?

Hell if I know.

What do Baptists do about First Peter 3:21, a verse which affectively refutes the Baptist faith with a mere four words?

You know, in all my years of memorizing Bible verses for candy, this one never came up.

And those two statements I used as examples are just the tip of an ice berg of idiocy floating around in the other wise warm ocean that is the Catholic Church. So what should you do if you want to learn about Catholicism? Actually, this one's kind of a no-brainer. Whenever I want to learn what the Church teaches on a particular issue, I go right to the source. It astounds me how many people don't do this. It amazes me how many people are content to just ask the closest Catholic.

And yes, I am aware that if you were to apply everything I just said, then, logically, you would have to disregard everything I just said.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Like It Really Matters Anymore...

The Hurricane was conspicuously absent from all three of the Raw house shows over the weekend. No word yet on why.

Not Only Does He Deliver Up Sweet Chin Music, But The Waters Of Rebirth As Well

Marty Jannetty got baptized last night. And who assisted in the ceremony? That's right. HBK!

"Marty Jannetty, former WWE wrestler, was baptized and saved last night at the Athletes International Mintistries convention at The Raddison resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shawn Michaels, Jannetty’s former tag-team partner in The Rockers, was in the water and assisted with the baptism. The Voice of Wrestling’s own Chris Chisum was at the event and spoke with both men afterwards.

According to Jannetty, he had been struggling with personal demons for many years, and was considering ending his own life. Marty borrowed a friends cell phone and began calling family members, including his brother and his girlfriend, to say goodbye. “I wasn’t telling them it was goodbye, but that’s what it was for me.” After making his calls, Marty decided to pray one last time, although it hadn’t seemed to work for him in the past. During his two minute prayer, the cell phone rang. He checked the number on the phone, but didn’t recognize it, so he didn’t answer.

When he got back to his friends home, he handed him the phone and told him there was a call. His friend checked the voice mail and then handed the phone back to Marty. “He handed me the phone back and told me the message was for me.” In an amazing turn of events, the person calling was Shawn Michaels himself, trying to contact Jannetty.

“I had been trying to get ahold of Marty for awhile, but he is hard to find. Recently at a show a guy in the dressing room said he had seen him, I told the guy to get me the number and put it in my bag. I told him to not leave that arena without getting me the number.”

Michaels then called Jannetty from the Bad Blood PPV last weekend to see if he would join him at the conference in Phoenix. That was the call Marty received while he was praying. Marty returned the call and agreed to join Shawn. "

So it looks like another one has joined the ranks of the Evangelical Christian wrestlers. Somewhere Ted Dibiase is doing his diabolical laugh, only now it's a Holy Spirit filled laugh, but he's Ted Dibiase so it still sounds diabolical. He can't help it.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


I finally got around to watching AWWL Big Time Wrestling this morning. It's on at eleven AM on Sundays. About as good of a time slot that the AWWL could hope for, but it still sucks. For the past who knows how many months I've been forgetting to give this show a watch. But, I enjoyed a lot of what I saw this morning. The show was filmed in some skating rink with an audience of, I'd guess, seventy people at most. They're located in Williamston, MI,which I believe is somewhere between Lansing and Flint.

The main event was Sabu versus Dean "The Dream" Jablowski in a lumber jack match. Pretty kick ass, Sabu took a couple decent bumps, including missing a flying leg drop onto a table outside of the ring which didn't seem to break his fall in the least. Dean "The Dream" cut a pretty mean promo, compared to what some of the other guys were turning out. Alexander Kane was doing the whole Ric Flair "private jets and limosines" shtick, which wasn't horribly believable. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I see him in the ring.

C.J. Otis has a pretty kick ass finisher. I didn't catch the name, but he holds them up as if he's going to do a pile driver and then falls forward, delivering his opponent a face full of mat.

All in all, it's enjoyable to see something other than the WWE for once. So I guess AWWL will have to serve as my alternative until I'm done with my summer job and I'm able to catch NWA-TNA on Friday afternoons.

It Seems I've Got Some Competition

It looks like I'm no longer the only guy with a blog dedicated to the Hurricane. Apparently, this guy has decided throw his hat in and become part of the tedious and disheartening world that is hurri-blogging. Welcome to the club, it's pretty exclusive.

Kind Of Hard To Believe

One week from today will mark the one year anniversary of the Blog Of The Hurricane.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

This Guy Is An Idiot

When are the people who run these wrestling news sites going to learn to edit out retarded commentary from show reports sent in by random people?

"Just a repeat of a common complaint that comes up in almost every WWE TV taping report: PUT YOUR &*^$%$^ SIGN DOWN!!!! We all know "Flair is old", "Benoit Rules", no one cares that you "(heart) Alicia" and the saying you think is really clever.... isn't!"

OH NO! You didn't get to see your favorite wrestler walk down to the ring! I'm sorry, but signs are a part of the live event experience. Get over it. I was at a Monday Night Raw a couple years ago where there were these nuckle dragging frat boys sitting behind us who felt the need to yell every time we raised our signs. These guys, who were so passionate about wrestling that they felt the need to yell every time we did something that wrestling fans are supposed to do, didn't even stick around for the main event.

And actually, I've seen some signs that I've thought were extremely clever, here's a couple of my favorite....

"Goldberg Eats Healthy Food" (This particular sign made crack up like no other.)

"Duck 3:16" (And it had a picture of a duck on the bottom. This was during the hay day of numerous variations on the Austin 3:16 slogan, and this sign was by far the most amusing.)

And What Mr. Tito Thinks Is....

"Since it was Flag Day, we had La Resistance vs. Hurricane/SHIT, for which the winners would have their flag raised. As if Hurricane and Rosey had any chance, whatsoever, of winning. Bad match and the Quebec flag was raised. Just release Hurricane already so that he can show his potential in possibly NWA-TNA. Quit wasting my time everweek with this pathetic tag match that will never get any justice."

(from his recent Raw review)

I'd love to see the Hurricane wrestling in a six sided ring. Although, he wouldn't be able to use the Hurricane gimmick and I'd be at work. Seriously, what kind of time slot is three in the afternoon on Friday?


All I have to say about the Hurricane's match on Monday is that the Hurricane and Rosey can't even beat the French in a flag match on fucking Flag Day. That would be like if Vince forced me to job to a Nazarean Jew on the feast day of St. Joseph (ok, that's kind of a rediculous analogy).

And don't even think you can take a pregnancy test on live TV without me posting a picture of it on my blog.....

I know that when I think I might be pregnanat the first thing I do is team up with Matt Hardy to take on Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus. Is it me or is Kane involved in more story lines than common sense and good wrestling?

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ronald Reagan's Legacy In Professional Wrestling

Russian wrestlers who weren't actually Russian mourn the loss of Ronald Reagan.

"Pro wrestling has always been pro-xenophobia, with cartoonish foreigner types employed to goose the crowd into a patriotic frenzy. But during Reagan's reign, evil German and Japanese characters—everybody but the Iron Sheik, really—got bumped down or off the card to make way for the Red Menace.

Had Reagan not dogged the Evil Empire so intensely, Volkoff (real name: Joe Peruzovic) surely wouldn't have fired up the crowd by singing the Russian national anthem at Vince McMahon's first WWF Wrestlemania in 1985. And Koloff would have gone through life as plain ol' Scott Simpson, a wannabe pro football player from Minneapolis."

And I actually had this same thought myself over the past couple of days.

"I've seen a lot of old clips of President Reagan this week," adds Nikita. "And I see why he got over: When he was in front of a microphone, he made his point. He really was the Great Communicator. He would have been a great wrestler."

And Reagan's impact continued on into the early nineties.....

"Alas, the fall of the Berlin Wall brought big changes to pro wrestling. Darsow dropped the Krusher Khrushchev gimmick and went to work for the WWF as Repo Man."

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bradshaw Greets Germany

So right now the biggest story in pro wrestling is Bradshaw doing a Nazi salute at a house show in Germany.

Vince McMahon doesn't seem to care much. I imagine most people have assumed that it was Vince's idea. I imagine he's just glad to be generating a little controversey, where as most of the WWE's recent attempts at schock value have resulted in more annoyance than controversey. Although this one does seem a little annoying.

CNBC has fired Bradshaw. The way I see it, this is kind of dumb on the part of both parties. Bradshaw should have realized that he doesn't just represent the WWE, but CNBC as well. And CNBC should have realized that they hired a pro wrestler to serve as a financial advisor, but not only that, he's not even a good pro wrestler.

But, I think I'll play devil's advocate for just one second and then go back to talking shit about Bradshaw. Everyone's saying that he crossed the line and he should have known better. But, sometimes when you're performing for large crowds, especially when your job is to get the crowd to hate you,it can become a little difficult to judge where exactly that line is. For years the WWE got away with constant references to oral sex and prostituion. They thought they could get away with necrophilia, and it resulted with annoyance on the part of their loyal fan base. You're doing three or four shows a week for thousands and thousands of people. You get all caught up in the fun and excitement of being the number one heel on the Smackdown brand, and then bam. You crossed the line. And in this case he happened to break the law, since doing the Nazi salute in Germany is illegal. And like the Ramones said, "first rule is: the laws of Germany".

Bradshaw sucks.

Thanks Ben

Ben Weasel had some really nice things to say about my last post. Give it a read, if you haven't already. He expounds on those St. John of the Cross quotes in a way I wish I could.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

And I Know Crackle

I had this realization last week that every job I've gotten has been because of someone I know. The first job I ever got was at the local True Value, I got that job because I went to church with the people who ran the place. My next job was delivering a local newspaper, I got that job because of my mom. My next job was washing dishes at some shitty restaurant, a friend of the family hooked me up with that one. I worked a seasonal job at a Wizards Of The Coast a couple years ago because I was pretty good friends with the manager. And my last job was as a dietary aide at a nursing home my mom worked at.

And finally after three weeks of job hunting I've managed to stumble on some summer employment, so now I don't have to drop out of school. And of course, I came across this job due to somebody I know, my good friend Josiah. He works at this factory, his dad is the supervisor. BAM! I'm employed. I made a remark a couple of weeks ago about how I hoped St. Expeditus can find me a job before the Manpower staffing agency does. And it's a good thing he did, because I forgot to give Manpower the mandatory two week call back. That's the sort of thing I do. But now, thanks to the wonderful power of knowing the right people, I've got my ass a job. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what this factory makes. For all I know they could be hiding illegal drugs in their products, like in Fists Of Fury, although I'd much rather be a character in Chinese Connection because it has more fighting and no incestuous undertones.

Tomorrow's my first day, and I have to be there at a quarter to seven. This is going to kill me. But, this should be easier than my last job, since I'm not going to school at the moment and I thus have nothing else to think about and can center my life around this job.

Last week I started my ass on a new diet. I've lost a hundred and ten pounds over the past three years. I still have about another forty to fifty pounds I could stand to lose, and I don't feel like continuing with my super slow methods of weight loss. So now I've resorted myself to the Snapple A Day diet. If you haven't seen these, they're this new little meal replacement beverage, kind of like the Dannon Frusion Smoothie, which I have yet to see anywhere except in the commercials. I had one about a week and a half ago and I thought it tasted like shit. Being one who believes that dieting should make me absolutely miserable, I came up with the idea of going on a Snapple A Day diet. A few days ago I went into the local Feldpausch and picked up five of those blasted things. The lady at the cash register asked me if they were any good. I told her they weren't. Seeing that I was buying five of them, I guess she assumed I was being sarcastic because she replied "I guess that was kind of a dumb question". To which I reassured her that I was being serious, these things aren't good.

My exercise routine as of late seems to consist of twenty minutes of yoga and jogging until I can't jog anymore, which isn't that much. Jogging was so much easier back when I could afford my gym membership fee, because it's much easier to pace myself on an electric treadmill. On an electric treadmill I could manage to keep a steady jog going throughout the duration of Screeching Weasel's Television City Dream, which is about twenty eight minutes long. Left to my own devices, I'm winded by the end of Dirty Needles. I just don't know how to pace myself.

Catholicism is kind of like my electric treadmill, I need it to pace myself. I still frequently give into my vices, but I pace myself. I still drink heavily on occasion, but it's much more "occasionly" than "heavily". It's a pretty wierd feeling to go to mass with a bit of a hangover, so if I'm at a show and I plan on going to mass the next day, then I don't drink a lot. I still smoke, but I don't during Lent or during the obligatory hour of fasting before receiving the Eucharist.

I've found that lately I've become irritated by people who spout the line "I'm not into religion, but I consider myself a very spiritual person". I understand what the person is trying to say, because I used to say it myself. But something seems to allude to a fundamental error in adapting this as a life long philosophy. I think because of Catholics in South America who re-enact the Crucifixion during Easter, some even walking fifteen miles barefoot whilst whipping themselves. Or the Shi'ites who, when commemorating the martyrdom of Hussayn, will cut their foreheads and slap themselves on the chest till their nipples start bleeding. But, I recently found a quote from St. John of the Cross I think pretty much sums up why I get tired of hearing this expression.

"Free spirits, variously swayed by their senses and passions, by ringing appeals and visions, may be free in many ways, but they are not free in spirit. Psychic integrity is the root of spiritual freedom. And psychic integrity begins with discipline."

Or maybe I just got sick of listening to stupid women ramble on about their religionless spirituality whilst I sat there quietly to myself twiddling my thumbs. Maybe, I need to spend some more time hanging out with my friends, who only talk about music and pro wrestling. Maybe then I wouldn't be such an ass.

That's another one of my vices. Being an ass.

Going to the local gym always seemed to give me the same feeling I get when I go to church. Everyone is looking at me and wondering what the hell I'm doing there. But, in both cases I came to the same conclusion. I'm in bad shape. I need to be here. Fuck them if they have a problem with me being here, besides, I need this more than they do. In both scenarios I eventually concluded that the more out of place I felt, the more I needed to be there. And in both cases I never really talked to a lot of people. No one has ever said anything to give me the impression that they wanted me to leave. So in both cases, the people who are looking at me funny and wishing I wasn't there live inside my head. It's just my own insecurities projecting themselves onto other people. All things considered, I imagine that most of the people are indifferent to me. But these people in my head still seem to haunt me. If I go for a jog down the street, I know that people are looking out there windows and thinking that I'm too fat and slow to have any business jogging.

But I need to do something. I can't just stay home and eat soy. I can't just stay home and contemplate ambiguous goodness and warm fuzzies. My fat ass needs some excercise. And my unhealthy soul needs some religion.

I have a friend, who at the tender age of sixteen, has decided to convert to Seventh Day Adventism. This astounded me. What sixteen year old guy just up and decides to convert to Seventh Day Adventism? And it hit me, the same kind of guy who would decide to convert to Catholicism at the age of twenty. People who have lived difficult lives, have no father figures, and are in desperate need of some stability and conviction. So many of the people our age are trying like hell to find spirituality in sex or psychotropic drugs. The fact that this sixteen year old kid decided to turn to religion (and not just any religion, but a really hard one with a lot of rules that I know I could never live up to) sort of inspired me. I told him that whatever he decided to do, I'd support him. But, I think guys like him and myself have a bit of an advantage over other people in our age group. St. John of the Cross said that a visibly unhealthy soul is a blessing, because it makes us aware of just how much we need God. Or something like that.

But, St. John of the Cross said something else that had rang true at one point in my life, and is started to ring true again...

"The temptation of singleminded paths is to attain apparent success by disengaging us from the historical crises of our own lives. Westerners who devote themselves to Indian yoga, for instance, often survive the crises faced by the rest of us by withdrawing from them, but this leaves their discipline forever in the practice stage."

In the weeks leading up to my descision to convert, this idea started floating through my head. I was practicing meditation, prayer, and other various things. I was reading every religious text I could get my hands on, the Bhagavhad Ghita, the Koran, etc. But, I started to realize that what I was doing was practice for something else, something bigger. Eventually my sense of spiritual ambiguity and warm fuzzies would give way to an adherence to an elaborate doctrine and the acceptance that life is suffering. I didn't know what I would end up doing in the upcoming weeks, months, and years. But I had this feeling, like in Fight Club, we need to either take it to the next level or close it down for good. I'm starting to get that feeling again.

But, I'm gettin ahead of myself. Right now the main thing I need to worry about is getting to work on time.

Monday, June 07, 2004

My Blog Has Been Silent But My Ears Are Still Ringing

My blog has been pretty quiet over the weekend. That's because I've been busy listening to what I would easily consider to be the best band to ever come out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They're called the Rockit King and twice this weekend they've rocked my balls off.

I caught them on Friday night at the Intersection playing some benefit show with four other bands that all sucked ass. The Rockit King played last, which meant I had to sit threw the four other shitty bands, the shittiest being some shit band called American Accent who just might be the worst band to ever come out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (think really bad Spin Doctors meets really bad Sister Hazel). The people in charge of the Intersection told the Rockit King that they had to be off the stage by one AM. So what did the Rockit King do? What the hell do you think they did? They played till one fucking thirty in the morning. The lead singer was drinking beer by the pitcher. Fuck bottles. When you rock that hard you thirst just that much harder.

And the next night I caught the Rockit King at the G.R. Fest. The G.R. Fest is the largest volunteer run festival in the United States of America. It takes over 15,000 volunteers to make this thing run. But, it only takes one band to make it rock fucking ass. That band would be, of course, the Rockit King. The Rockit King kicked ass in front of thousands of on lookers in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. And I was right up in the front getting some rock and roll slammed right in my fucking face.

If you live in West Michigan and you have yet to see the Rockit King, then don't even bother talking to me. Especially if you're going to talk to me about whatever pussy ass emo band or whiny hardcore band you heard the other night before. Because I will tell you right to your pussy face what you are. You're a pussy.

The Hurricane In Boston

This is more like it. On Saturday at a house show in Boston, the Hurricane teamed up with Matt FUCKING Hardy to take on La Resistance for the tag titles. La Resistance picked up the win. But, this is still at least better than what we have been getting. I wonder who was the genius backstage who came up with the brilliant idea of teaming up the Hurricane with another good wrester with, get this, a complimentive style. The Hurricane and Matt Hardy reportedly got one of the biggest pops of the night. I've said on numerous occassions that the Hurricane needs to fued with V1. I'd settle for them forming a tag team. Even if the tag team division on Raw sucks. Hey, Hurricane fans can't be choosers.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Cliquez sur un titre pour en entendre un extrait en Realaudio

Could someone please tell me how the hell this got into my referral log?

The Hurricane And Tajiri For Ten Titties

This guy has a pretty good idea.....


"First and foremost, get the Hurricane and Tajiri back on Smackdown. Trade them for the five women on Smackdown and let the women be exclusively on Raw."

The cruiserweight title is already exclusive to Smackdown, might as well have cruiserweights be exclusive to Smackdown. The women's title is already exclusive to Raw, might as well have women be exclusive to Raw. Let's turn Smackdown into a big sausage party. The idea of having certain things being exclusive to certain brands makes sense to me (I mean the Raw brand currently has no business having a tag team division). You wanna see titties, watch Raw. You wanna see hurricanranas and moonsaults, watch Smackdown.

But, this summary of a recent interview with Vince McMahon gives us a clear picture of where Vince's head is these days (hint: somewhere up his ass)....

Q- Now that TNA has a TV deal is it a good thing that the WWE has some competition now?

A- TNA is not competition. They’re in the wrestling business, WWE is in the entertainment business. It’s a difference of philosophy. They figured the only true competition was themselves, hence the roster split.

Q- Would he consider the split a failure at this point?

A- Absolutely not. When they were together 70% of their audience watched both shows. Now 30% watch both shows. Claims maybe they did TOO well with the competition they created. [Commentary: not sure how that helps Vince’s point]

When I was at the Smackdown taping back in March, I was perplexed to here Kurt Angle and Booker T refer to "Raw fans" and "Smackdown fans" as though they were two different groups of people. After reading these remarks from Vince McMahon, I guess I realize I was wrong in my assumption.

The Hurricane Neither On Raw Nor Heat

At Monday's Raw taping the Hurricane and Rosey beat two jobbers in a dark match. Meanwhile on Raw (and I'm actually pretty happy about this) La Resistance took the tag titles from Chris Benoit and Edge. No big deal for Benoit, since he won't be dropping the the Heavyweight title anytime soon, what with his match against Kane at Bad Blood which is taking a major backseat to HBK vs. Triple H Hell In A Cell (understandably so). La Resistance received a huge fucking face pop Monday night. La Resistance take the titles, cut to commercial, back from commercial, La Resistance is still in the crowd celebrating with the fans. If Canada is bizarro world when it comes to the WWE, then Quebec is uber bizarro world.

The prevailing consensus amongst online columnists seems to be that Canadian fans need to get over the Montreal screw job. I couldn't agree less. The WWE essentially shit on what is without a doubt Canada's greatest legacy. Honestly, if I was Canadian (and I live in Michigan, close enough) I'd still be pissed. The entertainment industry seems determined to screw over Canadians. Norm McDonald is without a doubt the funniest person in the history of Saturday Night Live, and the higher ups at NBC totally screwed him over. And SNL has perpetually declined ever since.

And as long as the lingering resentment from the Montreal screw job leads to kick ass moments like HBK tapping out to Benoit's Sharp Shooter at Backlash in Edmonton, then I say let it continue.

The Rock And The Hurricane

The Rock and The Hurricane will be on WWE.COM's Byte This today at four o'clock. I wonder if they're going to talk about how the Rock did everything in his power to push the Hurricane and then the higher ups did everything in their power to completely shit on it. The Rock can pretty much tell the fans what to think, but when he's only around four or five weeks a year, well...You know how it goes. When the Rock's away the WWE writers do retarded shit.