Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Hurricane In Las Vegas

Last night at a house show in Las Vegas the Hurricane scored a victory over Matt Hardy V1. The match involved outside interference from Lita, which allowed the Hurricane to pick up the victory. I assume this match to be top notch, because any time members of the Carolina Crew go at it, it always make for a good showing.


Sorry, I haven't been commenting too much on what's been going on on Raw. Just not enough Hurricane involvement. Plus I've been bogged down with holidays and finals. Once finals are over, I won't be as bogged down, and then I can blog down.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

More Hurricane House Show Results

Last night in Tacoma the Hurricane and Rosey scored a victory over La Resistance using their combination Samoan Drop/swinging neckbreaker.

The Hurricane Hits The Motor City HARD!!

On Friday night the Raw roster pulled into the Joe Louis Arena. And our favorite super hero was pulling double duty. First off, he was involved in a tag team match with Young Rosevelt against the team of Tommy Dreamer and the Brooklyn Brawler. Can you say good fucking match? Holy hell I wish I had been there to see that.

Eric Bischoff had given Bubba Ray Dudley the night off and told D-Von that he had to select a replacement partner and put the tag titles on the line. Who did he select? That's right, the Hurricane. The Hurricane and D-Von? This is exactly the kind of line up alteration the Dudley Boys nee. D-Von and the Hurricane scored the victory over the team of Test and Scott Steiner. And at one point in the match The Hurricane slapped D-Von on the chest and yelled at him to get the tables. Holy hell I wish I had been there to see that. It was only a mere three hour drive down the road. You know what I did on Friday night? I rented Charlie's Angels. That's right.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I Thought That Was The Guy From The Howard Stern Show

My favorite professor, Dr. Puhek, had me reading this book "The Politics Of Experience" by R.D. Laing for his class ISS class. The book, whilst difficult to read at parts, definitely struck on a few chords that I wanted to hear struck. Mainly, he adresses just exactly what is wrong with modern psychology. This was well adressed, thankfully, because Dr. Puhek was adressing the issue of how modern psychology can serve to help the individual deal with the bullshit of being a human being within modern culture. I obviously was skeptical, because I tend to view modern psychology as being the bullshit of modern culture. Or maybe that's just my own bad experiences shining threw where they really shouldn't be shining threw. For instance, I hated chemistry and I dropped my Chem 141 class (otherwise known as "basic as hell but still too hard for me chemistry), but I don't vent about how I think chemistry is the bullshit of modern culture. I think there's a difference between assigning a numerical quality to a particle and assigning a numerical quality to a human emotion.

I became over aware of this when involved with an experiment conducted at MSU. I carried around a palm pilot and when it went off I would give a numerical evaluation of how happy or sad or creative I was feeling. I don't really understand how creativity is regarded as an emotion, I suppose that just's another example of how psychology sucks.

"Uhhhhhhhh, our horribly defficient field of study doesn't seem to have a means for classifying the human capability to create!!"

"Let's just call it an emotion, Joe. Maybe no one will notice."

Anyways, the first chapter of Laing's book was kind of baffling. Not baffling in the sense that it was too hard to understand, I'm super smart. But, baffling in the sense that by the time I finished the paragraph I had already forgotten the point he had initiated and the conclusion gets lost on me. Kind of like recalling a list of twenty items. You remember the first three or four items and you remember the last three or four items, but at some point it became a blur of similar items. If they were random, it'd be easier, example: truck, Poland, Monopoly, Danny DeVito. As supposed to: cat, kitty, kitten, feline, etc.

Here's one of Laing's finer moments in terms of efforts to baffle me:

I can not avoid trying to understand your experience, because although I do not experience your experience, which is invisible to me, yet I experience you as experiencing. I do not experience your experience but I experience you as experiencing. I experiene my self as experience by you. And I experience you as experiencing yourself as experienced by me. And so on. The study of the experience of others is based on inferences I make, from my experiences of you experiencing me, about how you are experiencing me experiencing you experiencing me.........

This isn't really anything over my head, it just gets hard to follow after a while.

But the book definitely picks up, adressing such important issues as why modern psychology sucks.

Laing provided for me a nice little summation of problematic scenarios within the field of clinical psychology. The main one being so obvious that I was surprised I couldn't properly denote it before having read this book. That main problem being the assumptive equation of normalcy with health. It amazes me that mankind still hasn't corrected this fallacy. During the middle ages it was perfectly normal to have the black plague, it obviously wasn't very healthy.

Laing's main thesis seems to be that we're all unhealthy. We're all living in an alienated state, this has been adressed before. But, Laing views the human experience in modern culture as attempting to negate this experience of alienation. The experience of negating the negation experience. And those who negate their negation expereince in an unconventional manner are the ones we write off as "mad".

Laing points out the need for the return to the state of nothingness, the ground of creativity, with the idea here being that people are afraid of this. Kind of like the scene in Evangelion where Shinji is floating in white air, it's pointed out to him that he is a state of infinite creative potential. A line is then drawn and Shinji has ground to walk on, he finds it more comfortable, be he has significantly dwindled his potential. There's nothing wrong with drawing the line, we just have to make the return to floating in white air every now and then.

Laing makes the obvious point of the role of religion in performing this task which is next to impossible in modern culture. Religion's ability to return us to the state of being infinite and featureless is probably it's most obvious benefit. Modern psychology attempts to write it off. I've seen the studies done showing how religion is the only thing capable of having a long term affect on emotional well being. As they put it, religion makes people happy. Maybe people aren't happy so much as experiencing something that modern psychology doesn't know how to label. This going back to my creativity example. Scientists. They're just imposing their will on the chaos of the cosmos.

However, the main thing I've admired about Laing's work is his propensity for using incomplete sentences. Here's a quick example:

The Them comes into view as a sort of social mirage. The Reds, the Whites, the Blacks, the Jews.

This is just one of many examples of Laing's utilization of incomplete sentences. And in all actuality, it isn't complete. It is, by every conceivable notion, a complete thought. He is going out on the line and practicing what he preaches. After all, he's emphasizing the role of experience in understanding, so he wants us to experience his thoughts the way he experiences them. That's what I've been saying all along. Writing is about conveying ideas to people, trying to get people to understand you. It seems often I've found grammar to be quite a barrier in expressing ideas. But, I've already adressed that on this blog, so I won't go into it again.

Classic Matches At Their Classic-est

The Hurricane is scheduled to wrestle the Brooklyn Brawler at this weekend's house shows. Sounds classic. Kind of makes me wish I scored a ticket to the house show in Detroit tomorrow, but not totally.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Tonight's Smackdown!

I can't wait for tonight's Smackdown. I usually don't read the spoilers from the Smackdown tapings, but I occationally get a hold of some lovely little spoiler that usually revolves around a major boner on the part of the creative team in the WWE. One obvious example of this was the painfully long and boring pre-taped interview with Stephanie McMahon that had seant the crowd into an utter upheaval and even resulted in several fans leaving the arena extremely pissed off. I've got wind of an event at Tuesday night's Smackdown taping that serves as just another example of some of the down right bewildering character development that has gone on lately. The kicker is that the idea wasn't even cooked up by the Smackdown writers, but by one of the writers from Raw. It was given approval by Vince much to the dismay of the writers and pretty much everyone else backstage. The end result was exactly what they had feared, a crowd left confused and not knowing exactly what to think about the wrestler in question.

Nov. 10th, 2003 RAW: Get Nekked And Dance

The highlight of Raw for me was definitely when Triple H offered Lita a dollar to get nekked and dance. Ric Flair was absent Monday due to his mother passing away over the weekend. But, we got to see the other members of Evolution living out the lifestyle invented by Ric Flair. Teddy Long got it absolutely right when he reffered to Randy Orton as "one cocky cracker".

The big story Monday night was the rib pulled after Raw at the restaurant where they had filmed that beautiful segment with Shane and Kane eating Chinese food together (that was like something out of a good movie, as supposed to a bad movie). Randy Orton, Mark Jindrak, and Maven even managed to get local police officers in on the rib. They staged a huge fight in the restaurant betwixt Orton and Jindrak with Maven trying to break it up, and in the end the police hauled Orton off to jail. Classic, even my favorite wrestling website Wrestling Exposed got burned on this one. I think Owen, Davey Boy, and Curt would be proud to see the tradition being carried on in such a manner.

The Hurricane and Rosey were involved in a tag team match against La Resistance. They lost.
It's been kind of an off and on week for us Hurri-fans.

I'm so far digging the duo of Val Venis and Lance Storm. The easiest way to increase some one's charisma is have them hang around some hot slutty girls. Venis has been hit and miss for a few years now. I never really hated him as Chief Morley, I thought that was a decent role. But his character and Lance's seem to mesh really well thus far.

I haven't been happy with Bubba Ray Dudley as of late. I've complained about the Dudleys, mainly because they've been tag team champions so many times that it doesn't really mean anythingt. I don't have a problem with Devon, but when Bubba makes remarks like "I hate the French", I find that as a bit of put off. But from what I've read Bubba seems to have a strong work ethic and loyalty to the business. What impressed me is that Bubba has been vocally opposed to the recent push Mark Henry has been getting. And his logic follows right along with mine. Henry has been in the WWE off and on for about seven years now. No one has ever taken to him in a serious way. He's a failed experiment. They've been talking about him being the world's strongest man for seven years now, and it doesn't seem to really mean anything anymore. I don't mind him being in the WWE, but they need to keep him at the midcard level, where he belongs.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Hurri-thoughts As We Hurri-proach Raw

Pray for Batista. That's the main thought on my mind right now. Pray for Batista. He just got back only three weeks ago. He was gone for like four months. Evolution just isn't the same without Batista. He's valuable. And now they're putting him in a match with Goldberg. Goldberg ends careers. And not in a good way. Goldberg doesn't end careers the way Triple H ended Mick Foley's career. Goldberg doesn't end careers the way Vince McMahon ended Mr. America's career. Goldberg ends careers the way a faulty harness ended Owen Hart's career. Goldberg ends careers the way the Ultimate Warior ended the British Bulldog's career. He's oblivious and callous towards the careers he ends and the suffering he causes. So pray for Batista. He's in his prime. He doesn't deserve this.

The Hurricane On Heat

The fact that the Hurricane was not on Monday Night Raw last week was more than made up for by the fact that last night on Heat we saw the Hurricane and Rosey both in singles competition. The Hurricane was wrestling Rene Dupree. The Hurricane did some stellar moves including a very solid cross body block off the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. Sadly, though the Hurricane lost this match do to a little rope grabbing on the part of Rene Dupree.

There was then a nice little back stage segment featuring the Hurricane and Rosey. The Hurricane declared that even though he may lose a match every now and then he will never be beaten. They even debuted a new catch phrase for Rosey. After Hurricane gave his classic "Hurri-powers, BEE-OTCH!" line, Rosey responded "And I am the S-H-I-T, BOY-EEE!" Well, I found it amusing. Of course Rosey plays the role of the clutsy apprentice with an awkward enthusiasm so brilliantly. It's as if the role was written for him.

And the Rosey was featured in a match against Rob Conway, which ended with outside interference from the Hurricane. The Hurricane and Rosey used that killer Samoan drop/swinging neckbreaker maneuver. Rosey scored the victory and vengeance for the Hurricane's lost.

Is it me, or is Rob Conway supposed to be pro-wrestling's answer to John Walker Lindh?

Friday, November 07, 2003

Once Again, Smackdown Was Better Than Raw

But then again this week's Raw was extremely boring.

Last night was John Cena's big face turn. I thought that was a bit too soon. I want to see him have more classic matches with Kurt Angle. I don't remember if yesterday they officially announced on TV that Cena was going to be joining Team Angle. That's one of my problems, I can't remember what info I've gotten of the web, and what was officially announced on TV. I have to be careful otherwise I end up blurting out spoilers to my friends in casual conversation. I don't want to be the guy who ruins wrestling. I'll leave that to Goldberg.

I'm loving the Japanese mafia gimmick with Tajiri. But, they really need to get Ultimo Dragon in on that. Ultimo has been used so badly since coming to the WWE. Just like with the Hurricane and RVD, the higher ups seems beant on not letting him show off the full extent of his skills. I don't get it, if Ultimo is allowed to wow the crowd doesn't everybody win. Ultimo gets the attention he deserves, the higher ups get more money, we get entertained. So why has he been wrestling shitty matches on Velocity. And now we have this Japanese mafia, it only makes sence for Ultimo to join. The whole idea of the stable is that they're Japanese. Ultimo is Japanese. See, there's a connection. Ultimo deserves a bigger push, and this Japanese stable would be perfect for that.

The tag team division on Smackdown is just as sad as the one on Raw. Why the hell are the Bashams the champions? Someone please tell me. On Raw you have tag team champions who have been tag team champions so many times that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Break them up. Seventeen title reigns is too many. But, the Bashams, it's way too soon. They just got here. Plus they suck. They do that same stupid swith-a-roo the ref didn't see it trick that's been done a million times before, plus they do it on a weekly basis. The Guerreros on the other hand come up with no innovative ways of cheating every week.

I really should start keeping a list of stupid things Tazz says. My favorite one last night was when someone got hid on the head with a chair and he declared "That's skin on skull".

I'm getting sick of segments where they show the Undertaker being a whiny bitch. He just yammers on about who isn't showing him respect. Is he a girl? It's disgusting. I can't wait for the Dead Man gimmick to come back. He has already said that he will bring back that gimmick before he retires. But, please, just bring it back already, you get worse everyday. Now they're actually referring to him as the "conscience of the WWE". What the fuck is that? He used to be called the "personification of pure and unadulterated evil", now he's the conscience? Rediculous.

The segment with Vince in the ring giving his speech with the lights off and him standing in a spotlight talking about forgiveness, purging, and what not. Brilliant.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I've Got A Big Stupidology Exam Tomorrow

Stupidology is my new pet name for psychology, because it's stupid. And I have a huge test on it tomorrow, a test which for which I've done shit for studying. Because there's really no point in studying this shit since I'm going to suck at this test anyway. And it's not my fault. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. And I'm not the only one who hates the instructor.

Yesterday I had the wonderful fortune of overhearing some girls in my class talk about the psych teacher. They essentially said everything I've been thinking. "I hate him". "He doesn't know what he's doing". "The class average on the last test was a 2.0 and it's all his fault". "He's an idiot".

This guy is an idiot. He's not even a professor. They've got some idiot graduate student teaching this class of one hundred and fifty kids. And the one hundred and fifty of us have had to deal with his nincompoopery for two months now. I think we're all about to snap.

The tests are stupid hard. And not because it's an intellectually challenging class, but because this guy is an idiot who doesn't know how to write an exam. When you have a class of a one hundred and fifty students and the class average comes out to 2.0, and it's not a particularly challenging field of study (social psychology), then something is wrong with the class, and that something is the teacher.

So on Tuesday of last week whilst I was up at Lansing, my car started acting all funny and what not. So, I took it to the closest mechanic and it turned out that I had to get some tube replaced. On top of that it was raining and I had a big whole on the bottom of my right shoe, so my right sock was completely soaked. My sock was so soaked that my shoe had become soaked via the water that had soaked into my sock and then subsequently headed for my shoe.

So I was walking around campus with a wet foot and a broken car. I knew that there was only one thing that could dry my dampened spirit. That thing being a long needed change of majors. So I headed to the office of the associate dean of the College Of Social Sciences at Michigan State University. I told some women that I wanted to change majors, and she changed my major. It was frighteningly easy. So, anyways, now I'm an anthropology major.

But, I'm still stuck taking this stupid psychology class. I'm beginning to wonder why the hell I didn't drop it when I had the chance and I knew I hated the class. Maybe it's the thought of all that money down the drain. But, now I have the even more uplifting thought of all that money going towards brining down my GPA.

Damn you shitty psych teacher.

Nov 3rd, 2003 Raw: A Few Questions

Could Raw have been more boring?

No Hurricane, what are they idiots?

Trish and Heidenreich against Victoria and Richards, apart from showing us how green Heidenreich is, what purpose was this match intended to serve?

What the hell was going on in that backstage segment with Kane?

Jindrak and Cade versus the Dudleys? Are they trying to make the tage team division on Raw as uninteresting as possible? Is that their goal. Because if it is, they are thus far successful.

Does J.R. seriously expect us to believe that Molly Holly is twice the size of Terri Runnels?

Batista has had like twenty injuries in the past year, is it absolutely necessary for them to book him in a match with Goldberg?

One More Hurri-update

I wasn't aware of this sooner, but apparently they've sold out of the green Hurricane T-shirt. So I guess I won't be able to by another one. I was actually planning on it. My green Hurricane T-shirt is quite worn out, as I have seemed to wear it on the occasions when I would get the most sweaty, like rock shows and what not. If I had known, I would have taken better care of it.

Another Hurri-update

Shane Helms has updated his online diary, now that I've figured out how to put up links I can make a link. So, check it out.

It this most recent installment the Hurricane gives his views on The Joe Shmoe Show, John Heidenreich (he can't spell his name either), some of his favorite indy promotions, and the recent deaths in the pro-wrestling world. He also divulges that Heidenreich is the 39th person he's teamed with since coming to the WWE. He chalks it up to his love of tag team wrestling. I don't doubt that he enjoys it, but I'd probably chalk it up to baffled writers. I didn't really understand why they had him tagging with Heidenreich when I thought they were going to be pushing the Hurricane and Rosey as a tag team.

He's also changed the name of his diary from "Diary Of A Serial Thriller" to "Hurricane Chronicles".


In what is easily the most horrible news I've heard since starting this blog, the WWE has forbidden the Hurricane to continue the use of the chokeslam as his finisher. The feeling backstage is that he's too small. Obviously, he is one of the smaller wrestlers. But, obviously, this is pure bullshit.

So now the pinnacle of the chokeslam's existence has come to a conclusion. It's been quite an up and down journey for the chokeslam. The Big Show has a fairly decent and fairly consistent chokeslam. But, as far as the Undertaker and Kane, it's a serious case of hit or miss. And it's almost always miss. I had yet to seen the Hurricane perform a weak chokeslam.

I remember the first time I ever saw the Hurricane perform a chokeslam. It must have been on an episode of Heat, or maybe it was on a clip or something, because it was before a pay per view. So all of my friends were over. We all shouted when we saw it, as we tend to shout alot. And this was well worth the shouting. It was smooth. Flawless I tell ya. After years of hit and miss chokeslamming from the Undertaker and Kane, we had seen this little two hundred pound wrestler execute what was easily the best chokeslam I had ever seen. I say that without hyperbole, THE BEST CHOKESLAM I HAD EVER SEEN.

And that was one of those moments that brought the Hurricane to become my favorite wrestler in the business right now. That and the fact that he's the Hurricane. I just get frustrated when I see the WWE downplaying some of the wrestlers' strongest attributes. They banned him from performing the vertebreaker even though he had never injured anybody with it. And that move was badass. And now they dare to ban him from using his chokeslam. He hasn't injured anybody with it, meanwhile Goldberg injures people left and right via his sloppy spears and jackhammers. Instead of banning well executed moves that would be dangerous if it weren't for the fact that they were being commendeared by one of the best wrestling technicians in the world today, why don't we ban sloppy wrestlers who have ended careers of people more talented than them do to their boobery.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Little Tidbits And What-Nots

I set up a new e-mail account intended for this blog, I wanted to do away with my old e-mail account, as Paulish Records doesn't seem to be much of a standing entity any more. I'll leave the old e-mail account active for a few more months. Actually, I'll probably leave it active forever, just in case I decide to put out another CD on my fledgeling little label thing.

I also think I've figured out how to do links. Here let me's a link to the Hurricane's website.