Monday, April 26, 2004

The One Thing Missing From The Passion

This is St. Longinus. He's the Roman centurion who pierced the side of Christ. In the movie the honor goes to some wussy centurion named Casius, or something starting with a "C".

Yes indeed. The guy who actually pierced the side of Christ wasn't the timid, unsure of himself, poor excuse for a Roman centurion that we see in The Passion. It was St. Longinus, quite possibly the most badass saint ever. In the gospel, although never referred to by name, St. Longinus alway makes bold assertive statements like "Truely this man IS the Son of God" (yes, that to was Longingus) and "This man IS dead". And St. Longinus actually plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of prophecy, because it was his assertive declarations about Christ's medical condition that saw to it that not a bone in His body was broken. Go Longinus.

St. Longinus also happens to be my confirmation saint. Because if you're going to name yourself after a saint, you might as well name yourself after a Roman centurion with super vision. Oh wait, I didn't mention the super vision. Up until Christ's death St. Longinus was partially blind. When he stuck his lance into Christ's side, the Precious Blood of our Lord healed Longinus' vision. How bout that? Not only that. But legend has it that since the lance of Longinus was covered in the blood of Christ that it can pierce through any earthly object. Currently this badass relic is kept in a pillar in the basillica of St. Peter in the Vatican. Taking Longinus as my confirmation saint was kind of wierd, because since I'm a convert I was confirmed at last year's Easter vigil, and all the other converts took confirmation names like Christopher and Mary. More normal names, and here I am this idiot college guy who wants to take the name Longinus. I fealt sort of wierd. But, then three weeks later a bunch of high school kids received the sacrament of confirmation from the Bishop and a few of them picked cool names like I did. A friend of mine took the name Xavier. How totally badass is that? If you're going to name yourself after a saint, might as well pick one with a cool sounding name. At least that's the way I see it.

While I'm on the subject, the Gregorian Ranting guy not only properly identified the Roman centurion who responsible for piercing our Lord's side, but he also made a point similar to the point I attempted to make a couple months ago, only he put much more eloquantly.


"Aside from allegations of anti-semitism and historical inaccuracy the most serious allegation mounted against the film is that by concentrating on Jesus' crucifixion it presents a narrow view of Christianity and of Jesus' life, emphasising nothing more than suffering. I don't think this holds up, however.

In the first place, unlike, say, the Greatest Story Ever Told or Jesus of Nazareth, the film doesn't purport to be a full-fledged cinematic 'Life of Christ'. Rather, it explicitly relates just just one crucial episode in Christ's life. There's nothing to stop anybody else making films based purely on the Nativity, or the Sermon on the Mount, or even the raising of Lazarus.".

-end quote-

Geez, what a smart guy.

I'm actually supposed to be writing a paper for a class right now, but instead I decided to do this little rant on one of my favorite saints. Now I've got to go watch wrestling, so I probably won't be able to finish the paper. Oh well, it was a class I was sucking at anyway.


If you think the heading of this post is really retarded, then you would be smack dab right in the middle of the exact same fucking boat as me. And I'm sure you'd be saying to yourself somthing to the extent of "No one would be stupid enough to put that on a billboard, would they?". Well, maybe you weren't saying that. But someone was stupid enough to put that on a billboard. People who put retarded slogans on billboards have always intrigued me. Because it's a billboard. It's huge. Thousands of people will see it. So I'd immediately assume that people would take their time and make sure that the slogan they put on their billboard isn't the most retarded thing ever.

But this is on a billboard. And I have to see this stupid fucking billboard everytime I drive into town to pick up some beer. And who in the blue fucking hell would be dumb enough to put this dumb ass slogan on a billboard. That would be Thornapple Valley Church, the local non-denominational evangelical Protestant church that everyone thinks is so fucking great because they have a praise band with electric drums and pastor who dishes out "relevant" sermons four times every week. I'm serious, this church is fucking huge, I'd say maybe one fifth of the entire town goes to this stupid church. That would probably explain why they're the only church with billboards all over town. Yeah, that's right. Not just one. Several. Last I counted, I think it was about five. And each one is stupider than the last, assuming you enter the town on the east side and leave on the west. If you went the other way, the signs would get slightly less stupid.

Here's some a couple of their other brilliant ass slogans...

Go To Church On Saturday Night, Sleep In On Sunday

That's a great offer, except I already do that. I make a habit of going to the 4:30 Saturday mass to meet my Sunday mass obligation. This isn't so much so that I can sleep in on Sunday, it's just that at the Sunday morning masses there's too many screaming babies, it's hard to hear. So this is simply an issue of practicality, not laziness. But, I gotta give it to those non-denominational folk over at TVC. This has been one of their cleverest strategies. I've been told that if you go to TVC on a Saturday night you'll see about half of the people from the Baptist Church. Because half of the people at the Baptist church are too stupid to realize that it's better to be a Baptist than to be one of those lame ass "Jesus Is My Homeboy" people but are too pussy-ish to actually permanently leave the Baptist church. So they go to TVC on Saturday night, then to the Baptist church on Sunday morning.

But isn't this slogan great? But, I think I've got a better one: "Pencil God Into Your Schedule!!!". I think I'll try and sell it to them.

Here's another one.....

Church For Today's Generation

Now what the hell is that? Church? Today's generation? Seriously.

But neither of those slogans are as stupid as the one I used as the heading. I damn near swerved in the lane when I first saw that billboard. It's just too monstrously stupid. Xtreme passion? How could anyone possibly think that's a good idea? Are they implying that the Passion of our Lord just wasn't extreme enough for today generation? Or maybe they're planning on introducing a new crucifixion themed energy drink.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I Enjoy Reading This

In his most recent column, Dougie Nunny had far too many fantastic things to say about the Hurrican for me to quote all of it. So I'll just point out this remark which made me chuckle.......


"I feel if he went to a match and it was Hurricane Vs. ____, it would just be him jumping around getting a huge pop from the crowd."

-end quote-

The Hurricane In St. Paul

Yesterday at a house show in St. Paul, Minnesota the Hurricane and Rosey scored a victory over La Resistance. The Hurricane and Rosey also made an appearance in the post main event shmoz, coming down to rescue Benoit from an Evolution beat down.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

You Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone

I actually didn't follow Shane's career very well in WCW. But, I am entirely aware of the fact that WCW did a better job than the WWE when it came to giving the cruiserweight divsion a fair shake. Adam Perez over at The Wrestling Voice summarizes this scenario very well in these words on the Hurricane...


"There was a time when Shane Helms had the most devastating finisher (The Vertabreaker) and was once a Cruiserweight Champion. Now he's flying around in a cape with a side kick that has the name, S.H.I.T (Super Hero In Training). I will admit though, I do like the persona and character he is playing, I just feel it should not be on Raw. He should be in a place where he can showcase his abilities. "

-end quote-

The Hurricane never once injured anyone with the Vertebreaker. Meanwhile, Bradshaw keeps knocking people senseless with his huge clumsy clothesline.

And I'm glad Mr. Perez here gives the Hurricane his proper respect for an amusing persona. I still firmly believe that the Hurricane can go over in his current gimmick and doesn't need to lose the mask and cape.


I just caught this remark from a review of the Backlash PPV....


"I don't get pissed about a lot of things. I'm pissed that WWE has taken my favorite wrestling, the Hurricane, and gotten it to the point where I just don't care if he's on TV. I don't care that he had a match, I don't care that he was on a PPV, I don't even care that he got the pinfall. Because it doesn't matter. I've never seen the Rock put someone over like that, only to watch it mean absolutely nothing a month later. Hurricane is going nowhere, and it's one of the biggest travesties in wrestling right now, and I just don't care."

-end quote-

Friday, April 23, 2004

Super Action Hurricane With Kung Fu Grip, They Love Me In Tokyo

The Hurricane updated his diary a whole frickin week ago.

Where have I been? Elsewhere.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Was That So Hard?

Not only was Backlash a great PPV, not only were all of the WM rematches good, not only did Kane (who I now affectionately refer to as the Big Red Brooklyn Brawler) job hard to Edge, not only did Benoit make Shawn Micheals tap out with a sharpshooter in front of a firey Canadian audience, not only did Cactus Jack and Randy Orton put on a killer hardcore match, but they slipped the Hurricane in there as well.

Finally, the Hurricane has made his second appearance on a Raw exclusive PPV. Earlier in the night I had made a complaint about how it retarded it was that The Hurricane and Matt Hardy were sitting in the back with nothing to do and meanwhile Tajiri is taking on the Coach. THE COACH?!?! For crying out loud. Tajiri is one of the most gifted superstars on either of the two rosters, and he's been reduced to wrestling, and losing to, the fucking Coach. Although I will Coach credit for some of those wicked Tajiri kicks he took. All in all, the match wasn't completely fucking stupid. But, it's just the principle of it.

So boy was I ever surprised when La Resistance came out and then Rosey and The Hurricane came out. And then, of all things, they started having a tag team wrestling match. This seems flat out logical. Apart from the tag team champions, these two teams are pretty much the only teams on Raw. Might as well give them a match at Backlash. Especially when you consider that there were no other tag team matches scheduled for the evening.

The crowd was definitely luke warm for this match. But, that's to be expected, considering that the match was scheduled last minute, and thus had no build up what so ever. In fact, all the Hurri-fans in the audience probably left all their hurri-shirts, hurr-signs, capes, masks, and other hurri-paraphernalia at home.

So once again, we saw interference from Eugene allowing The Hurricane to hit the Eye Of The Hurricane and take home the victory.

Also, I just want to give show some respect to Randy Orton for this:

Last night saw Orton very much stealing the show. Yeah, of course we've seen Foley take some bumps. But, I already knew that Foley had that in him. I didn't know Orton was capable of that sort of shit. Plus, Triple H in all of his matches with Foley never took the kind of bumps Orton did last night. And the Undertaker sure as hell didn't. As my friend Dave once pointed out, Foley's classic match at KOTR 1998 saw some of the worst stuff from the Undertaker. Sure, Foley cemented his place in history. But all the Undertaker did was pretty much just stand there whilst Foley threw himself off the cell. Even when it came time for Mankind to be chokeslammed through the top of the cell, ten feet down to the ring, the Undertaker couldn't even pull off a decent chokeslam. Mankind was risking life and limb to entertain the crowd, and all that the Undertaker had to do was chokeslam him. He couldn't even do that right. So then, kudos to Orton for taking some impressive bumps and for being a decent wrestler who doesn't fuck up his own finisher when it comes time to end the match.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

St. Expeditus Makes The Front Page Of The Wall Street Journal

See not only do I learn things about business and finances from the Wall Street Journal, but I also learn things about my religion. And in this case I learned something that struck at the very heart of my own identity. Although, I like to think I'm one of those people who tries his damnedest to maintain the nexus of religion and identity. Anyways, this piece I read made me aware of an irony that strikes at the very fabric of my existence, sort of. Or maybe not at all.

Those who only know from this blog or from church or from school know me as Ron. My close friends know me as Chuck. Basically, my mom wanted to have me be named after my dad, Ronald Charles Whiting I. He wasn't too keen on the idea, but agreed to it under the stipulation that we call me Chuck. This was a feasiblity issue as well, as at the time there were already four people in the family named Ron. We really didn't need another.

But, my dad nicknamed me Chuck after his uncle. His uncle was a missionary in Brazil. And this is where the Wall Street Journal article comes in.

The article was dealing with the appeal of St. Expeditus in the country of Brazil. People in Brazil are hardly well off and St. Expeditus is the patron saint of desperate causes, or something like that. People come from all over Brazil to pray to St. Expeditus in some church that was named after him, don't remember the city it was located or anything specific apart from the fact that it was named after St. Expeditus. There's a basket at the alter of this church and people put little slips of paper in it with their prayers to St. Expeditus, mainly things like people trying to find a job and what not. Although, they did make mention of one person who asked St. Expeditus help them with their cellular phone bill.

This article made me aware of something I didn't know, astonishingly enough. Apparently Brazil has the world's largest Catholic population. The article stated Brazil as being home to 125,000,000 Catholics. Twice that of which we find in the U.S. and constituting over ten percent of the world's Catholic population. So from a Catholic perspective, missionaries to Brazil aren't a good thing. In fact, this is a legitimate concern amongst Church leaders in Brazil. The rise of Protestantism. I'm sure I'll probably get the numbers somewhat wrong, but it's something to the extent of; over the past ten years the Protestant population in Brazil has risen from five percent to nine percent. The Catholic Church in Brazil has been experiencing somewhat of a threath from Protestant missionaries, who don't really bring people to Christ so much as take them away from the Catholic Church. So here I am, this devout Catholic who's Baptist father named him after a Protestant missionary in Brazil. I just thought it was delightfully ironic. There's this juxtaposition betwixt two of the most fundamental aspects of my very identity and existence, my religion and my name.

Although, fewer and fewer people are calling me Chuck. Any new people I meet, I tell them my name is Ron. Because my name is Ron. Like I said, when I was born there were already four other people in the family named Ron. Half of them are dead now. And about four years ago I got sick of explaining to people that my name was Ron, but people call me Chuck, because people always want to know why. And frankly, I'm not too keen on telling people that my father was not too keen on having me named after him, and that the appelation of "Chuck" is a consequence of bargaining betwixt my parents. I just tell them my name is Ron.

For years now I had seen my nickname as a life long vestige of a disagreement my parents had twenty three years ago. Now it can also serve as the basis for an intrapersonal ontological dialogue on my convoluted religious history, both personal and familial, as the two are often annexed in various inseverable ways.


Just yesterday I found out that Mass Giorgini has a blog. If I were to make a list of my top ten favorite albums of all time, this guy would have produced at least four of them. But, in addition to that he writes a pretty mean blog.

And a couple of days ago I discovered this blog, Celibate In The City. It's a bunch of anecdotes about what it's like to be a twenty eight year old single Mormon female living in the city. And I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most charming blogs I've ever read. Although her writings center around something awfully specific, that few would be able to fully understand and fully appreciate, I think it manages to tap into something universal. I've always believed that the more specific you are in expressing yourself, the more people will relate to you, even if their particular circumstances are worlds apart from what you're going through. Hell, I'm a twenty two year old Catholic living in a small town and I definitely feel like I can totally relate to this blog in some wierd ontological way.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hurricane On Raw

Yes, on Monday night, following a Sunday Night Heat loss to Steven Richards, we got to see the Hurricane take a victory as he was pitted against Sylvan Grenier. Hardly a victory to get excited over, but a victory over Steven Richards would have been nothing to get excited over as well.

The victory could, in part, be contributed to this guy:

Who's interference allowed the Hurricane to hit the Eye Of The Hurricane.

Boy, people are really up in arms over this whole Eugene Dinsmore gimmick. I, for one, am kind of proud of the WWE for managing to find an angle that legitimately pisses people off. The necrophilia angle was greeted with nothing more than a mear whimper and few "meh"s. But now, they seem to be pissing people off again.

And as my brother pointed out, it's a double insult. First, it's an insult towards the mentally disabled. Second, it's an insult towards us because we're supposed to believe that this guy is actually capable of wrestling.

I for one am not horribly offended. I mean there have been plenty of wrestlers in the past who were ambiguously retarded.

Now we finally have a wrestler who's gimmick is that he's flat out retarded. But, why is this so offensive? Remember when Bubba Ray Dudley used to stutter all the time? Stuttering is a serious disability that makes many people's lives a living hell. Remember when Scott Hall was an alcoholic? Alcoholism is a disease that ruins lives and destroys families.

I think what I'm saying is that I sort of want to commerate the WWE on managing to find another taboo. I knew there had to be one around here somewhere.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Weekend House Shows

There were two Raw house shows over the weekend, one in Saginaw, Michigan and one in Peoria, Illinois. Both shows saw the Hurricane and Rosey scoring a victory over La Resistance.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Hurricane Useless On Raw?

Josh Garzoli over at The Wrestling Voice recently gave his analyses of the current Raw roster, giving these thoughts on the Hurricane and Rosey:


"Rosey just needs to go, heÂ’s untalented and just flat out sucks in the ring. How long are they going to continue torching Hurricane Helms with this guy? Hurricane shouldÂ’ve been moved back to Smack Down where he can wrestle in the cruiserweight division. HeÂ’s useless on Raw."

First off, I think there's a difference betwixt being "useless" and being not used. I dont' think the Hurricane is necessarily useless. Currently, we have Matt Hardy who is an incredible wrestler and currently working as a heel, despite the fact that during his final days on Smackdown he was started to win the crowd over with his heel antics. The Hurricane and Matt Hardy have similar styles and are good friends from back in North Carolina. These two know each other very well, and they would put on some fucking great matches, if only they were to feud with each other. Plus, we have Tajiri now on Raw with no one to wrestle.

For the past few months I've been adamently advocating sending the Hurricane over to Smackdown. But, as of right now, I'm not so sure about it. Smackdown sucks. Currently the Hurricane is a fantastic wrestler on a good show who just isn't getting his fair cut. Or we could send him over to Smackdown, where he might get more TV time, but it would be on a crappy show. Plus, being a good wrestler on a crappy roster doesn't by any means what so ever guarantee that you'll get your fair share of TV time. Just look at Shannon Moore, Billy Kidman, Paul London, and Ultimo Dragon. If the Hurricane is going to be underused, he might as well be on the better roster. Or maybe he should be on the roster with more cruiserweights. Not that the Hurricane needs to wrestle cruiserweights to put on a good match. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't know.

Heel Turns And What Not

In a recent column Jakey Emmeret over at Wrestling Exposed named his three favorite heel turns. Coming in at number two was Triple H's notorious heel turn.


"Yes, Triple H has turned heel about 50 times, but this one was so effective my friend watching it with me was convinced it was my fault.
Triple H invited his own Shawn Michaels out to the ring to re-start DX. The crowd went crazy, I thought Chyna was coming back, and then all of a sudden, Triple H goes, "Let's get ready to..." And before the crowd could yell "s**k it", Triple H planted Shawn to the mat with a Pedigree"

-end quote-

I can verify to the magnitude of this particular heel turn, as this happened at the Van Andel, and I was fucking there, in the shittiest seats imaginable (right over to the side of the Titan Tron, so that my friends and I could see none of the backstage action). This was incredible. For a few minutes we actually thought we were witnessing a reunion of DX. And in that short time we reveled in past glories. And then Triple H completely silenced the crowd with that Pedigree. The heel turn was so affective that the crowd couldn't get into the main event, which was the Rock versus Eddie Guerrero. If you can manage to make an arena of eager wrestling fans indifferent to seeing the Rock taking on Eddie Guerrero in the same ring, you've just had a very affective heel turn.

In his column Mr. Emmeret states that he is fairly young and may be unfamiliar with some of the other great heel turns of the past, so here's my point of view.

The greatest heel turn of all time, hands down, was when Shawn Micheals put Marty Janetty through the plate glass window of the Barber Shop. It had all the elements of the perfect heel turn. 1. They severed a once great tag team. 2. They had some fantastic matches, with multiple title exchanges. 3. One man went on to become a legend, the other went on to utter obscurity.

Plus I think it was the defining moment of Brutus Beefcake's career. Which goes something like this in my book:

Phase one: Shaved Adrian Adonis' head at WM 3, thus earning him one of the most notorious gimmicks of all time.

Phase two: Standing there while Micheals totally turned heel on Janetty's ass.

Phase three: They have to put a bunch of metal in his face.

Phase four: He's wrestling in WCW under numerous idiotic psuedonyms, and I can't even recognize him.

The Final Phase: He's working at a subway station for twenty five grand a year when some one finds his bag of cocaine and mistakes it for anthrax, thus making him a terrorist suspect.

And I thought Owen Hart's heel turn back in 1994 was fantastic as well.

They Must Think I'm Retarded



"Watch HEAT this week as the road to Backlash enters its final stage. The self-proclaimed General Manager of HEAT is in action when Steven Richards faces the Hurricane in singles action. Both high-flying superstars are looking for some momentum heading into the RAW pay-per-view event one week away. Who will finish on top? Find out on HEAT."

First off, the Hurricane lost this match. Why? I don't know. That's pretty retarded in and of itself. But, then to imply on their official website that this match will in some way have any impact what so ever on the upcoming pay per view. Seriously. As though either men will in any capacity be involved with Backlash. Since the dawn of brand exclusive pay per views the Hurricane has only participated in one of them. And that was in that tag team turmoil match at Armageddon, which mainly served the function of making every tag team on Raw look weak and stupid.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I Think I Pretty Much Agree With This Guy On Everything

I want to give a big thank you to Dougie Nunnie for plugging my blog in his most recent column and point out something else he said that I totally totally agree with.


"So what about WWE? Shelton Benjamin over The Game? Excuse me before I get overly excited. Doesn't anyone remember a strapping young wrestler going over one of the best of all time last year only to return back to "jobber/Heat" status? That's right; I'm talking about The Hurricane. He beat Rock about the same time last year and then went toe to toe with Flair, Jericho, and Triple H, but after that, did his push continue? Hell no! He moved right back to his jobber status. So excuse me if I don't get excited about one of the best wrestlers beating The Game, because I think the same will happen."

-end quote-

I had a very similar sentiment and recognized after the match that this current situation is analagous with the circumstances which occurred with the Hurricane. Plus take into consideration that Benjamin doesn't have the charisma, mic skills, merch sales, crowd reaction, etc. etc. etc. that the Hurricane does. In addition, I'm personally predicting that Charlie Haas is going to be the break out star from the WGTT.

And it wasn't the fact that Benjamin won that pleased me so much as the fact that they put on a really good match. After the Hurricane beat the Rock he went on to lose to Ric Flair, but I was no less pleased with that match, just because it was really good.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Hurricane Not On Raw, But On Heat

Last night during the Heat tapings the Hurricane jobbed to the GM of Heat, Steven Richards.

On a very related note, Ryan Clark added some amusing commentary to the Heat spoilers over on Wrestling Exposed.


"Heat matches
Steven Richards (GM) b Hurricane (who once beat Rock)
Garrison Cade (who can't be called Lance because of a guy not even booked) b Val Venis (who once beat Mick Foley)"

On a kind of related note: I'm cutting down on the wrestling news sites I visit. A lot of them have more pop up ads than I can handle, but I'll continue to read my favorites, Wrestling Exposed, Lords Of Pain, and Rajah. None the less, I should be able to continue to provide you with the most up to date Hurricane news available (I really don't have that much competition). I've been beating myself over the head trying to find the results to the house show in Hidalgo over the weekend.

The Hurricane In Mexico

On Saturday at a house show in Monterrey, Mexico the Hurricane scored a victory over Val Venis after hitting him with the Shining Wizard.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Your Typical "I Haven't Posted In Three Days, So Here's A Post" Post

Just in case my posts seem a bit more dispersed over the days and/or weeks to come, here's a not quite precise list of all the fun projects I'm going to be working on over the next three weeks.

1. A twenty minute oral presentation on the religious and sociopolitical factors pertaining to In Vitro fertilization in the Middle East.

2. A fifteen minute oral presentation on Mormons and pottery in the Hopi tribe.

3. I'm redoing an eight page essay that I failed hard and the teacher is letting me retake because she added requirements to the assignment whilst I was out with teburculosis. What a sweetheart, eh?

4. A ten page essay on the Virgin Mary in Islamic theology.

5. A ten page essay comprised of various little stories and what not, kind of a hard assignment to explain.

6. A three page book report, easily the easiest assignment.

7. A journal comprised of fourteen different articles related to Native American communities accompanied with my personal analyses.

8. Two written tests for the Islam class, I'm looking forward to seeing how the professor manages to cram two tests into a three to four week period.

9. A take home final exam in one of my anthropology classes, this one should be easy to handle.

Then I get to undergo the wonderful task of trying to find a summer job. Working sucks, but trying to find a job is even more of a pain in the ass.

I thought last night's Smackdown was another lame show. Once again no Undertaker. The show ended with a not so hostile confrontation betwixt Eddie and Bradshaw. Haas wrestled RVD again, and Haas actually won due to a controversial descision from Angle, that was pretty sweet. Booker T kept acting like a pussy. Plus, I don't think I'm feeling Kurt Angle as the GM of Smackdown. He just can't carry the show like Paul Heyman does. Meanwhile, Raw was another awesome show. I'm really becoming convinced that Smackdown is becoming the minor league of the WWE, and just six months ago it was easily the better of the two shows. Not anymore. This may have to do with the fact that Triple H is stepping up and actually being a team player.

Just eight more days left in Lent, then I can start smoking again. It turns out I won't be able to go the Raw house show at MSU. It's on the Saturday night before Easter, which is when they do the Easter Vigil. Since I was baptized and confirmed at last year's Easter Vigil, it's kind of an important mass to me. Although, it's also the most important mass of the year.

I got a little break from my abstinance a couple of weeks ago. Something called layatari Sunday, or something like that. The fourth Sunday of Lent. You're supposed to take a break or something like that. The priest made some remark about it and I immediately sat up in the pew. Did he just tell us we could take a break?

I asked my godfather about it after mass.

"What's that whole loki toki Sunday thing he was talking about?"

"It's called layatari Sunday. Apparently we're supposed to take a break. You gonna go get some cigarettes?"


I hopped in my car and headed right for Admiral, where they have the cheapest Basics in town.