Friday, January 30, 2004

He's Totally Thumby, Complete.

As anyone living in Michigan has probably heard, Howard Dean paid a visit to the MSU campus yesterday. And yes, I was in attendance, sort of. I actually found out about this thing on the day of. I was walking to one of my numerous anthropology classes when I started to notice a bunch of flyers saying that Dean was going to be speaking at the Kellogg Center on that very day, at eleven thirty in the A.M. 'Well, that must be a mistake' I thought to myself. Surely if one of the leading Democratic Presidential candidates was coming to MSU to speak I would have heard about it a hell of alot sooner. But no, sadly it wasn't a mistake. Dean was on campus. And I figured this may be the only chance I ever get to see a Presidential candidate in person. Even if it is some nut job who has said that he would reserve judgment on Osama bin Laden if he were to be caught.

So after my class I made the long trek to the Kellogg Center. I got there around eleven fourty and there was a huge ass line through out the lobby. Whilst walking to the end of the line I overheard two women talking and I actually heard one of the women make the remark "How long will we allow our civil rights to be thrown out of the window?" I should have started kicking some ass right then and there. Who the hell says shit like that in casual conversations?

So I stood in line for a while wearing my grizzled mountain man scowl. I didn't want any of these nut job Dean supporters coming up and talking to me. And the main thing I've learned about MSU is that if I stand around with a bald head wearing a plaid jacket and a nasty scowl, I dont' have to worry about people talking to me.

Despite last minute planning and horrible organizing skills, there was a huge turnout. So I ended up getting stuck in an over flow room. Which was great, seeing as it turned out that Dean's speech actually wasn't broadcasted on TV. But, we were told, Dean would make a stop in this room to adress some his many supporters who weren't allowed into the auditorium where Dean was speaking. After fourty five minutes of sitting around some person went up to the room's tiny little podium and told everyone to head to the lobby. Everyone headed to the lobby, but my ass stayed seated on the floor. Whilst everyone was out I decided to relocate to one of the chairs. Then everyone was instructed to come back into the room. And I was sitting in a chair surrounded by standing people. I rock. Then another person came up to the podium and told everyone to go back to the lobby. So everyone re-relocated to the lobby. But I stayed in my chair. I was sitting in the back row, and I figured that I could go sit in one of the seats in the first couple of rows, but I decided not to. Eventually all of Dean's little sheep would be herded back into this room, and I figured that since I was the only one in the room who realized that Dean sucks, I decided I'd stay in the back row and leave a seat open in the front for someone who actually likes him.

Whilst waiting for Howard Dean people did lots of stupid ass chanting and what not. The same old same old, he said "HOWARD!", they said "DEAN!", I kept silent the entire time. Although, I was mildly amused when someone started a "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!?! DEAN LET THE DOGS OUT!!!" chant. But Dean did eventually show up and I got to here him speak. Hooray for me. I will give Dean credit though, he was obnoxious and he did stand on a chair.

Whilst I'm on the topic of Dean, which I can guarantee will most likely not happen again, I would like to direct you to a nice little flame war betwixt one of my favorite bloggers, Kathy Shiedle, and some idiot. Kathy Shiedle runs one of my favorite blogs, the religious news blog Relapsed Catholic, and this guy for some reason decided to e-mail her to promote some this website, even though Kathie lives in Canada. So give it a read, and watch Kathy completely own this kid. It's quite amusing. My favorite parts are when this kid refers to Kathy as his "sister in Christ" (man, what an ass!) and when Kathy says that Dean is "insane and looks like a thumb". Kathy starts off easy on him, but this kid was obviously looking for a fight, and Kathy Shiedle schooled his ass.

I never noticed the whole Howard Dean is a thumb thing before. But now that I've had it pointed out, I haven't stopped giggling. Judge for yourself.



I can hardly tell them apart.

I just had a revelation today. For a while I've been saying that I'm going to vote for Bush just to spite people. But, then I realized, like the people at are saying, a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Bush. So I'll probably end up voting for a third party candidate. That way I can show my support for a three party system and put Bush back in the White House, thus spiting all those communists and hippies at MSU who keep writing shit on the sidewalks with chalk about how Bush is a Nazi and what not.

Either way, as far as Dean is concerned, I do not like the guy. And this thumb is going down.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hurri-thoughts On The Royal Rumble

No, as a matter of fact, I was not happy with the way the Hurricane was used at the Royal Rumble. This year actually saw the Hurricane spending the shortest amount of time in the ring, coming in at thirteen minutes and twelve seconds and being thrown out at thirteen minutes and thirty two seconds. Well, technically the Hurricane didn't really spend the shortest amount of time in the ring seeing as Spike Dudley and Test never made it to the ring. But, still I find it discouraging. It was reminiscent of the tag team turmoil in which the Hurricane and Rosey were eliminated by Cade and Jindrak in a matter of seconds. Whenever the Hurricane is actually allowed to make an appearance on a PPV, it seems the time he is allotted would hardly constitute what I consider appropriate. And who was he eliminated by? Matt Morgan! Now I'll admit that I don't hate Matt Morgan as much as I used to. Sure, he's very much green in the ring. But his backstage etiquette and humility are very admirable. He's not very good, but he's willing to learn, and I can respect that. But what happened to the Hurricane wasn't just an isolated incident. It was a metaphor for the current stratification going on in the WWE. The little guy gets twenty seconds of TV time and is subsequently thrown out of the ring by a big guy.

Have I Mentioned That I Hate The Ultimate Warrior?

My old Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy has been sitting alone in the deep recesses of my closet for a couple of years now. He is someone who millions of people cite as an old childhood hero. As is the case with most people's childhood heroes, the Warrior is a farce. This started to occur to me during the Warrior's big comeback in WCW, when I found myself thinking that the Warrior just wasn't as cool as he was when I was thirteen. Nowadays watching old matches reaffirms these assumptive ponderings I had of the proverbial death of a childhood hero. And, as often is the case, the proverbial death is far more painful to accept than an actual death would have been. Something you believed in was a lie. If that something was the Ultimate Warrior, than that was a pretty ultimate lie you believed. Looking back I see him for the one dimensional character with no in-ring or mic skills that he truely was and still would be if he ever decided to stop bitching about people who are still man enough to get in the ring and actually get in the ring himself. It doesn't take a lot of skill to shake and yell like an idiot. I can do that too. It doesn't take alot of skill to act like your opponent's attacks don't hurt. I can do that too. A man who I once saw as powerful and almost invincible, I now see as too insecure and self absorbed to sell his oponents moves or put over other wrestlers.

In addition to taking delight in the deaths of Rick Rude, Dave Boy Smith, Curt Hennig and Miss Elizabeth, the Warrior has decided to invest some of his ultimate energy into writing a book. He wants to give people an idea of what it's like to be the Ultimate Warrior and experience all of his ultimate experiences, with his ultimate attitude and ultimate philosphies about being ultimately resentful because you couldn't live up to the ultimate hype the WWF had incurred upon you.

Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be so ultimately inflated with your own ultimate sense of self importance that on the very day of Summer Slam 92 you suddently change your mind and refuse to turn heel, as was the plan? Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be such an ultimate fink, that when you get busted for steroids you rat out Davey Boy Smith for giving you some contact info, even though at the time he wasn't using steroids? (Davey Boy ended up getting fired solely for knowing a steroid distributor. And the Warrior just loves to ramble on about those who don't take full responsibility for the consequences of their actions. But when push comes to shove, if the Warrior's going down he's taking someone with him.) Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be so ultimately psychotic that you actually have your name legally changed to Warrior? And who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be so ultimately full of yourself that when you make your debut in WCW you have them install a trap door in the ring without telling any of the other wrestlers, and as a result several injuries occur, including Davey Boy's notorious back injury which led to his addiction to pain killers which ultimately led to his death?

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hey, Remember King Mable?

I sure do, much to the chagrin of the WWE. King Mable is the victim of what has to be one of the biggest cover up conspiracies of the past decade in sports entertainment. Okay, that's kind of exaggerating, seeing how there's been some pretty big cover ups over the past ten years. But the one surrounding the Kingdom of Mable is one that I happen to find the most amusing.

Mable attained the title of King Mable by winning the King Of The Ring Tournament in 1995. And over the past four or five years I've taken considerable delight in watching WWE promotional montages that seem to convey the idea that as far as the annual King of the Ring pay per views are concerned, 1995 never happened. I always enjoyed pointing this out to my friends as the television depicted highlights from KOTR's of the past, 93 Bret Hart, 94 Owen Hart, 96 Steve Austin.....yep. And that was the main reason I was so utterly dissapointed when the WWE discontinued the King of the Ring tournament in 03.

I'm not as with it as I should be when it comes to keeping track of what's going on in the indy promotions. So damn was I ever surprised when I found out that not only is Mable still wrestling, in the legendary Memphis Wrestling promotion, but he's actually performing under the pseudonym King Mable. And as of the moment he's engaged in a feud with his old WWF tag team partner Moe, who is going by the name Sir Moe. Also the angle they're working revolves around Mable's victory at KOTR 95, with Moe claiming that it was his guidance that led Mable to his victory, or something uninteresting like that.

It's sort of sad to think about Mable clinging to this one shining moment in his career in which he was given a push he didn't deserve and couldn't live up to. Plus, why is he wrestling in Memphis of all places and referring to himself as "King"?

Friday, January 23, 2004

I Added A Couple Of Links

As you'll notice, I added a couple more links on this here blog. One of the links is to the website of Bobby J, the new bass player for MTX. He started himself a blog and is going to be documenting his experiences as he hits the road with the Mr. T Experience in promotion of the new album "Yesterday Rules", so I'll be sure to add his blog to my list of daily readings. And you should too. Sadly, I won't be able to catch MTX on this current tour. The closest they'll be coming to Hastings will be Detroit. I don't have the financial means nor a car I would trust with the three hour drive to Detroit, and the three hour drive back. Though I have no doubt that this show will be absolutely stellar, seeing how they will have Ruth's Hat opening for them.

All my favorite bands always play in Detroit. West Michigan sucks that way. They're not big enough to headline the Intersection, yet too big to play at Skelletones. Although in October I had the chance to catch the Eyeliners at the Intersection, as they were opening for some ska band who's name currently eludes me.

The other link I put up is to the website for my favorite professor at Michigan State University, Dr. Puhek. He's the founder of the Michigan Institute of Existential Metapsychology and he's written numerous books on things and what not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Hurricane On Raw Last Night

Finally, last night on Raw we got to see a descent amount of the Hurricane. First off, the Hurricane will in fact be participating in the Royal Rumble. Last night on Raw the Coach was taking over as GM for the evening. He announced that each of the Raw participants in the Rumble would be competing in a match tonight. Each person who won their match would go on to compete in a battle royal later that night. And the winner of that battle royal would win the beloved 30th entry in the Royal Rumble. And of course Goldberg won. Was there any other possible scenario. They obviously intend to have Goldberg be one of the final four in the Rumble this Sunday. With that being the case, they clearly wouldn't want Goldberg coming in any earlier than number twenty. They guy is only good in the ring for about five minutes. And I don't mean good as in good at what he does, I mean good as in still able to stand. When they were originally planning to have Goldberg take on Steiner last night I thought to myself that I would be amazed if that match made it past the three minute mark. So I wasn't surprised when they added Test and made it a triple threat match. I found myself saying that Test was going to carry this match. It was most definitely the first time I ever made a remark about Test being in a position in which he would have to carry a match. It's a sad state of affairs to say the least, but he did carry the match, and good for him.

When Coach announced what his plans were for the 30th spot in the Rumble, I was immediately thinking that it would kick ass if the Hurricane took on Randy Orton. And lo and behold, that's what happened. Before the match the Hurricane gave an uncharacteristically serious speech, that I thought was well executed, and showed the Hurricane to be much more than a one dimensional "joke" character. The nature of the speech even had me thinking that maybe the Hurricane would win. But he didn't. But, him and Orton did put on a good match, although it could have been longer. This match saw one of the meanest cross body blocks I've ever seen. The Hurricane jumped from the top rope and Orton jumped right into it. I marked out hard on that one. But in the end Orton ended up hitting the RKO on our favorite super hero, and it just wasn't to be.

Rosey came out to defend the Hurricane from a potential attack from Evolution. And before I knew it, the Dudleys were out and I wasn't paying attention anymore. I hope Flair and Batista destroy them at the Royal Rumble. The last thing we need to see is the Dudleys as the champions for the eighteenth time.

Oh yeah, and apparently Rosey scored a victory on Heat against some jobber.

Now If I Can Just Get Hideaki Anno To Say Something Nice About Me

Dr. Frank had some really interesting and nice things to say about the post I made last week about the Mr. T Experience.

The Hurricane Scores A Pinfall On Freakzilla

The Hurricane picked up a victory Sunday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a tag team bout in which he was paired up with Spike Dudley to take on Test and Scott Steiner. Steven Richards and Victoria distracted Test from the match so that the Hurricane could hit Steiner with the Shining Wizard. This is a nice change from the house shows last week, as we again see the Hurricane going over someone who has been receiving a much bigger push on TV. It's an interesting way to end such a match considering that Test and Steiner are being pushed right now as a formidable tag team on Raw. Why the Hurricane was paired with Spike Dudley is another mystery. I guess they never do intend to push the Hurricane and Rosey as a legitimate full time tag team. Seems like another case of writers indignantly declaring "Eh, they're both faces, stick them together". But, it's still good to hear of the Hurricane getting a pinfall on Steiner, I just wish I could see it on TV.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Hurricane Jobs A Couple More Times

I mentioned earlier that the Hurricane put over Batista at a house show in Canada last weekend. Well, it looks like the Hurricane has lost a couple more matches. On Friday night he jobbed in Des Moines, Iowa to Batista once again. Apparently, Batista hit the Hurricane with a pretty nasty power bomb that left him quite winded and fairly unhappy. And then the following night in Madison, Wisconsin the Hurricane jobbed to Christian. This is uncharacteristic, as usually the Hurricane goes over at house shows, even against competitors who recieve bigger TV pushes like Test or Matt Hardy. Although, Matt Hardy has been pushed pitifully since jumping to Raw.

Also, the Hurricane will be wrestling on Heat tonight, teaming up with Rosey to take on Kade and Jindrak. I haven't managed to find any Heat spoilers, so I don't know who won this match. Being as management seems to, for some ungodly reason, have bigger ambitions for Kade and Jindrak as far as the tag team division is concerned, I imagine Kade and Jindrak probably took this match.

Friday, January 16, 2004

The Message: The Most Ass Kicking Religious Movie Ever

This semester I'm taking two different courses dealing with Islam. One is a religious studies class, and the other is a special topics in anthropology class dealing with Muslim women in the Middle East. Because of this I've felt inspired to discuss what is without a doubt the most ass kicking religious movie ever made, The Message. It also went by the title "Mohammad, Messenger Of God". I guess the brilliant minds behind this movie couldn't quite agree on a title.

As much as I worship Jesus and love being a practicing Roman Catholic, I have yet to see a movie dealing with the life of Jesus that I thought was actually any good. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming movie Passion Of Christ, which is directed by Mel Gibson, who is Catholic. This movie, as I'm sure everyone has heard, has drawn considerable controversy. Many people feel that this movie may serve to create further tension betwixt Jews and Christians. But the Pope has said that he is impressed with the film and has stated that it's an extremely accurate depiction of the hours leading up to the Crucifixion, and the Crucifixion itself. Which was extremely nasty. Most Jesus movies thus far seem to have Jesus walking around and spouting off all his famous teachings, and then at the end enduring a not so historically accurate Crucifixion. Gibson's rendition is supposed to be hell of gory. Which is good. Crucifixions were hell of gory, and the Crucifixion of Christ was an especially nasty one. So I can't wait to see this movie.

A couple of weeks ago I watched about twenty minutes of a movie entitled "The Story Of Mary And Joseph", which has been shown on TBN quite a bit. This movie is a huge piece of shit. First off, the woman playing Mary had blonde hair. Second off, Joseph had a sword. What the hell would Joseph be doing with a sword? The scene I caught featured Mary and Joseph standing by a lake and went something like this:

Mary: "Oh, I love you Joseph."

Joseph: "Your parents hate me, they would never let you marry me."

Mary: "Oh, I don't care, I'll marry you anyway. Because I love you so much."

Obviously, I'm paraphrasing here, but I'm not making up the jist of it. One would have to be pretty thick headed not to sense the hint of anti-Catholic agenda in this particular movie. Why else would you make a movie in which you're trying to portray Mary and Joseph like the kids from American Pie?

But, my point with all of this is that most religious movies are pretty shitty. Ten Commandments is a good movie, but that movie has got Charlton Heston in the lead role. And you can't go wrong with Heston. The Message is the only movie I have seen dealing specifically with the history of Islam, and as for now, Islam is shooting a hundred percent in the movie department.

This movie was created under the supervision of certain Muslim scholars. You see, this makes the movie interesting because Islamic law forbids the visual portrayal of prophets. So you have a movie in which the main subject is the life of Mohammad, and at no point in the movie do you actually see Mohammad. This inconvenience imposed on the movie makers by Islamic law helps make the movie all the more fascinating. There are even a few scenes in which the movie is being shown from Mohammad's point of view.

And this movie, unlike most religious movies, has a descent amount of ass kicking. Islam, in addition to being a spin-off of Judaism (Judaism is kind of like the Happy Days of religion), was a backlash against the pagan religion of the Qayresh, the Arab tribe to which Mohammad belonged. The Qayresh had this nasty habit of burying baby girls alive. Well, any Abrahamic faith can't possibly condone baby burying. And as a result, the followers of Mohammad are obligated to kick their asses.

Come on, look at this movie poster. You got the smoke rising up from who knows where, the people storming the village to attack the baby buriers, and that mysterious hand holding up the flag. Totally badass.

So if you want to see a religious movie that is actually historically accurate, then definitely check this one out. You get historical accuracy and ass kicking, all in the same movie. However, it is kind of long, like three hour-ish. I, myself, didn't watch it all in one sitting.

I don't know why I felt the need to talk about this movie. I guess I was just missing the old days when I wrote movie reviews for the KCC Bruin.

Have I Mentioned That I Think He Should Be The World Champion?

I've mentioned a couple of times about my new found fondness for Kane, or at least Glen Jacobs. Sometimes Kane doesn't quite come off as well as he should on TV. This is much more the fault of the writers than it is of the man himself. I posted a while back about how Glen Jacobs didn't care if the Hurricane used the chokeslam as his finisher. I recently read another story about Kane being a super duper fella.

At the Raw house shows in Canada over the weekend the writers had decided that Jericho was going to job towards Kane. Jericho went behind the backs of the higher-ups and had a one on one conversation with Kane. Jericho told Kane that he fealt that since they were in Canada it would be better to have Jericho go over in these matches. This makes sense. Jericho didn't even have to go over clean, per se. Kane agreed. They went and discussed it with some of the higher-ups who weren't behind the decision to have Jericho job to Kane and they agreed with their idea. The final decission was to have Jericho defeat Kane due to outside interference from Trish Stratus, and the matches went over very well with the Canadian crowds.

That's Kane for ya. He's a trooper, a super a guy, and he doesn't have any problem with putting folks over. He listens to reason. He should be the champion.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My Stupid Life As An MTX Fan

Yesterday was the big release day of the new Mr. T Experience CD, "Yesterday Rules". It's their first new studio recording in a little over three years. I was absolutely determined to purchase a copy on the day of release. So as a result I ended up skipping an important (I assume) Anthropology Club meeting. I know that when I use the words "Anthropology Club" it sounds nerdy, but I assure you, it's far too elusive and non-centralized to be properly classified as that. "Anthropology Club" is just a way of saying, the entirety of the Anthropology related persons at MSU, faculty, students, and other. At least that's what I've gathered. In the case that it is an actual "club" per se, then I must say that I'm pissed that I haven't received my membership card yet. Anyways, my point is that I skipped the meeting to go find a copy.

I drove around Lansing for about two hours before going home and then headed to Grand Rapids. All together, I spent over three hours on the road yesterday. But, it was well worth it, as I managed to find a copy of "Yesterday Rules" at the wonderful little Best Buy on 28th Street. Words fail to properly denote the sort of anticipation/anxiety that goes along with listening to an MTX CD for the first time. This time was especially bad, as I had been aware for several months of the titles of all of the songs on the album. Hearing the title of an MTX song without getting to hear the song is one of the most frustrating things a human can experience. Typical song titles are nothing more than song titles, they let you know which song is next, amongst a wide variety of functions. Creating set lists and what not. But an MTX song title, without knowledge of the context within which Dr. Frank has used it, can be quite an enigma. I hear a title like "Oh, Just Have Some Faith In Me" or "She's Not A Flower" and I can not imagine how Dr. Frank has managed to make that title work as a song. Very few other performers have that sort of affect on my brain where I look at the title of the song and am completely perplexed as to how he made a song out of that title, and then when I finally hear the song it's like finding the third face of the Trinity, or something of that nature. What was I suppose to expect when I picked up a copy of "The Miracle Of Shame" three years ago and saw that there was a song titled "Stephanies Of The World Unite"? Now, everything makes sense, and I have a hard time recalling the condition of my mind back when the title was all I had to go on. This time I had to live with that condition for a few months. There are a few other musicians who accomplish this, I'm thinking right now of Willie Nelson's "You Wouldn't Even Cross The Street" and Elvis Costello's "The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes".

I often feel that alot of who I am, how I think, act, feel, etc. is an indirect result of being a loyal listener of MTX. And I've stated in the past that I don't think any of my friends could fully understand me unless they were to spend six years of their life listening to MTX records. Dr. Frank's lyrics have for the past six years constantly struck me on a spiritual and sort of epistemological level. They seems to poke at my very understanding of life. One of the reasons I love the English language so much is because of what Dr. Frank has done with it. I hear college kids taking about problems with the English language, and I think to myself that they obviously have never heard a song penned by Dr. Frank. I think Dr. Frank has completely redeemed the English language with lyrics like "I know you've been going through my pockets whenever you can, at least I understand what you've been going through". Dr. Frank's lyrics are like the Koran, they work best in their original tongue, and bring out beauty that no one had imagined could exist within that language.

It would take a long ass time to properly construe all the ways in which my life and understanding of life has been affected by MTX lyrics. I've decided to make a few examples.

"The future's unwritten, so they say. And I'm just trying to keep it that way."
From the song "Tomorrow Is A Harsh Mistress"

This line has pretty much become my new main philosophy in life. I've assumed that when Dr. Frank says it he's doing so to convey a state of emotional dysfunction. I think it shows profound wisdom. My teacher Dr. Puhek one day was discussing in class a conversation he had with a student a few weeks back. The student was at MSU studying to be an architect, but the architecture program at MSU really isnt' all that impressive. So he had every intention of transferring, so he was just at MSU to get some of his prerequisites "out of the way". Dr. Puhek went on to discuss certian religious thought revolving around the concept of "the way". Tao literally means "the way". First and second century Christians referred to themselves as "followers of the way". The idea here being that we should live the way. Nothing is in the way, but is the way. Living in the now. I really hate to use the phrase "the now", because I think it's been played, but I feel it's the only expression that explains what I'm trying to say by "the way". My intention is to replace the expression "the now" with "the way". But in order to do that, I have to identify what I'm trying to replace. One of the interesting things about Christ is that he spoke of the Kingdom Of God not as a place we go to when we die, but as a place that exists within us, right now, on a much deeper level.

I know I'm totally going off what Dr. Frank's original intention was for this line. But, this is how it appeals to me at this point in my life. I'm an anthropology major, and people ask me what I plan on doing with that. My plan is to go to school and study anthropology. That's it. My vocational future is unwritten. I'm trying to keep it that way. Now I'm going more into the anxiety related aspect of it. I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish school, I don't want to think about it. I don't want it to even be a subject capable of being adressed. The future doesn't exist, it's an abstract concept. It's not an actual thing. As Dr. Frank is saying, I want to delay the future's manifestation as real life circumstances for as long as possible.

"Though your memory lives on in damage that you have done."
From the song "This Isn't About You Anymore"

This isn't an MTX song, it was on Dr. Frank's solo release. This line has taken on a very positive role in my life over the past year. Dr. Frank had written about some girl who had dumped him, I'm assuming. But, to me when I hear this line it reminds me of my grandfather who died a year ago. See I'm a hemophiliac. Hemophilia is a disease passed down through the men on the mother's side of the family. I got this disease from my mom's dad, who had this disease as well. My grandfather died and I still have this disease. In a wierd way, it feels like he kind of lives on through this disease he gave me. Whenever I cut myself and I bleed more than the average person, it's kind of like my grandpa is still here.

"I've been told that I spend too much time alone, and asked why I never take this jacket off. I'm either caught in a headlock, or running around like a chicken with it's head cut off"
From the song "My Stupid Life"

This line always takes me back to the summer of 98. I was sixteen and I tipped the scales at about three hundred pounds (right now I'm a slender two thirty five). At the time I was attending the local Baptist Church (right now I'm slender Roman Catholic), and I was singing in the youth choir. That summer the First Baptist Church of Hastings youth choir did a missions trip to Washington D.C. We hopped on a bus, drove around our nation's capital, and sang at some churches. All in all a good time. But, they made the choir members wear matching t-shirts. And like I stated, I was weighing around three hundred pounds. I was wearing 3XL's, and the largest shirt they could get me was a 2XL, and it was a small 2XL at that. It left very little to the cruel youthful imagination. So whenever I wore the shirt and we weren't singing, I would be wearing my jacket. The temp was around the low 90's, and there I was wearing this stupid jacket. Everyone kept asking me why I was wearing the stupid jacket when it was so fucking hot outside. And I kept trying to come up with bullshit responses like "I don't think it's that hot" or "I'm actually cooler with this jacket on, it's a well ventilated jacket".

I doubt Dr. Frank has ever had the privilege of being an insecure three hundred pound sixteen year old. But, I think he's addressing a similar problem I went through. Nursing an anxiety whilst people keep unknowingly asking you questions about it. People don't take into consideration that you're wearing the jacket because of some personal insecurity, so they keep probing you about it. And they never stop.

"Dan Treacy always was my idol. I still think of him whenever I'm feeling vaguely suicidal, which is nearly all the time."
From the song "I Don't Know Where Dan Treacy Lives"

This line, and the rest of the song, totally get to me. Dr. Frank writes songs that seem to be describing things I've fealt but could never say as cleverly. Now Dr. Frank had written a song which perfectly summated the way I fealt about Dr. Frank. It's nice to know that admiration isn't just a quality possessed by the weak. It makes me think of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer is striving to be like Thomas Edison and it drives him insane until he discovers that Edison had strived to be like DaVinci. In the song Dr. Frank asks a question which up till that point I had never really considered. Now it's a question I'll be pondering till my death.

"I wonder if he feels like a genius, or if anybody ever really can."

No Hurri-thoughts On Raw

The Hurricane wasn't on Raw. And I've yet to hear reports about dark matches or Heat. So I feel no need to comment.

A Hurri-loss

The Hurricane jobbed to Batista at a house show in Canada over the weekend.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

January 10th, 2003: House Show At Wings Stadium: I Met The Hurridivas!

A kickass time was had down in Kalamazoo last night with my good friend Skyler. Skyler is this kid I hang out with, who talks fairly assertively, thus I've made a habbit of not inviting him over to my house to watch PPVs. So I've been a bit of a dick to him. So I told him that if ever there was a house show and none of my friends wanted to go with me I would by him a ticket. So when WWE Smackdown announced that they would be pulling into Kalamazoo come January, I made good on my promise. Which he had apparently forgotten about, so I was able to pass it off as a Christmas present.

We had good seats, we were on the floor, eight rows back. I was worried about the whole "heads in the way" factor, but that wasn't too much of a problem. We were sitting behind these guys who were some sort of indy promotors, so I chatted with one of them during the intermission. And they joined in with us when we would cheer for some of the wrestlers that no one else seemed to be cheering for, like Haas and Akio.

The stadium wasn't even closed to being full, but I think we had a fairly hot crowd. It was the first wrestling show I'd been to that wasn't at the Van Andel. A friend and I once went to a show at the Breslin Center at the campus of MSU, but that show had canceled, so we then drove to Grand Rapids to refund our tickets. Wings Stadium is a fairly small arena, so there really isn't a bad seat when it comes to a wrestling event, I suppose. But, we were in definitely good seats, so I wouldn't know for sure.

The first match was Ultimo Dragon versus Nunzio. That was a killer first match with Ultimo Dragon taking the victory. In this particular match I made it a point to cheer for both competitors, however I'd have to say I'm a bigger Ultimo mark.

Let me say this: the ushers at Wings Stadium suck. They're on some sort of power trip. Those bitches need to realize that they're not at the Joe Louis Arena or the Palace of Auburn Hill. They're at fucking Wings Stadium. So they need to calm the fuck down and stop acting like complete dueche bags. They were telling us to sit down during the Sable/Dawn Marie "Tiny Teddy" match. Seriously. It's a wrestling event. You stand up when the action gets hot. That's how things work. I think a lingerie match fits that criteria. I told the usher that I wasn't going to sit down unless he could get the guys in front of us to sit down. Which he managed to do. But these ushers have issues. They must all have really bad marriages or something, because they seemed to jump on every opportunity to boss someone around. Whores.

There were some fantastic matches on this one, I must say. A three way elimanation tag team match for the belts betwixt The World's Greatest Tag Team, The Bashams, and Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. No titles changed hands, so you can figure out who won this. I was dissapointed because Haas and Benjamin were the first team eliminated. And Rikishi's Stinkface got the biggest pop of the night. What's wrong with these people.

There were some dissapointments. Eddie Guerrero wasn't there, he was selling his injury from Smackdown. So Chavo informed us that he Eddie was in the hospital. Also not in attendance: Brock Lesnar and the Big Show. And I was fairly certain that the Big Show was going to be there.

But Cena was there, and we got to see him go one on one with Sean O'Haire, whom I didn't even realize was still wrestling. Paul Heyman was there, and he instructed the camera man not to get any shots of our section. That was pretty cool.

The main event was a four way for the cruiserweight title betwixt Rey Mysterio Jr., Chavo, Tajiri, and A-Train. I'm not an A-Train mark by any means, but I thought putting him in this match was a very amusing play on Heyman's part. Oh yeah, and this match was refereed by Kurt Angle. Heyman was the one who appointed Angle as the referee in this match. I think Angle and Heyman's relationship is getting kind of fishy. The rumor mills are currently flying with tales of an upcoming Angle heel turn. Anyways, Mysterio won this match.

Tons of other good matches: Chris Benoit versus Chuck Palumbo in a submission match, Bradshaw and Hardcore Holly versus Matt Morgan and Rhyno, Paul London and Spanky versus Akio and Sakoda, I think you can probably figure out who won those matches.

After the show, we journeyed up to the fron row just so I could get a good look at the ring up close. I had never seen a WWE ring that close. Whilst standing around we noticed that Sable was over on the other side of the arena shaking people's hands and what not. We ran over there, but to no avail. She greeted a few more fans than headed off.

So we then headed outside where we watched wrestlers drive off in their cars. Now that was real fun. Whilst standing outside we struck up a conversation with these two ladies about wrestlers and what not. I recognized one of their signs and asserted that they had been sitting in the same section as us a few rows up. We chatted a bit about Haas and what not. They mentioned that they had been to a Raw house show the previous night in Canada. They informed me that the Hurricane had scored a victory of Matt Hardy. They also made mention of the Hurricane getting held up at customs due to the drug possession charge he has in Canada, for having taken a bottle of fat burner across the border. Ephedra is illegal in Canada. I find it quite an amusing anecdote. A guy as straight laced as the Hurricane actually carries a possession charge over in Canada.

Then come to find out, the gals we had been chatting with were none other than the University Of Michigan Hurridivas. I had visited their website on a couple of occasions, as it is linked over on the Hurricane's official website. I found this a really exciting coincidence, and forced them to sign my ticket stub. Which they probably thought was wierd, but I thought it was wierd that I had been casually chatting with two of the Hurridivas for the past five minutes without knowing it. Apparently the Hurricane had gotten them their tickets to the show that night. They told us a few anecdotes pertianing to knowing the Hurricane and having met certain wrestlers and what not. It was totally cool.

As for the wrestlers driving by in their cars, we saw Sable, Hardcore Holly, Spanky, Paul London, The F.B.I, Paul Heyman, and Chavo all drive off. Spanky and Paul London actually stopped to sign autographs. But I had nothing to get signed.

So yeah, a kickass time was had by me. I met the Hurridivas, I saw a bunch of wrestlers drive off in their cars, and I got to see some damn good wrestling. And then I went home and drank alot of beer.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Let's Hear A Cheer For Plotlines That Don't Make Any Sense

Why in the blue hell was Kurt Angle involved with the Guerrero storyline? Are we supposed to believe that upon his return to the WWE that Kurt Angle's biggest concern would be Eddie and Chavo's incapatibility? Kurt Angle comes out on Smackdown and announces that he'll be damned if he's going to stand by and watch one of the greatest tag teams in the WWE break up. WHY?!?!?! Who's brilliant idea was it to get Kurt involved with this storyline? Kurt Angle has all of a sudden turned into Dr. Phil.

At least they finally turned Chavo heel. What did that take? Like thirteen years. Now we have to sit through another Chavo/Eddie feud, which will probably last another thirteen years, before we can finally see Eddie go after some titles. This is proposterous. And then Kurt refers to the Guerreros as the greatest family in the history of pro wrestling. Hello. Did Angle forget that the Harts ever existed?

Thursday, January 08, 2004


The Hurricane has updated his online diary, the Hurricane Chronicles. You check it out

That's Good Nunning

Next week's TV Guide features an article about Mother Angelica. Mother Angelica is a really old nun who started EWTN, which is the Catholic channel. I watch this channel quite a bit. It's much better than TBN (of course TBN sucks), as TBN exists for the purpose of evangelism whereas EWTN seems to serve as more of an educational channel and what not. The educational stuff is good, they've done alot of documentaries on various saints and what not. Some of the stuff isn't as good, like recitals of the Rosary and various litanies. Call me a fogey or whatever, but I just can't seem to manage praying along with the TV. I just can't seem to convoke my spirituality with modern day technology. Poor me. The Journey Home is the best show on the station, it's a show where they interview different converts, so that definitely has some relevance to me.

I never watch any of the shows starring Mother Angelica, because she talks kind of slow. In the article in TV Guide they mentioned one particular show in which a twelve year old girl called in and asked Mother Angelica if Heaven was a place where you could watch TV and play Nintendo. Mother Angelica responding by yelling at the girl, telling her that television had caused "more hell on earth than you could ever realize". Now that's the way to do things. Children are stupid and they need to be put in their place.

That's Good Reading

This year for Christmas I asked for a copy of season two of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. For the most part, all the DVDs my brother and I have are of Japanese shows. We've piled ourselves up a nice little anime collection, although about ninety percent of it is my brother's. So we only pick up DVDs of American made TV shows if we feel their top quality. I personally feel that King Of The Hill is the greatest TV show ever created in America. But I have no intention of ever buy any of the KOTH DVDs due to the fact that it's on sindicated TV twice a day and I've seen most episodes like three times. Buffy is on sindication twice a day, but I find watching that show on TV to be difficult. It's one of those shows that must be watched in the creators' intended sequence. I'm only four episodes into the second season, and whenever I catch a later episode on TV I'm always taken back. Willow's a lesbian! WHA?!?! But I think that just goes to show the brilliance of this show. Similar to Japanese entertainment, BtVS isn't afraid to have main characters die or go through fucked up changes, like becoming a witch or what not. Willow's a witch!! WHA?!?!

Not only did I score the second season of BtVS for Christmas, but my brother scored me a copy of book entitled "Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Philosophy". The book is a collection of various essay written by various academics on certain philosophical issues that Joss Whedon probably wasn't totally aware that he was adressing in BtVS. My brother told me that when he bought it he thought that I would find it either cool or totally stupid. I told him that I thought it was cool, but extremely rediculous.

I've never been a big fan of pretencious interpretations of American entertainment. Sometimes I feel that waxing intellectual about television kind of sucks it of it's core entertainment component, that being mindless amusement. I am in no way whatsoever above mindless amusement. I watch E! for crying out loud. And not for any sort of novel appreciation, I genuinely care about some of this. I enjoy most of the programming on E! with the exception of anything involving Joan or Melissa Rivers and Celebrities Uncensored. I draw the line at watching celebrities walk to their cars. I've been a big fan of Wild On for many years now, mainly because it has an odd nostalgia for me that most people probably wouldn't share. When I lived in Florida they had this special channel for tourists, and it was kind of like a twenty four hour episode of Wild On, but without all the sex and drinking.

The first essay in the book on philosophy in BtVS was quite interesting. I don't follow Vampire literature. But the essay mainly summated that past thousand years for me. Originally vampire stories were a classic case of good versus evil, inspired by Christian morality. After Neitzche, things changed up a little bit. Vampires became portrayed in a Zarathustrian sort of manner. Lone sharks who determine their own morality and live by their own standards of right and wrong. The noble master morality. I could follow this as I'm a huge fan of Hellsing, a Japanese anime show about vampires. Alucard could probably fit into this mold, although Vampire Hunter D would make for a much better example of such. But Alucard is way cooler. Although when I watched Hellsing I would always root for Paladin Alexander Anderson, the Catholic Priest working for the Vatican operated Isacriot Organization, for obvious reasons. The thesis put forth in this essay was that the BtVS had introduced a new form of morality into the world of vampire literature. Being mainly inspired by a Platonic theory on morality revolving around self fulfillment through moral uprightness.

I quickly skipped over the following essays which dealt with feminism in BtVS. After the summer semester at MSU I think I've had all the feminism I can handle for my share of time on this earth. The next women I hear complaining about how the Catholic Church won't ordain women as priests is going to find themselves on the recieving end of my own personal variation of the vertebreaker. Women shouldn't be priests. Bottom line. The priesthood, like any other religious vocation rabbi, iman, monk, whatever, is a privilige and a calling, not a basic human right. I can never get behind any sort of socio-political cause that seeks to make alterations to religious institutions of which the vast majority of the members of that cause don't belong to that organization nor necessarily give a flying fuck about it. The Pope has made considerable strides in progressing the Church's attitude towards issues of gender. But it's not good enough for them.

I haven't finished the BtVS philosophy book yet. Though I've read some really good stuff in it so far. Some essays may come off as pretentious, particularly some of the ones dealing with feminism, from what of those essays that I happened to glaze over. But, for the most part this book has been quite a pleasant surprise. Alot of theories espoused in this book derive from later episodes which I have yet to see, but I somehow still manage to follow them. I still can't believe Willow's a lesbian.

RAW January 5th, 2004:The First Raw Of The New Year

Yessir, it was the first Raw of the new year, and I think things are off to a good start. First off, Teddy Long as GM for the night was a good play. I'm a huge fan of Teddy Long. I think he makes for a classic evil manager. He's a great heel with great mic skills, and I absolutely loved it when he said "I got Johnny Cochran on speed dial". This guy does an incredible job of getting under that fan's skin, he's up there with La Resistance in my book of of "People Who Rock At Getting A Stadium Full Of People To Hate You". The only problem is that the writers keep teaming him up with people who suck. Mark Henry sucks. Rodney Mack sucks. Jazz is a women, so she's amongst a division in which the standards are lowered considerably. Jazz sucks. The only decent talent the WWE has paired him with so far would be D'Lo Brown, when Teddy Long first started his whole managerial schtick, and Christopher Nowinski. Nowinski has proven to have some incredible mic skills for a Tough Enough kid, he's much better in the ring and on the mic than Maven. I've never been a Maven fan, nor will I ever.

On Monday night we got to see our two favorite super heros battle it out against a hefty dose of vitamin C. I'll admit that I was glad to get a hefty dose of vitamin C, although I was dissapointed to see the Hurricane and Rosey lose. But the main problem with this match was that it was way too short. Considering the worth of both teams I think that it deserved much more than the five minutes that it was given. And it looked to me like Hurricane took a nasty bump at one point in the match. He jumped or was thrown (can't remember too well) threw the middle rope and landed on the outside smack on his knees in a kneeling position. It looked painful. And it looked like the Hurricane almost killed himself when he went for cross body block on Jericho on the outside of the ring and almost slipped off the top turnbuckle. Be careful there Shane. Are they using the whole Trish/Jericho storyline as a means of keeping Y2J out of title contendership? I've been hearing for months that they're going to put the title on him sometime in the not too distant future. Now all I see is Jericho running around trying to apologize to Trish.

But, I thought the segment with Jericho standing outside of Trish's shower was hillarious. Things said by Jericho made it sound kind of like a mindless teen flick, like frickin "She's All That" and what not. You can never go wrong with a surprise appearance from Mae Young.

So at Royal Rumble we'll be seeing Triple H and Shawn Micheals in a last man standing match. Hell yeah. Is it me, or do both of these guys kick major ass?

Monday, January 05, 2004

First Try: Successful

Alright. I managed to successfully post a picture on my very first attempt. I guess I'm pretty proud of myself seeing how it took me a couple of months before I figured out how to post links on this damn thing. Anyone who knows me could tell you that I'm an idiot when it comes to computers.

Trying To Post Pictures

Alright, I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures on this thing. Right now I'm experimenting with a picture of The Hurricane chokeslamming Tajiri.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I Wrote A Literal Check My Proverbial Ass Couldn't Cash

This morning I got up around nine to the pounding sounds of the Riverdales' "Blood On The Ice", I just got a CD player alarm clock for my birthday back in November and it makes waking up alot more exciting, especially when you listen to kickass music like I do. I'm fast asleep, dreaming away, and all of a sudden I get smacked upside the head with some pounding 4/4 punk rock with lyrics about hockey players kicking each other's asses. It's moments like these when I wonder why any red blooded American would want to listen to pussy-ass emo bullshit. I head to the kitchen and I find an envelope on the counter adressed to me, from my bank. I figure it's my monthly statement, which it isn't.

Apparently I had a check bounce. I'm not sure how hard it bounced, but all I know as of this moment is that it bounced. I got my car fixed last week for the lovely price of two hundred and eighty dollars. I wrote a check. And that my friends, is the check that bounced. I've had this happen to me on one previous occasion. And it happened under similar circumstances. It happened between semesters.

This is right here makes up the three most exciting times of the years. Right between semesters, when I'm getting down the bottom of my last loan, and anxiously anticipating my next. This time it also happened to coincide with what just might be my most ambitious Christmas yet. Today at Mass, Father Russ was mentioning how Christians had originally celebrated Christmas on January 6th, we're talking first three centuries here. Roman pagans had a holiday they celebrated on the 25th of December, commemorating the solstice I believe, and at some point the Christians decided to adopt this day to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Obviously this worked out in the long run, because otherwise we would have been forced to extend the semester a week and a half further into the summer, and we can't have that.

So I've been through similar scenarios before. And it seems that with each break between semesters I become increasingly more indifferent to my financial perils. It seems that just when things are about to suck big ass, a check shows up from out of nowhere. And I'm comfortable again. But I figured, that what's going on here has to be a good thing. I'm developing a sturdy indifference towards financial woe. Here I am with less than two hundred dollars to me name. One week from torrow I'm going to have to buy three hundred dollars worth of books. I'm going to be driving to Lansing four days a week, which is about forty dollars in gas a week. I'm going to a WWE Smackdown house show this Saturday, which means I'm probably going to want to spend at least twenty dollars on souveneirs. But, I can also rest fairly assured that there's most likely going to be a huge fucking check sent to me within the next week, or if life really sucks this time around, the next two weeks.

This, like every other aspect of school, is preparing me for the "real" world. Which gets me started on another thing.

Christmas cards piss me off. Some of them are genuine, and I like those. But it seems the vast majority of Christmas cards are sent by disingenuous relatives who want to rub in how fucking great they think their lives are. They always have pictures of their stupid kids or their stupid new house, and the real assholes include a letter telling you everything they've done in the last year. One relative in particular sent us a letter with their card, in this letter they talke about what they've done in the past year. Afterall, I haven't seen them in four years, so I'm hell of curious as to what they've done in the past one. Of these activities was one of my personal favorites, school. And then they ended the letter with a statement to the extent of "only two more years of school, then it's off to the real world".

This is the shit that bugs me. My life consists of mainly one thing, that one thing being school. There are numerous categories that make up this one thing, such as money, books, idiot instructors, cool professors, asshole classmates who sit right behind me and blow their noses during lectures, etc. Anyways, these are the things that comprise my life. Someone implying that this isn't "real" kind of pisses me off. Over the past year I've picked up a certain philosophy from Karl Marx. Marx believed that if a person spent eight hours thinking and then three minutes writing down the product of that eight hour think session, then that person just did eight hours and three minutes of work. This is the philosophy I base my academic persuit around. If I spend six years in school, and then get a job and die a week later does that mean I've only done one week of actual work? I would say no, I've done six years and one week. This is the philosophy that keeps my going. When I feel like all my time spent studying, reading, or sitting in class is amounting up to nothing, I remember this Marxist philosophy. It keeps me trucking. And if I die right after I get my Bachelors of Arts in Anthroplogy, I won't really care. Earning this degree is still alot more fun than having an actual job. Especially when I'm living off of kick ass grants and student loans.

So these are the moments I love. Because I realize that I really am a slave to my debtors. My life is literally in the hands of someone else, people I've never even. seen. But, that's what America is all about. A huge ass economy, and that all to glorious principle of division of labor. You see, division of labor essentially means that techonology has made it possible for one person to do what it took twelve people to do one hundred years ago. So instead of having a job I'm free to study. On Confidential last week Bradshaw was saying that America has the greatest military in history, and that's what makes America the greatest country in history. I thought about it for a few minutes, and I decided that I totally agree with this logic. The reason I love America is because I'm not only free to do whatever I want, I'm also priviliged to persue my academic interests without having to get a "real" job. Our military makes our economy possible, and our economy makes my education possible. God bless our troops.

I just watch Fiddler On the Roof last week. It made me think. Tevye sings that song "If I Were A Rich Man", which I suppose a Commie could pass off as a proletariat engaged in mental slavery to the bougerisie (ok I don't know how to spell that word). Tevye says that if he were a rich man he wouldn't have to work hard, and at another point in the movie the "revolutionary" thinker tells Tevye that being rich is a curse, to which Tevye replies "then may the Lord smite with it, and may I never recover". This can all be interpreted in numerous ways, but what caught me was at the end of the song Tevye says that if he were a rich man he would study the Holy Books with the learned men for seven hours a day and "that would be the sweetest thing of all". This struck me, some may see Tevye as a man who crave material goods, trying to sell his daughter off to the butcher could be seen as an example of that. But, when push comes to shove Tevye's ultimate ends is his persuit of some higher, infinite good. Truth, Beauty, and God. I like to see myself in a similar boat. I'm not rich, but I'm definitely living under more priviliged circumstances than Tevye. And if I go through small periods of financial woe, so be it. Consider the lillies.

Another Reason Why He Should Be The Heavyweight Champion

As stated previously. In the weeks leading up to the glorious night that was Armageddon, my hopes were to see Kane walk away the Heavyweight Champion. My reasons were intelligent. Those reasons being that Kane had proven over the last year that he was a hard worker with extreme company loyalty. He went along with a murder/necrophilia angle. He trudged his way through a poorly handled feud with Shane (I still think the feud was great, made for two great matches, it was just poorly handled as in the timing and what not). But, especially the way he went along with the whole de-masking angle, something that was extremely risky to do, and most people will agree that it hasn't paid off in any way even remotely resembling what they had intended. But, the man deserves the title also because of the very simple yet undeniably admirable quality of not being a fucking idiot.

I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that the Hurricane had gotten in some hot water after using his notorious chokeslam in a match against Test at Madison Square Garden. Well, actually as it turns out, the reason the Hurricane had used his chokeslam was because some of the higher-ups had told him to, without communicating this prospect with some of the other authoritative figures backstage. The Hurricane did as told, and got a tongue lashing for it.

The main reason being sited as to why the Hurricane's chokeslam has been banned is because the chokeslam is Kane's finisher. Obviously, this reason is retarded because there are two guys over on Smackdown (even though one of them is on hiatus for the time being) who both use the chokeslam. One theory, pointed out to me by my good friend Dave from the greatest band in the history of West Michigan Two Stars Burning Sun, is that the Hurricane has been banned from using the chokeslam because when he executes it so perfectly he makes the bigger guys who don't do the chokeslam as well look kind of dumb. And we can't have the big guys looking dumb, not whilst Vince is still sporting his notorious "big wrestlers" chubby. Anyways, apparently the Hurricane had a little sit down with Kane to discuss the situation. Kane said that he didn't care if the Hurricane used the chokeslam. Ladies and gentlemen, Kane is not a fucking idiot.

New Hurri-merchandise

There's some new Hurrican merchandise now available. One being a black long sleeved shirt with the Hurri-logo on it. The other being a new action figure, but not just that. There's also a new Super Hero In Training action figure. Looks like it's back to rummaging through Kaybee's. Dammit.

Blog Changes

Alright, I made a change of template to my blog. Now, I've got links, see over there, on the right side of the screen. Right now I have three links up. Later, there will be more.