Monday, September 29, 2003

S.H.I.T. News

Last night at a house show in Illinois, Rosey incurred injuries to one his legs. I'm not too sure right now about the severity of this injury. I will be watching Raw tonight with my fingers crossed, as it remains unclear if Rosey will be able to perform in any manner. And if he is unable to perform, it could have negative consequences for the Hurricane. From what I've heard thus far it doesn't seem to be a serious long term injury, which is good as it seems that the WWE may be pushing the Hurricane and Rosey within the tag team ranks.

Directial Dysfunction

As of Thursday I made it official that I have no direction in life. 'What happened on Thursday?' you probably aren't asking. The annual MSU Psychfest happened. And if pure volition is in anyway a deciding factor, and usually it is but it's typically way down there, I will never attend this piece of shit festival again. This was nothing more than a two hour celebration of ambiguous psychological subfields.

I've discussed on here, in the past, my ever growing dissenfranchisement with my major. I think the better word would be dissillusionment, because something that was once very meaningful to me is now quite vague. You see, when something has meaning, that means that it can be explained. Someone asks you about it and you can give a concise explanation of that thing. When you can't give an explanation of what it is, then guess what. It has no meaning. When someone asks you what you do with your life, can you give an answer? If you said yes, that's one hell of a good start. Dissillusionment means that one has a lack of illusion. Illusion implies an artiface of meaning. Whenever one is in a state of illusionment, dissillusionment is actually quite essential. When one is like myself, either relatively intelligent or just plain apt towards negative affects, then dissillusionment is really kind of an inevitability.

Ambiguity may seem endearing when it comes to such things as politcal opinions and sexual orientations, but when it comes to serving the role of a livelihood it hardly takes the cake. I showed up at the psychfest hoping to narrow down some rather broad columns in my life. What I discovered is that I just might be the only person in the MSU college of psychology with a tangible thought in my head. I guess, as it goes, that if you're going to go into the field of psychology with out the intent of shucking out pills then you must be content to float adrift in a sea of obscure concepts that can't really be grasped. Oh sure, they've got math equations for ya, and they're really fucking hard to, but the actual reality that these numbers serve to signify isn't necessarily an actual thing so much as it is a surfaceless anomoly.

So here's the huge fucking surprise plot twist for the all of you, I'm going to change my major. That's right, I'm throwing in the towel on psychology. But, I'm not just throwing in the towel. I'm going to continue on for another year, get my bachelors in psychology and then throw in the degree along with the towel, because I honestly don't want either of them. Why am I going to stick with psychology for one more fucking year? There's a simple answer to that, and if you didn't start reading in the middle of this paragraph then it should be apparent. I'm irrational. That's right, I'm completely irrational. Given the circumstances, I think it's understandable. After all, I am dissillusioned. Irrationality is a perfectly legit response to dissillusionment. To be irrational means to be not of sound mind, dissillusionment means to be without a sense of meaning. The two go hand in hand. I have no sense of meaning therefore, I am not of sound mind.

So as for now, I am uncertain as to what I will change my major to. I'll try and keep you updated on that. Whatever it will be, it will something tactful and easy to comprehend. Branches of the field will be specific and easily summed up in a verbatim definition consisting of no more than three sentences. The professors will actually be interesting, from what I've noticed everyone who goes on to graduate school in psychology is either really boring or fairly nervous, either of those qualities results in the final summation of being not a particularly good lecturer. I will actually enjoy the books that I'm forced to read, and as a consequence, I won't feel like I'm being forced. For force is that which turns a living soul into an object, and reading definitely seems to have that affect on me.

Right now I am currently taking a class on social psychology, and I have set for myself a new goal. I want to see how good of a grade I can get without ever going to class. I made my mind up after today that I will never again show up in that class unless it is a test day. I'll be sure to keep you updated on how well I adhere to this new agenda of mine.

So as noted, I have made some reformations in my academic intentions. I've never really been a career oriented person. So I need to find field of academics that, like myself, isn't career oriented. After all, if I'm not even willing to wake up in order to get a job, what makes me think I have the will to go to a four year institution in order to get a job. I've done everything in my life thus far with the intentions of avoiding work, and it's lead to what I would consider relative success in certain fields. It's time I start applying a similar incentive to school. I've proven that I'm willing to work very fucking hard in order to avoid work. So if I start going to school for the sole purpose of avoiding work, then my academic performance should be nothing short of outstanding.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

September 22nd, 2003 RAW: Triple H Believes The Hype

I seriously doubt that Triple H actually believes the hype. Triple H has after all been one of the harshest Goldberg critics backstage. He is the one who gave us the now notorious remark about the WWE not having a roster of 300 wrestlers to feed Goldberg 173 straight victories. But Triple H has also referred to Golberg as "money". And whilst I doubt Triple H actually believes the hype, I'm sure he's quite convinced by the profit margins.

So on Monday night they were supposed to explain why Triple H was going to be gone for the next month or so. They weren't particularly blunt about it. Triple H merely remarked that the WWE fans need him and he doesn't need them. I suppose it's true. Fans have been complaining for quite some time about Triple H's "reign of terror", but let's see how they like it now that he's gone. Triple H has proven immense loyalty to the business. After all, he did job to Goldberg, I can't begin to imagine the sort of loyalty that would take. And he's banging Vince's daughter, I imagine that sort of loyalty several times a day.

The Hurricane and Rosey were involved in some killer tag team action last night. As I said they would, they took on the team of Rob Conway and Rene Dupree. It was a steller match. The Hurricane and Rosey scored the victory with their little Samoan Drop/Flying Neckbreaker contraption. I was quite pleased. The Dudleys came out and along with the Hurricane and Rosey payed a little tribute to some of America's finest. Not to mention that enthusiastic Hurri-fan up front. Did anyone else catch him? Why didn't I think of dying my hair green when I went to Raw back in August? It's such a great way to show you're hurri-devotion. If you're reading this, next time Raw comes to town remind me about a month in advance to start growing my hair out and then dye it green. It only seems logical.

So it seems to be that the WWE may want to set up the Hurricane and Rosey as a credible tag team force to be wreckoned with. However, they also seem to be doing likewise with Rodney Mack and Mark Henry. With the Dudleys now in their seventeenth tag title reign, I think it's about time for them to be doing some torch passing. Shit, Micheals only heald the heavyweight title like three times and he's already started doing some serious torch passing. We get it Dudleys! You're the biggest tag team of all time, let's call it a day and go your seperate ways. Or at least mix it up a bit and give Spike a short run as a co-champion. But, apart from that one apt suggestion, I think it's time to let the Hurricane lead another tag team to championship status.

Christian has had an awesome week. His match at Unforgiven was sweet. It was the first time I'd ever seen anybody execute a powerbomb on two people at once. I think Christian's IC title reign just might go up there with the likes of the Honkey Tonk Man. He's had a stellar and quite impressive run. I know the WWE wanted to push Booker T as the IC champ. But, like always, Christian has come along to pick up the slack during times of need. He deserves all the credit in the world for that. As for his match next week, my money is once again on Christian. I know a ladder match is right up RVD's alley. But, Christian is one of the ladder match legends. This is his specialty.

As for that hospital bit, I didn't like it. It was just a bit too whimsical. Shane getting his ass kicked in a hospital by Kane just seemed like it kind of trivialized the bump Shane took at Unforgiven. Wrestler's beating each other up in unlikely places like hospitals and churches is always amusing (I'll never forget Booker T adminstering the sacrament of reconcilliation, but how the hell they got the camerman in the confessional I'll never know). However, they do always seem to kind of come of as a bit of a gag. And then one they did Monday night just didn't seem right. When Shane takes bumps it's a thing of beauty and awe. Let's show a little reverance here.

September 21st, 2003: Unforgiven

The three matches that I predicted would be the best were the best. The match I predicted would suck, did in fact suck. If there was any doubt of that in your heart, then get the hell off my blog.

Shane versus Kane was every bit the match we had been anticipating. Culminating with a huge fucking bump at the end. BUMPS BABY!!!!

The three match was awesom, and the victory couldn't have gone to a better person. Like many others, my main hope for that match was to see a good match. And I saw a good match.

Just as I thought, HBK did some torch passing.

Triple H versus Golberg sucked ass. It looks as though Triple H won the dispute backstage, as it was a fairly short match. It just barely scraped the fifteen minute mark.

And Scott Steiner was Test's bitch.

As usual, I don't seem to have alot to say about the pay per view. As pay per views tend to have more action than story line, and the Hurricane usually isn't involved. But, I enjoyed this one and now I think I'll start typing my Raw review.

Monday, September 22, 2003

The Hurricane In Action Tonight

According to the Hurricane will be involved in in-ring action tonight. He will be teaming up with Rosey to take on the team of Rob Conway and Renee Dupree, as Sylvan Grenieirieieririeier is out nursing an injury.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hurri-thoughts As We Hurri-proach Unforgiven

We're slowly approaching the hour of Unforgiven and it seems my friends and I have put quite a bit of discussion into this event. This event is significant because it will be the night when Triple H's title reign finally comes to an end. And it will be coming to an end at the hands of Goldberg. The nature of the discussions we've been having pertain to the extent to which the main event will ruin the pay per view as a whole.

Unforgiven is going to have some good matches no doubt about it. Two of the matches, Shane versus Kane and HBK versus Orton, we were hoping to see take place at Summer Slam. HBK and Orton obviously had to sacrifice their match last month to be put into the Elimination Chamber, and a lot of people backstage said that they were getting screwed over in the process, as that match was expected to steal the show. And in the end they had to give that up just so they could job to Goldberg.

RVD versus Kane at Summer Slam last month was an extremely lack luster match, with no fault due to RVD. It's just that the momentum for that match was completely crushed by Kane's feud with Shane. And so tonight we finally get to see the match that we actually want to see. And RVD will be involved with in a match that we actually want to see. Everybody wins. Now wouldn't have it been a lot easier to do this at Summer Slam?

So there are three matches tonight that I'm definitely looking forward to. But, when the main event is bad it can have a tendency to sour the whole eveing. And from what I hear, there's already serious disputes over how the main event will be conducted. Triple H wants it to be a long match, because he puts on good matches and if he's going to drop the title then he wants to look good while doing it. That's perfectly reasonable on his part. But, there's major concern, because when Goldberg is involved in long matches the fans start to catch on to the fact that he sucks. Did you notice that in the Elimination Chamber match Goldberg was the second to last person released? That's because if he was in their as long as Y2J, HBK, and Orton were then it would have been rather apparent that he sucks. Even though it's already rather apparent to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Stand Back! There's A Hurricane Coming Through!

If you watch TV you've probably heard about Hurricane Isabel. Hurricane Isabel is heading right for North Carolina. The home state of The Hurricane. I don't know why I mentioned this.

The Hurricane In The Hospital

Yesterday I posted about a backstage altercation betwixt the Hurricane and Rodney Mack on Saturday night. Well, I just found out that Rodney actually put the Hurricane in the hospital.

This puts Rodney on my list of wrestling enemies.

1. Goldberg
2. The Ultimate Warrior
3. Rodney Mack

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Raw September 15th, 2003: Believe The Hype

Believe the hype? Does anyone find this a rather ironic slogan for Goldberg? I got the strangest hunch that maybe the writers are secretly making fun of Goldberg. It's almost like they're sending a secret message to the intelligent wrestling fans. Kind of to say "Yeah, sorry we're going to let this guy take the title. But, he rakes in the money due to the masses of morons who appreciate one word catchphrases like "Next!" and "ASS!". But for the time being, until the championship is back around the waist of some one with some legitimacy, we think you may be able to take a little bit of comfort in one little solitaire concept. It's not much, but for the time being it's all we've got to offer to you. And that is this........ISN'T IT SILLY?!?! I mean look at him. He's a baffoon with no skills what so ever. He's injured so many people, people with actual credibility. He ended Bret Hart's career for Pete's sake! And he's even worse behind the mic. Put a mic in that boy's hand and watch the mediocre banter and unstartling threats fly. He refuses to job to anyone. He refuses to work house shows. And now he's the champion. It's almost laughable. We promise we'll make it up to you someday. But for now, please try to see the humor in this".

Like I said, I anticipated that the Hurricane's involvement would be minimal. And I was right. It was about as minimal as it could have been. It was nothing more than a segway into an interview with Molly Holly and Gail Kim. However, the Hurricane and Rosey were involved in a match before Raw. However since there's going to be a pay per view this Sunday, I don't think the match will be aired on Heat, Heat will probaly just serve the role of an hour long commercial for Unforgiven with maybe one live match. Unless I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. Anyways, apparently the two took on some no names and won the match using that combination Samoan drop/ flying neckbreaker that I think so highly of. I hope they show this match on Heat, as I'm a wanting to see it. Getting to see the Hurricane do a little wrestling on Sunday would definitely make the day more enjoyable for myself.

Like I knew they would, they booked two new matches for Unforgiven. There's the tag team match with Molly Holly and Gail Kim going up against Lita and Trish Stratus. I think this match has potential for hotness. If ever there was a night.

The other match is, of course, the three way for the Intercontinental Championship between Christian, Chris Jericho, and Rob Van Dam. To be honest, I don't care who the hell wins this match, because I think this match is going to be great. I love all of these guys, and if you asked me to pick a favorite, I don't think I could do it. I think for the record, though, I'll be cheering for Christian. I'm a peep, dammit! But, I'm also a Jerichoholic, dammit! And I gotta root for the local boy, RVD. So, for the record, I'm rooting for Christian. Just because I've enjoyed his title reign thus far. I think over the past couple of months the IC belt has become synonomous with Christian. Besides, Christian rules.

Last night we got just a tiny little taste of what's to come in the last man standing match betwixt Shane and Kane. Shane totally kicked ass last night, delivering Kane three low blows and treating us to a beautiful flying elbow drop through a table.

I loved it when Randy Orton gave the RKO to Moolah. That was classic. He is the legend killer, dammit. And knowing HBK, I think we'll see some torch passing this Sunday. That's pretty much what HBK returned to do, it seems. He helped establish Triple H as the domineering force in pro wrestling. He lost his first match via submission to Chris Jericho. So, I think Shawn is going to use his match this Sunday as another opprotunity to invest in the future of pro wrestling.

So here's my predictions for this Sunday. Shane versus Kane will be the best match. HBK versus Randy Orton will be the second best match. Christian versus Chris Jericho versus Rob Van Dam will be the third best match. And Scott Steiner will become Test's bitch.

He Said Stand Back, DAMMIT!!!

Last Saturday night our hero the Hurricane got into a bit of a backstage scuffle with Rodney Mack. The Hurricane wanted to go over a few ideas with the Mack about their match that night. Well, apparently the Mack wasn't showing him the respect that any one of us knows he well deserves. So the Hurricane took a bit of a offense to this, and a little fight broke out. I can understand. If I was there and I heard Rodney Mack not showing the Hurricane his propers, I would have gone ninja on his ass. And then the Hurricane would rescue me.

I'd much rather "stand back" than "back the Mack".

Monday, September 15, 2003

Hurri-thoughts As We Hurri-proach Raw

It's hard to believe that a whole week has passed since we last saw Spike Dudley get nearly decapitated. But, Spike is fine health now. So that's hardly a concern. What I'm concerned about is the way in which the Hurricane will be utilized tonight. This is the Raw before the big pay per view, and occasions like this are usually used for the purpose of hyping up the matches. Though tonight they are supposed to announce two more matches. Though both seem highly unlikely to feature the Hurricane. One will most likely be Christian versus Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title, as they seem to have been building up some heat between those two. Though, the question would be, which one would be the heel? Would they go for a heel versus heel match at a pay per view?

I don't appreciate the story line revolving around Christian as of late. I don't think it makes sense to have the general managers of Raw ignore the IC title. That title is prestigious dammit! I can understand why maybe they might want to have story line in which Christian gets ignored. But, not the IC title.

The last two weeks have seen the Hurricane and Rosey be used as mere pawns in the developing of the story line for the Dudleys and La Resistance. I'd really hate to see them go for a third week in a row. Also, Rene Grenierieierner, or whatever the hell his name is, the guy from La Resistance dammit, either way he's got quite an injury going and is going to have to take a month off after the PPV. Plus, like I said, I don't think Spike would trust those guys enough to take any worthwhile bumps. So, I'm imagining this match to be quite unentertaining. But, if the pattern keeps progressing like it has been (and that's what patterns do) they'll probably have the Hurricane and Rosey get involved, once again, with this washed out, rehashed, unenthusing story line. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'd much rather just see a vignette from these two then watch them get forced into an altercation in which they really have no relevant involvement.

Here's for the capital utilization of our super heros!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Raw September, 8th 2003: OH NO'S! SPIKE!

Easily the most predominant sentiment towards Monday night's show is concern over the condition of Spike Dudley. La Resistance was to throw him out of the ring and through a table. They through him a bit short and the only part of Spike to hit the table was the back of his head, with the rest having a nice unbroken fall all the way to the floor. This was probably the most frightening bump I've seen in months. It got replayed three times, each time being exponentially harder to watch. But, apparently Spike is on his feet again and he's going to be alright. He's just a bit pissed off. I've heard that the Dudleys and La Resistance have some real life heat, and that botched move is definitely a another log on the fire (get it heat, fire.....FUCK OFF!).

As for that particular match in which Spike took the bump, it was a ten man tag match in which the Dudleys were teaming up with none other than the Hurricane and Rosey. They were taking on La Resistance, Rob Conway, Mark Henry, and Rodney Mack. This did seem to me to be another utilization of Hurricane and Rosey as secondary characters in some one else's story line, but man did they do some sweet wrestling. At one point in the match the Hurricane and Rosey did a combination Samoan drop and flying neck breaker. It could have been tighter, but still, that was sweet tag team wrestling. That move was a perfect example of just the kind of potential the Hurricane and young Rosevelt have as a team. This match also, I felt, showcased Rosey fairly well. And then at the end of the match the Hurricane was put through the table that was intended for Spike to be put through. All in all, a good match. Sadly though, there were no Hurri-vignettes.

Yes, the match betwixt RVD and Kane in the steel cage wasn't very good. This match was put at the beginning of Raw by the higher ups as a way to detract viewers from Monday Night Football over to Raw. From what I've heard from my colleagues, the match seemed to have the opposite effect. The way I saw, most of the match was just Kane wailing on RVD. Seeing as this was a steel cage match, this probably wasn't the best strategy to be going in there with. It was too long and not competitive enough. I'd say this match lacked, because RVD wasn't given the chance to show off his skills. We all know he can do great things when inside a steel cage, unless it's an Elimination Chamber in which case he'll just shatter peoples' trachias. And then they finished the match with Kane giving RVD an extremely, extremely sloppy chokeslam off of the top rope. This travesty of a choke slame certainly wouldn't have happened if it had been executed by the Hurricane. I'm not sure if it says bad things about the other guys or great things about the Hurricane when a dude who weighs in at one ninety one has an infinitely better choke slam than the guys in the 300 range and 500 in the case of Big Show.

Finally, we got to see Lance Storm do some wrestling! He had a nice little match against Rico. He even showed some nice "charisma", e.g. planting one on Jackie. Alright now, let's see more of this. Apparently though, Goldust is quite the injured and won't be in the ring for a month or two or whatever. So, these two won't be developing into a tag team any time soon. Seriously, character development is always more apparent when it's centered around the in ring area. What they need to do is bring the guys out to the ring and have them engage in their character developing dialogue, at least every now and then. When Lance Storm hasn't been in a televised match for almost a month, it starts to wear thin on me.

I can't wait to see Scott Steiner become Test's bitch.

Also, I'm pissed off about another thing. I've complained before about brand exclusive pay per views. What's the point in having them if you're not going to use them to showcase the up and coming talent? Last night we found out that at Unforgiven it's going to be the Coach and Al Snow against Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Meanwhile, the Hurricane and Rosey remain, as to date, unbooked for Unforgiven. We have two unutilized talents, as far as pay per views are concerned, and they're going to make us watch the commentators wrestle! What the hell?

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Little Hurr-tidbits Of Hurri-news

I got word that at a recent house show the Hurricane joined forces with none other than the mind bendingly hot Trish Stratus. Way to go Hurricane! The Hurricane and Trish were teaming up to take on Rico and Jackie Gayda. Of course, our favorite super hero and our favorite WWE Diva scored the victory.

The Hurricane was also featured briefly on Confidential last night when they showed clips from the finals for the Diva Search.

Between judging the finals for the Diva Search, teaming with Trish, and hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, it seems the Hurricane has been hobnobbing with some top notch hotties as of the late. Making him truly the kind of super hero I would want to emmulate.

Friday, September 05, 2003


I just happened to catch this over at


There continues to be an official Goldberg-WWE section on the internet located at According to the mini-site, Goldberg's current WWE record is 14 wins, 2 losses, and 1 no contest.

So this is from the official website of Bill Goldber, eh? Is this something there boasting about? He's had fourteen wins, two losses, and one no contest. I look at this and you know what I see? In the entire time Bill Goldberg has been in the WWE, since the day after Wrestlemania XIX, Goldberg has only had seventeen matches! That's not even a match a week!

Not that I want to watch him wrestle.


Yesterday I finally got my new Hurricane t-shirt and Hurricane pendant necklace in the mail. This brings my collection of Hurri-merchandise to seven articles of Hurricane memorabilia. I've got two t-shirts, two necklaces, two dolls, and a key chain. I've still got my eyes set on the towel.

Recently whilst checking out Shopzone dot com I noticed a rather interesting article of Hurricane memorabilia. It's an exact replicate of the Hurricane's leather mask. The price you ask? Ninet nine ninety nine. This is the hallmark of the true Hurri-fan. I must have it. This will be my new obsesion and goal in life, the replicate leather Hurricane mask. I must have. I must haves the Precious..............

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Raw September 1st, 2003: Oh-no's!! Not Shane's Grapefruits!!

I'm definitely digging the direction this Kane/Shane storyline has been going. Last week Shane pushed Kane into a huge ass fire, and this week Kane attached jumper cables to Shane's testicles and electricuted the McMahon family jewels. And we're all well aware of the endowment of the males in the McMahon family. Vince has made it clear that his testicles are no smaller than that of your average, fully grown grapefruits. I'm sure this trait has been passed on to Shane, as Vince is The Genetic Jackhammer!

And The Genetic Jackhammer is far superior to Goldberg's jackhammer. Which by the way, the one he delivered to Randy Orton in the main event was extremely sloppy. It's become well apparent that Goldberg will be leaving Unforgiven with the title. First you have that stipulation which renders the outcome of the match predictable. Plus, you have to take into consideration the very public knowledge that Triple H has a groin injury that needs to be taken care of, and an upcoming wedding in October which he will most likely take time off for. Given his backstage power and the fact that he's marrying the boss's daughter, he'll probably be given a significant chunk of time off. Not very public knowledge is the fact that Triple H's groin injury occurred in an impromptu match with none other than Goldberg following a Raw taping a few weeks back. We can add Triple H's groin to the list of things Goldberg has ruined. Here's how it stands now:

1. Everything
2. The Elimination Chamber match at Summer Slam
3. Bret Hart's career
4. My overall enjoyment of the WWE product
5. Triple H's groin

And now on to what matters, The Hurricane. The Hurricane was involved last night in a televised wrestling capacity for the first time in three weeks. This time it was in a tag team match with the S.H.I.T agaisnt La Resistance. This was actually the first time we've seen the Hurricane and Rosey in tag team action on TV since they emmerged as a duo. The Hurricane was in fine condition, as he always is, and I rejoice everytime I get the chance to see him do some in ring work. He pulled, once again, some seriously smooth arm drag take downs, those seem to be one of his specialties. And we almost got to see the greatest choke slam in the history of pro wrestling, but it just wasn't meant to be.

I was dissapointed in the manner in which the Hurricane and Rosey were utilized Monday night. The entire match seemed to go down in order to further the story line betwixt La Resistance and the Dudleys. This, my friends, just isn't what I wanted to see. I don't want to see The Hurricane and Rosey used simply as pawns in the development of some one else's story. Especially when you consider that what has transpired betwixt the Hurricane and the S.H.I.T. over the past couple of weeks has been significantly more interesting than the Dudleys/La Resistance feud.

And you know that all of this is to build up to rematch between the Dudleys and La Resistance at Unforgiven. This again, just isn't what I want to see. The Dudleys had their shot and they blew it. The fans don't want to watch the same tag team got a title shot every PPV. I was hoping, some where deep in my Hurricane loving heart, that maybe the match could some how serve to establish the Hurricane and Rosey as contenders for the tag titles. But as soon as the Dudleys came out, my dreams were shattered. I like the Dudleys plenty much, they've given us some jaw droppin matches, I'll tell you what. But, if you're going to put the titles around their waistes, then put the friggin titles around their waistes. Let's not carry on this silly racially driven feud for three months! Especially when we have what could be an exciting and interesting new tag team in an era in which the tag team division has been anything but stellar. I like La Resistance. I like the Dudleys. I love the Hurricane and Rosey. It just seems that the story line revolving around the tag titles is progressing a tad bit slow.

I enjoyed the new development in the Coach story line. Mainly because I totally called! And I missed what I totally called. When Al Snow came out with the microphone telling the Coach to stop, I turned to my brother and I said to him, I says: "It'd be cool if Al Snow attacked Lawler and they set up a feud between the Heat commentators and the Raw commentators". Then we lost sattelite feed, and when it came back the Coach was pinning Jerry Lawler for the one-two-three and proceded to join Snow in celebration. So, I totally called, and then I totally missed what I totally called. I think this story line could really go places. Maybe an attempted take over by the Heat commentators.

Ace Reporter Gregory Helms

The Hurricane's most recent on line diary entry has been posted up on WWE.COM. Again, sorry I suck at putting up links. But, if you're interested in reading the latest installment in the "Diary Of A Serial Thriller" just go to WWE.COM and check out headlines. Unless I can manage to get this fucking link up......




Why the hell doesn't that work? Either ways, umm, maybe you might want to check it out. It's a good read. I gave a run down of the contents before, Playboy Mansion etc. etc. (after you mention the Playboy Mention you might as well not say anything else, except maybe etc.)

Monday, September 01, 2003

Hurri-thoughts As We Hurri-proach Raw

Last night on Heat Al Snow was wearing the new Hurricane t-shirt. I should be getting mine sometime this week. The Coach seemed slightly more interesting than usual last night. He's still not a very good commentator, but I think the character development definitely helps. Now if only the could get Tazz some character development.

There has been numerous speculations pertaining to what kind of condition Kane will be in tonight. Of course he fell into that huge fucking fire last week. But reports at house shows convey that Kane has come out unscaithed. This doesn't necessarily mean that his appearance will be likewise on Raw tonight. Some people may be hoping for a mask. I'm hoping for some sort illusion of physical burns. Just slab a shit load of black make up on his face. It'll look cool. Trust me.

I'm hoping to see Goldberg get his ass kicked tonight. I, like others, was quite displease with the direction this story line headed in last week. The new stipulation, if Goldberg loses he can't wrestle ever again anywhere, makes it seem fairly unlikely that Goldberg will loose. That's horse shit! So if they're going to be building this up to have Triple H drop the title, then at least let us get to see Goldberg get his ass kicked a few times in the weeks leading up to the PPV.

Here's An Article I Wrote About Ted Nugent Last Year For A School Newspaper

I recently heard on the radio that in the city of Jackson, there were a total of zero murders in 2001. I was impressed, yet this came as no surprise to me. For I have always known that Jackson, Michigan, is a great little city with a strong community and low crime. And I’ll tell you why. Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent has served as a sort of guardian angel for Jackson for many years now, keeping kids off drugs, keeping hunters’ rights in check, and making sure that law-abiding citizens have a means of defending themselves against the deviants our ill-fated society has produced. Whether he is providing poverty stricken families with venison to eat or serving as a role model for the youth of Jackson, the “Tednacious One” no doubt has left an indelible mark on this Michigan community.

So it was with this irrepressible admiration that I made my journey to stab deeper into the beating heart that is the community of Jackson. My first stop was the Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America Headquarters. I drove by it about five times before I found it, located in what could only be described as a hole in something resembling a wall. I’m surprised I didn’t catch it sooner, what with the big ass trucks and all. I sat in the car for a few moments before making my way. I probably wasn’t going to bump into the Nuge himself, but I could rest assured that within that building were gun-loving, right winged extremists.

As I made my way through the door, the first thing I noticed were a lot of dead things on the wall, the signature of Ted Nugent Decor Ltd., without a doubt. Sitting at his desk as though he were sitting at the controls of some big impressive machine of destruction was none other than Ted Nugent’s secretary. It may not have been the Nuge himself, but this guy was still pretty intimidating, with hair that far surpassed his shoulders and the kind of quiet intensity that makes you feel as though whatever motive you might have for being there is well in need of an adjustment.

I can't say that I successfully managed to keep my cool whilst explaining to him my reasons for having just come through that door; I could tell he was suspicious of me. He probably thought I was with PETA. I wanted to explain to him that I'm just a harmless kid who loves the Nuge, but that probably would have made him even more suspicious. I asked him if he knew Ted Nugent. He told me he did. I asked him what Ted was like. Instantly, he became even more quiet and intense. He told me that Ted Nugent is very articulate. He told me that Ted Nugent is very intelligent. He told me that Ted Nugent was the most hard working man he knew. No one can surpass or outdo him.

The words themselves came as no surprise, but the intensity and conviction with which he said them were like nothing I had ever seen or heard before. I had read about all the great things Ted Nugent has done, but that look on that man’s face said so much more than any book or documentary could every say. I knew then that Ted was much more than just another rock star slash political activist, much much more.

The next Jacksonite I had the fortune of talking to was a sweet old gas station attendee. I struck up a conversation with her in search of Ted’s bow and rifle shop, for I had not known that a year and a half ago the business became exclusively online. She shared with me how she has been a friend of Ted’s for several years now, and her son and Ted’s son were close buddies. She told me that Ted Nugent is very down to earth and even disclosed to me the location of his residence. I thanked her for her time and made my way.

My next stop was the building that had once been Ted’s bow and rifle shop, the building that once housed hundreds upon hundreds of bows and rifles and the Nuge Factor. It was now the home of Aspen Heating. So I went in and absorbed the environment, imagining the sort of charades that went down here a couple of years ago, imagining the Nuge in all his business savvy, gun loving splendor. Then I stopped at another gas station for another conversation with another local. I could tell that this guy was an old fashioned “raise-a-family-own-a-gun-hunt-and-get-involved-with-your-community” kind of guy. So I casually struck up a conversation with him about Ted Nugent. I asked him if he knew Ted. His answer was a resounding yes.

Apparently he had been Ted’s neighbor for years, and he was more than willing to talk about Ted. So I asked him what kind of affect Ted Nugent has had on the community of Jackson. His answer was very mixed. He felt that Ted benefited the community in his campaign for hunters’ rights, and that Ted was great for the children of Jackson with his involvement in the DARE program and the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids. But, he made it very clear to me that, apart from that, he feels that Ted Nugent has done nothing for the community, and that while hunters’ rights are important, Ted often takes it a bit too far.

I made my way across the street and struck up a conversation with the woman tending to this gas station. As I talked about the Nuge, she seemed very unresponsive. I asked her about Ted and she told me that she had seen him once at the mall twenty years ago; she didn’t even talk to him. If this was where Ted buys his gas, then you’d think that this woman would probably know him or had at least talked to him once or twice. Unusual.

Throughout the day I kept getting this strange feeling, as though everyone who passed by knew I wasn't from around here. They were suspicious of me; I could tell. But, that’s just the sort of thing that goes along with a strong community. They don’t want nosy collegiates pestering them with questions about their local rock star. But, I don’t blame them. Jackson is a great place to raise a family. They want to keep it that way; and with the watching eye of the Motor City Madman, they can sleep at ease each night knowing that guys like me live somewhere else. If only every small town had a guitar god to watch over them. It may not be the sort of place where someone like myself can flourish. But, I would have been more than happy to have been raised there, by my parents, by the community, and most importantly, by Ted Nugent.