Friday, August 29, 2003

A Blog Of The Hurricane Exclusive: BATISTA!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, he's been out of combat for a painfully long time due to repeated injuries, but I managed to get a hold of him. Actually the fact that he's out of combat makes him easier to get a hold of. As I've mentioned before, I've started a new campaign in which I e-mail pro wrestlers or other big names in the business and ask them what they think of the Hurricane. I've already posted the response I got from Ted Dibiase's associate. But now I've finally gotten an e-mail back from someone I actually e-mailed, though I'm still very appreciative to Bobby Riedel for his remarks about the Hurricane. So any ways, here it is. I asked Batista what he thought of the Hurricane and here's the e-mail I recevied.

From :
"David Bautista"

To :

Subject :
Re: A Question For Batista

Date :
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:26:39 -0400

I like him. He's a great wrestler. I am good friends with his S.H.I.T. as well!

Thanks for your email.

So how about that? Yeah, I know it's short, but that's how I know it's from the man himself, Batista. I think it's kind of wierd that he would say he's good friedns with Rosey, because that makes me think even higher of Rosey. My opinion of Rosey keeps improving as he coninues with his S.H.I.T gimmick. Batista is fucking awesome, and if Batista like Rosey, damn it so do I. But, my appreciation for Rosey was pretty much set in stone when he joined forces with the Hurricane.

Anyways, we all love Batista and we anxiously await his return to the squared circle.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Fall Semester 2003

I just finished up the first week of the fall semester of 2003 here at the wonderful Michigan State University. Actually right now I'm at home, one hour away from campus. This is supposed to be the semester I turn everything around. As I noted before, I've screwed up my GPA via my math class, which informational resources had falsely alluded to as a psychology class. Even though, now I know that that class is a requirement if I want to be a research assistant, which I do. Fuck this taking classes shit, I want to be some graduate student's patsy. I want to run a round gettin coffee and doing his math problems so he (or she, though probably he) can get his masters. Plus, the match class is a requirement for my bachelor's, so yeah. Whatever.

Over that past four days I've managed to experience an existential crisis and resolve it. I was giving serious thought to chaning my major, psychology, as I've become bored with it. Actually, that statement is sort of misleading. I haven't become bored with psychology, I've always bored psychology. At least the aspects of it that I've dealt with thus far in my academic persuit. Cognitive psych was boring, data analysis in psychological research was a nightmare, abnormal psychology was interesting at parts but not really what I'm into. I've just sort of become disturbed by the fact that I'm interested in all of the social sciences, but the field of psychology doesn't really do it for me. So, I've decided to put all my mental energy reserved for studying psychology into the area of social psychology. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. It's sort of an obvious answer.

So my current plan goes like this: I'll get my bachelors of arts in psychology and then apply for graduate school to study social psychology, meanwhile I'll start working on a bachelors of arts in religious studies, and then I'll die. The inevitability of me taking up a serious persuit in religious studies has become quite apparent. It's just something I'm stupidly passionate about, and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my life ignoring my passions. Yeah, I know that suffering is the fruit of passion. But, ignoring them doesn't make them go away, suffering is inevitable and essential to the human experience. Plus, according to Dr. Puhek's concept of insanity, it would be literally insane for me not too. "You want to be sitting in some stuffy class room in Berkey Hall being lectured to about the Second Temple period and instead you're at home making a fresh batch of tator tots and drinking beer, that's insanity!" he would say to me.

I've noticed thus far this semester that their are considerably more top notch hotties. Seriously, this is almost rediculous. This is actually my first fall semester at MSU. Winter of 2003 was my first semester and then I did two summer sessions. And now I'm looking around and wondering to myself why the hell their has been this substantial increase in top notch hotties. So my theory is that they're all first year students and they'll all drop out before the winter semester, and every year at the beginning of the fall semester Michigan State University receives a new batch of freshman hotties who will then subsequentially drop out. Seriously, there has been a substantial increase. I used to walk from South Kedzie hall to McDonnell hall (which is practically all the way across campus), and in that time I'd see maybe two or three really top notch hotties. But, Monday it seemed rediculous, so I started to play "Count The Top Notch Hotties", which after a while the counting aspect becomes more amusing than the top notch hotties aspect. Anyways, I counted twelve whilst walking merely one block.

And another thing. I have a class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays that gets out at ten. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have a class that starts at ten twenty. And they're both on completely opposite sides of campus. It's about a twenty minute, but I quasi-speed walk (walking fast in a crowd whilst attempting to avoid bumping into people), and I show up for the class at ten nineteen all nice and sweaty.

Here's my last conclusion after the first week of the fall semester. I've decided from now on that Arizona Iced Tea is my drink of choice. Because the manufacturers of Arizona Iced Tea have decided to print the price right on the can, which is a deliteful ninety nine cents. In this era of dollar fifty Sobes, two fifty Red Bulls, and what not, I think this an admirable practice. Plus, it forces stores to sell the product for ninety nine sense. From now on, when possible, my business will go exclusively to the Arizona tea company.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


The Hurricane has a new t-shirt out. I actually just purchased it at about ten minutes ago along with the Hurricane pendant necklace. On the front it says "I've Got Hurri-powers" and on the back it say "BEE-OTCH!".

Also, the Hurricane just updated his online diary. I suck at putting up links, so just manually go to and check it out for your self. Unless I can manage to get a link up..........

Nope. I didn't think so.

Anyways, in it he talks about going to a special sneak preview of Freddy vs. Jason (I was dissapointed that he didn't give props to Monica Keena), a recent trip to the Playboy mansion, attending a birthday party at Micheal Jackson's house (that's right, the Hurricane is reaching the pinnacle of the entertainment social elite and what not), and he also addresses his recent story line development involving young Rosevelt. It seems our favorite super hero has been hobnobbing with the likes of Hugh Hefner. Hell yeah.

Further Summer Slam Thoughts

The Kane versus RVD match was terrible. No build up and no follow through, which would be fine, if there was no match.

August 25th 2003, RAW: Shane sets Kane on Fire

I'll say it from the get go. The finale to Monday's show was absolutely kickass. Another fine Shane moment. Sure, it didn't involve Shane taking an unnecessarily huge bump. It was just nice and dramatic. I was actually on the proverbial edge of my proverbial seat during the last few minutes of Raw. My physical back was pressed firmly against the physical back of my seat, as I fucked my back up good Friday. The segment is a shining example of one of those big over the top endings that they need to do more of.

The Hurricane and Rosey were involved in a nice little bit in which one of the little bitches from Tough Enough told Rosey that there was a man in the ring with a gun, and then Rosey went out and attacked him. Of course the little bitch from Tough Enough was referring to the guy with the T-shirt gun. So the Hurricane came out and yelled at him. However, neither were in action, on Raw or the Heat taping. That's makes it two weeks in a row that the Hurricane has remained stagnant as far as wrestling is concerned. Here's an idea. How about a little less Linda, and a heaping helping of the Hurricane? I don't agree with all the compaints going aorund on the internet about the McMahons consuming too much of the TV time. I love Shane and Stephanie. But, whenever too much attention is being paid to Old, I start to wonder how much of it is cutting into valuable Hurri-time.

They're doing a nice job of developing the Coach's character now that he's a heal.

I'd like to see Lance Storm wrestle for once. It's been, I think, four weeks since we've last seen him in the ring. This is started to loose it's amusement. Let him wrestle a bit, and then try to develop his character.

I loved the little altercation going on with Randy Orton and Shawn Micheals. If that horrible Elimination Chamber match hadn't been booked, I'm sure those two against each other would have stolen the show at Summer Slam. I'm looking forward to seeing these two go at it at the next Raw exclusive PPV. I think I'd put my money on Orton for that one. I think Micheals is looking to help push this new guy, as he is the future of the business..........along with the Hurricane.

Summer Slam 2003

Ok, it's been a whopping five days since the last time I blogged. I've been extremely busy. I just started my new semester at MSU. So.......yeah.

Anyways, Summer Slam was a good time, but I fealt it wasn't quite up to Summer Slam par. So, I'm not going to say too much about it.

The consensus amongst myself and my friends is that the Elimination Chamber match was absolutely horrible. The only redeeming aspect being that Triple H walked away with the title, something I was actually hoping to see. I was absolutely disgusted to see Goldberg score pinfalls on Chris Jericho, Shawn Micheals, and Randy Orton. I was dissapointed that we didn't get to see Randy Orton and Triple H team up at any point. Everything about just seemed to let me down. Thought I must say, that it shows incredible loyalty to the company on the parts of Jericho, Micheals, and Orton that they would be willing to go over for a douche like Goldberg.

The Kurt Angle versus Brock Lesnar was good.

The Shane McMahon versus Eric Bischoff match was probably my favorite match of the night. Though, I've been thinking. Before the match Christian offered Bischoff his services and Bischoff told him no because he already had something planned. And then the Coach ended up interfering in the match. I didn't put the two together until the next morning when all of a sudden I said to myself "Wait a minute! Eric Bischoff declined Christian's help because he had already made plans with the Coach!". That's just silly. "No thank you Intercontinental Champion, I think I'd rather have some crappy comentator interfere on my behalf." I'm enjoying this whole new angle, but that one aspect of the story line just seemed plane stupid to me.

I love Eddie Guerrero.

Undertaker versus A-Train was stupid.

I don't really have much to say, so I'm going to close it out with a quote from


Funny/Interesting Notes:
- The Hurricane is *way* over... Everyone was mad that he wasn't there, everyone talked about him. More on this later.

The writer then goes on to add...QUOTE:

- When Taker refused to do a Roonie, someone yelled "Hurricane-a-Roonie" which I didn't think of But that got a huuuge pop.

Looks like the folks in Phoenix, Arizona know what I'm talking about.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Last Night Sucked

They didn't show Smackdown on our local UPN affiliate last night because they had to show a Tigers game. Which is pretty stupid. Especially considering that Smackdown was taped in Detroit. It was Zack Gowen's first home town appearnace as a WWE super star. As a Michigan based wrestling fan, I'm outraged. Plus there was this really wicked storm that turned the sky orangish.

Thursday, August 21, 2003


It seems I forgot to discuss Hurri-purchases made at the Van Andel.

Like I've been saying I would, I picked up the new Evolution t-shirt. Paid, Laid, & Made.

I also picked up this really kickass Hurricane necklace. Not the one we see the Hurricane wearing week in and week out. I've yet to get one of those. It's this neat light up necklace. You flick this switch and it lights up and what not. It's neato. It has made a lovely addition to my collection of Hurri-merchandise.

Further Hurri-thoughts On Raw

As I suspected it would, my love for the Hurricane has thus caused me to warm up to Rosey, or young Rosevelt as the Hurricane likes to refer to him.

I got a chance to watch a tape of Monday's Raw last night. I noticed that in the Hurricane/S.H.I.T vignette the Hurricane told the little girl that Aqua Man sucks. I couldn't tell what he was saying at the Van Andel. Aqua Man does in fact suck.

I wonder what the Hurricane thinks about Kevin Nash's upcoming role in the new Punisher movie.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


The Canadian custom of yelling two after every two count seems to be starting to spread it's way into the states. And it's doing so via the vessel of Michigan. At Raw on Monday night, my friends and I were well pleased to see quite a few people yelling "TWOOOOO!". We had noticed that whenever Raw or Smackdown was in Canada people yelled "TWOOO!" after every two count, and we were thus determined to emmulate this custom at the Van Andel. Emmulate we did, and we were not the only ones. And I just got word that last night at the Smackdown taping the crowd was very good about yelling "TWOOOOO!".

Let's keep this up. Maybe some day "TWOOOOO!" will be bigger than "What?".

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Raw August 18th, 2003: HE POINTED AT ME!!

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Last night at the Van Andel was so fucking awesome. Once again the WWE has put on a stellar show and left me tired, sweaty, and thoroughly entertained.

My good friends Steve and Ben stopped out at my place around five o'clock to start working on signs. I made a sign that said "The Hurricane", as I was enthused over the prospect of finally getting to see the Hurricane, and a sign that said "Goldberg Isn't Entertaining", as I was unenthused over the prospect of getting to see Goldberg. My good friend Steve made a sign that said "The Innovator Of Violence", as he is an avid Tommy Dreamer fan. The mere presence of Tommy Dreamer seems to send him into fits of hollaring of which seem to do excessive damage to his vocal chords. God bless him and his Tommy Dreamer loving ways. My good friend Ben made a sign that said "Kane Makes For An Unsafe Work Environment", as my good friend Ben happens to be very astute when it comes to making critical assessments pertaining to pro wrestling plot development. We also, as a group effort, made a sign that said "PAID", a sign that said "LAID", and a sign that said "MADE". Paid, laid, and made, you know, like Evolution.

My brother got home from work and we were off for the Van Andel by six thirty. We showed up around seven fifteen. Parking was ample, and our seats were absolutely kick ass. These were by far the best seats I've yet to have at a WWE show. We were two rows off of the floor and in clear view of the Titan Tron, which was great because last year we were exactly to the left of the Titan Tron and thus could see none of the back stage action. I decided to refrain from drinking beer at the show due to the cost, four fifty for a beer, and I wanted to stay one hundred percent on my toes for I knew not when the Hurricane would come to the ring.

The first match was a really good one. It was a local boy from Grand Rapids against some other no name. The Grand Rapids native got quite a pop from the Grand Rapids crowd. He had a good look and some definite in ring potential, oh yeah and skill. He was awesome. I was going to try and find his name over at, because they usually have the names of those who wrestled in the dark matches, but this time those fuckers let me down. But, anyways, he was awesome and he was from Grand Rapids. I'd recognize him if I saw him again in the future, as he had a very distinct look, and I'll be sure to mention his name here on the blog of the Hurricane as soon as I find out.

We got to see Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade take on a couple of no names. This match was really good too. Those familiarized with Mark Jindrak know that he was considered for the position of the fourth member of Evolution, but was turned down due to lack luster responses at house shows. But, I have to say, Jindrak is in incredible shape and has got some serious skills.

Alright, here's a blog of the Hurricane exclusive spoiler for you guys. Last night during the taping of Heat Mark Henry aligned himself with Teddy Long, who had just returned from his "cruise". So that's what they call hepatitis now a days. Mark Henry had to defeat a white boy in order to earn his player's card. The white boy was none other than Dux. We were hoping Dux would get the upset, but it just wasn't in the cards.

We were also treated to a wonderful match betwixt Rico and Spike Dudly. Rico won.

I then went to take a piss, and as I was trying to find my way back to my seat Tommy Dreamer's music hit. I ran down the stairs screaming only to find out that I had ran down the wrong stairs. I ran back up the stairs screaming, found the right section, and then ran down the stairs screaming. The match was Tommy Dreamer and Ivory against Stevie Richards and Victoria. Victoria's outfit was quite revealing. Richards and Victoria won. This was a pretty good match.

I'm trying to think if I forgot any of the other dark or Heat matches. Ehhhh, if I remember any later I'll just add an extra post if I see fit.

About twelve minutes to nine they did the typical Raw live commercial which airs on Spike TV. We got to hold up our signs and yell alot. And then Lillian Garcia sang the national anthem, only to be interrupted by the La Resistance entrance music. La Resistance didn't actually come out, though. That was sort of dissapointing. After that, they set up the ring for the Highlight Reel. The Grand Rapids crowd seemed adamently anti-Jericho. Earlier that night, some people heald up a huge Jericho sign, and the rest of the arena retaliated with a "Jericho Sucks" chant. I don't get it really.

The fire works hit, and we went crazy. Steve, Ben, and I heald up our PAID, LAID, and MADE signs for the whole world to see. Steve said he saw our signs on the Titan Tron, and that we had thus made it on global TV for our signs to be seen by millions. He's dad taped Raw, so I should get a chance to see it. I know, later on at one point, I thougt I could see the sign I was holding up on the Titan Tron, so I waved it in a peculiar fashion, and sure enough it was my sign. I'll have to watch the tape later and try to spot it.

Jericho's guest was HBK, so we did alot of screaming. The interview didn't last long as Jericho had a hair vs. hair match to prepare for. So Evolution came down to finish the interview. There was a bit of a shmoz, Nash came out, Gayberg came out. Goldberg went to spear Triple H, but H moved and Goldberg speared Nash instead. I know it was planned that way, but it was still fun to call Goldberg an idiot for having speared Nash.

The next match was betwixt Trish Stratus and Molly Holly for the women's championship. This was the closest I had ever been to Trish Stratus in my life. She is so hot. So so so very very hot. Even up in the cheap seats Trish's hotness is more than apparent. But, when you're that close to her, her hotness is abundant and consumes and delineates every cognitive function for the time being. There was predicted botchness in this match. Molly Holly tried to tombstone Trish, but just couldn't get her up high enough to be able to safely execute the maneuver. That looked pretty bad. The match ended with the ever so hot Gail Kim coming out and interfering, giving Molly Holly the victory via disqualification. My brother referred to it as, and I quote: "hottest disqualification ever".

Shane McMahon's participation in last night's show was dissapointinly minimal. He came out and did a little shpeel about how he was going to kick Bischoff's ass and he was going to set Kane on fire. Neither of which he actually did.

Next up was the much anticipated, on my part, match between Test and Scott Steiner, with the victor winning the managerial skills of Stacy Keibler. This match was every bit as fantastic as I could have imagined. Test pulled one of the biggest ploys I've ever seen. After missing a kick he landed on his leg really funny. He went down, and seemed to be legitimately injured. The referree even made the X sign, that they do whenever a wrestler is legitimately injured. The look on Test's fact suggested to me that he was actually injured, as his face seemed to convey that he was more pissed off than anything. A bunch of officials came down to the ring and helped Test onto his feet, Test hobbled around. Scott Steiner lowered the rope to help Test out, and then, BAM!!!!!!!!! Test gave him a huge boot to the head, knocking him to ground, and scoring the victory. This was absolutely awesome. I had been completely fooled, as I believe most of the people in the arena were. This was a brilliant set up, and for me was on the high lights of the night.

Next was La Resistance. I still love this gimmick and find these guys to be the ballsiest wrestlers out there right now. You can't really grasp just how much these guys are hated until you've seen them at a live show. They got the biggest heat of the night, easily in my opinion. So much heat!! I was hell of impressed when the walked up to some military dude in the front row, who was obviously a plant, and asked him how many innocent people he had killed in the past year. So the Dudleys came out and chased off La Resistance and invited the military dude into the ring. And the military dude clobbered the Dudleys with their own flag pole. La Resistance came back down to the ring and helped the guy beat up the Dudleys and the crowd booed ever more.

Next up was the hair vs. hair match, which ended exactly as I knew it would. I'd like to say, though, that Nash is fucking huge. Jericho won the match with a low blow and some brass knucks. He cut off a big chunk of Nash's hair and headed off towards the back. When Jericho was cutting off Nash's hair I could hear some woman behind us screaming really loud and shrilly, as though she was genuinely horrified that Nash's hair was getting cut.

After the hair vs. hair match was a fantastic Hurricane/S.H.I.T vignette. In this vignette the Super Hero In Training helped get a little girl's cat out of tree, and then the Hurricane whooshed in and gave the little girl a lecture about super heros whilst young Rosevelt beat the cat against a tree. This was the best vignette the duo has done thus far.

And then we had the Super Hero In Training take on Rodney Mack. When the Hurricane came out I went balls out ballistic. Finally, I was seeing my hero in person. I was dissapointed that the Hurricane wasn't wrestling, but the match was pretty good and Rosey scored the pinfall over Rodney Mack. There was a quick little brawl and then it was posing time. This is when the Hurricane pointed at me!! I swear, he actually pointed at me. Whilst they were posing I was waving my Hurri-sign, I was wearing my Hurri-shirt, and I was doing the Hurri-pose. And then the Hurricane went up to stand on the second turnbuckle and pointed right fucking at me. I thought to myself "Dude, did he just point at me?", as if reading my thoughts Steve yelled out "Dude, he just pointed at you!"

That's right fellas, this is a blog of the Hurricane exclusive!! The Hurricane pointed at me!! It was the greatest moment yet in my career as a Hurri-fan. In a crowd of ten thousand the Hurricane spotted me and acknowledged my Hurri-enthusiasm. It was one of those precious moments that stays etched in the mind of a fan till the day he dies. That one quick gesture made everything all worth while. That in and of itself was worth the price of admission. God bless you, Hurricane!! If I wasn't an avid die hard fan before, now it is certain that I have crossed that line into life long fanaticism.

After that we had that lovely little segment betwixt Eric Bischoff and Linda McMahon. My brother and I tried to get a MILF chant going but it didn't seem to take.

This is when stupidness happened. When Shane saw what was transpiring all the way over in Greenwhich, Conneticut he ran out, stole a car and took off. This made no sense what so ever. I'm not sure how far Greenwhich is from Grand Rapids, but I'm pretty sure it's at least a twelve hour drive. WHY THE FUCK DID HE LEAVE? Are we supposed to believe that Shane is a complete moron?

After this we saw Christian and Rob Van Dam put on a classic match for the Intercontinental championship. I had fun with this match, cheering for both competitors, as I love both of those guys. The match ended with Kane coming out and stealing RVD and taking him to the back.

Kane dowsed RVD with gasoline and then made several failed attempts to light a match. He then said that he wasn't going to set RVD on fire because that's what the people wanted to see. This was really stupid as well, as nobody in the arena wanted to see RVD get set on fire. RVD is the local boy, from Battle Creek, why the hell would us Grand Rapidians want to see our home town hero get set on fire? Are we supposed to believe that Kane is a complete moron?

Then the final match betwixt Randy Orton and Goldberg. Randy Orton was awesome, Goldberg was his usual talentless self. He's an ass. Goldberg won this match and there was quite a little shmoz.

And then came one of the other high lights of the night. Whilst watching the shmoz, Steve smacked my shoulder and yelled. I looked over to my left and there was Nash, coming out of the entrance right next to our seats. We were about five feat aways from the man himself. Allow me to reiterate. Nash is fucking huge. Nash proceeded down to the ring and gave Goldberg a vicious jack knife power bomb. I guess on TV the commentators made it come off as a heel turn. Live it seemed as though Nash was merely seaking retalliation for the spear he had received earlier. Either way, I loved it. Goldberg's an ass.

Anyways, there was more shmoz. Steve Austin and Goldberg drank some beer, which was quite comical at certain points. They sang happy birthday to Lillian Garcia. And that was it.

This was an absolutely awesome show. And allow me to convey this simple fact one more time. THE HURRICANE POINTED AT ME!! He didn't point at you. And he didn't point at you. HE POINTED AT ME!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003


Seven hours from now I am going to be sitting in the Van Andel Arena getting ready to watch some damn good wrestling. I am filled to the brim with anticipatory anxiety, as the annual Raw at the Van Andel seems to have become the high light of my year. Let's do a run down, shall we?





Fourth Of July?
The Feast of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes?

Yup. Yup. Mmmm....yup.

This is what a whole year of watching wrestling on TV builds up to. And thus far, we have been privy to some top quality Raws.

Raw 2001: Stone Cold Steve Austin steals Kurt's gold medals.

Raw 2002: Degeneration X reunites and subsequently disbands.

Raw 2003: All I know thus far is that Chris Jericho is going to kick Kevin Nash's ass and give his character a much needed revamping.

Anything is possible tonight as this is the final Raw before Summer Slam, which is the second biggest pay per view of the year. Thus making this, really, the second most important Raw of the year. And seeing how, at least as I see it, the WWE has a soft spot in their heart for Grand Rapids, we're in for a show.

Shane McMahon was out of action last week due to Kane tomb stoning him on the steal stairs. But, he is almost certain to be there tonight as they have to build up the feud betwixt him and Bischoff going into Summer Slam.

The Hurricane should most likely be in action. Although I'm worried his role tonight maybe minimal due to them wanting to build up more momentum for Summer Slam. And, as I'm sadly aware of, the Hurricane will not be competing at Summer Slam.

A close friend of mine made a point to me a couple of days ago that I feel stupid for having not addressed in my blog. The ending to the match betwixt Goldberg and Ric Flair last Monday was fucking stupid. Why the WWE saw fit to put Goldberg against Flair in a no disqualification match with Randy Orton as special guest referee and have Goldberg come out the victor despite the fact is beyond any rational person's comprehension. Is Goldberg such an ass that he couldn't handle loosing a match like that in which the cards are stacked up that much against him? Would it have done any damage to his character to have Randy Orton and Ric Flair team up and beat him with chairs and then have Orton do a really fast three count? What is the thinking here? It's an insult to my intelligence to watch Goldberg overcome such stupid odds. This isn't even about Goldberg's character overcoming odds. It's about Goldberg being a complete ass who doesn't care about the well being of the business.

Anyways, I'll be at the Van Andel tonight and I'll be sure to give Goldberg a good booing.

Friday, August 15, 2003

A Blog Of The Hurricane Exclusive: Ted Dibiase (not really)

Now that I have about a week off with absolutely nothing to do, I've undergone a new project. I'm e-mailing different pro wrestlers and asking them their opinions on the Hurricane. I e-mailed a few earlier today and I just got a response. One of the pro wrestlers I e-mailed was Ted Dibiase. In my e-mail I mentioned that I know he doesn't like the current state of the business but that I just wanted to know what his thought were on The Hurricane. Anyways, Ted didn't quite respond, but I got a response from one of his associates, Bobby Riedel. Here it is:

I work with Ted DiBiase in Public and Media Relations. He sent me this email. Your right. Ted doesn't really watch todays product. Thus, he does not know who Shane Helms/Hurricane is. However, I personally think he's awesome. I would like to interview him one day. I have been in this business for roughly 10 years, and I think he has the attributes to become one of the greats. Its refreshing to see a gimmick again.

Thanks for writing.
Bobby Riedel

I'm absolutely appreciative to Bobby Riedel for his words about the Hurricane. Obviously, anyone who's been around in the business must recognize the potential of the Hurricane. Mr. Riedel was right on when he said that he has the "attributes to become one of the greats". However, I'm saddened that Ted Dibiase hasn't familiarized himself with the Hurricane, especially considering that the Hurricane is one of the more wholesome characters in the WWE. But, then again, the Hurricane is involved with the whole S.H.I.T gimmick, and he was the one to give us the classic line "The Scorpion King has a tiny ding-a-ling".

Mr. Riedel also touched on another volital aspect. The gimmick. The Hurricane is refreshingly gimmicky. I think that's one of the things that made him so appealing to me in the first place. Too many wrestlers out there without solid gimmicks. Alot of wrestlers now a days, it takes a while for you to figure out exactly what their gimmick is. For instance, when they started the whole "what" thing with Stone Cold, it took a couple of weeks for that to sink in with the fans. When the Hurricane is interviewed or when he comes down to the ring, his gimmick is apparant from the get go. He's a super hero.

Anyways, that's all I've got for now. I'll update this as soon as I get some more e-mails from other pro wrestlers.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

A Hurri-travesty

Here's the list of wrestlers thus far scheduled to make an appearance at Unforgiven, the next Raw exclusive PPV:

I think you'll notice who's missing, the Hurricane. I realize it may be kind of early to be addressing the issue. But, remember, the Hurricane was conspicuously absent at the first Raw exclusive pay per view. And I feel that as a hurri-fan it's my prerogative to immediately start voicing my discontent. Honestly, what's the point behind having brand exclusive pay per views if you're not going to use them as an opportunity to show case the best up and coming talent?

A Little Hurri-bonus

For a limited time, WWE DVD's of "Insurrection", "Bad Blood" and "Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain" sold at Suncoast will come with a free poster featuring the Hurricane.


The post below this post is an ethnography I wrote for my anthropology class. If the first paragraph seems silly, it's because the instructor wanted us to put a little introduction at the beginning in which we describe ourselves and our background. The instructor seemed to rather enjoy this ethonography, as I totally aced it, I got one hundred and fifty points out of a possilbe one hundred and fifty points. Plus, I made it on to the list of enthonographies that he fealt attained the positiVe attribute of ethnological novelty.

All in all the anthropology class was really enjoyable, but kind of wierd because the instructor's name was Don, and he totally looked, acted, and talked exactly like this other guy I know who is named Don. It reminded me of that one Kids In The Hall sketch: "I had a friend named Don once, I saved his life", "Thank you?".

My mom wanted to read my ethnography, but I wouldn't let her because I use the word "masturbation". Also, the cover page for this paper had a picture of radish on it.

An Ethnography Of Seventh Day Adventists

Hello, my name is Ron Whiting, I’m 21 and I’m a Psychology major at Michigan State University. I’m currently a junior. I spent three years at a local yokel community college and I never formally graduated from high school, I obtained a GED last October before transferring to MSU. To give you an idea of what sort of biases I might have going into this ethnography, I am a practicing Catholic and a vegetarian. Since the group I have selected are the Seventh Day Adventists, I think this holds considerable relevance since the Seventh Day Adventist Church is fairly anti-Catholic and very pro-vegetarianism.
I think the Seventh Day Adventist Church is a very interesting organization because in it’s initial years it was kind of a cult. But, over the past century and a half it’s sort of tamed down into a somewhat ordinary and rather orthodox Christian church. It originated in the Millerite Movement led by a Baptist minister named William Miller, who predicted that the Apocalypse would occur on October 22nd, 1844. When the Apocalypse didn’t take place the prophetess Ellen G. White emerged and declared that God had told her that the only mistake Miller had made was confusing the second coming of Christ with the beginning of heavenly judgment, which had in fact occurred on October 22nd, 1844.
The church I attended for a couple of weeks was the Kalamazoo Seventh Day Adventist Church which is a part of the Michigan Council of Seventh Day Adventists which is a part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church as a whole. The headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is in Washington D.C., although it was originally located in Battle Creek, Michigan.
I selected this group because this month marked the ten year anniversary of the death of my grandmother. My grandmother was an extremely devout Seventh Day Adventist. I figured that since I had to write an ethnography I could use this opportunity to learn more about the church that my grandmother was apart of. My grandmother has kind of an interesting past with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. She left the Seventh Day Adventist Church after being ordered to by my grandfather, and attended a Baptist church for a couple of decades. When she was in her late forties she had a son who died at the age of two weeks, and she became convinced that it was God punishing her for not observing the Sabbath. Even though she had been out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church for many years, the mind frame had stuck with her the entire time.
My main research questions dealt with their observance of the Sabbath (Saturday) and how it’s effected their culture economically, politically, and whatnot. I’ve also been considerably curious about their practice of vegetarianism. One thing that has amazed me about Seventh Day Adventists is the extent to which this subculture has influenced American culture as a whole. We can thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church for such delightful aspects of American culture as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, soy burgers, and the masturbation myths.
The first academic resource I went to was the “Encyclopedia of Millenialism and Millennial Movements”, which is published by the Routledge Encyclopedias of Religion and Society. This deal with the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s beginnings as an Apocalyptic fringe group. During the first few decades of the Seventh Day Adventist Church there was considerable concern over blue laws, state enforced laws mandating Sunday as an obligatory day of rest. The SDA’s viewed the blue laws, along with slavery and other religious persecutions as a sign of the end times. In 1888 Ellen G. White released a book entitled “The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan” in which she prophesied how the last days would play out. They key players were to be Satan, the Roman Catholic Church (whom White referred to as Satan’s henchman), Apostate Protestantism (all the Protestant churches joined together), Spiritualism, and the United States Government. These five entities would comprise the Beast from Revelations, which would rise up against the Seventh Day Adventists.
At this time there were Protestant establishments who actually wanted to enact a national law making Sunday a day of rest and worship. Out of fear of this SDA’s became hardcore advocates for the separation of church and state, and established the Public Affairs and Religious Liberties Department, institutionalizing the Seventh Day Adventist Church as a watchdog of the First Amendment. They helped to defeat Senator H.W. Blair’s “Sunday-Rest” bill in 1888 and 1889. This actually created another problem for SDA’s, they were no longer being persecuted, however, it postponed the White’s prophecy of a national Sunday law, and thus postponed the Second Coming of Christ.
As America became more and more embracing of religious diversity, Adventists became less and less extreme, and the eminent return of Christ became further and further in the future. In the late 1950’s Evangelical scholars, Walter R. Martin and Donald G. Barnhouse, did a study of cults and declared SDA’s to be tried and true Christians as supposed to cultists. Still the expectation of a Second Coming plays a major role in Adventist culture. Many SDA’s recall childhood nightmares of the Second Coming occurring when they weren’t ready. And many recall childhood memories of playing “Catholics and Adventists” as supposed to “Cowboys and Indians”.
My second academic resource was from “The Encyclopedia of Religion” published by the Macmillan Publishing Company. This blurb dealt with the life of the prophetess Ellen G. White. She was born in 1827, and as a young schoolgirl was hit in the face with a rock. She was unconscious for several weeks and because of this she was semi-invalid and never completed her schooling. She started having visions following the Great Disappointment on October 22nd, 1884, as I noted earlier. In 1863 she reportedly received a vision in which she was told that Adventists were to quit eating meat and were to abstain from all drugs including coffee. In 1864 she release a pamphlet entitled “An Appeal To Mothers” which is where we get the myths about masturbation (hairy palms, going blind, etc.) that have become a staple of American culture.
My third academic resource was from the “Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism”, published by Routledge Encyclopedias of Religion and Society. This source dealt mainly with the rules of Seventh Day Adventism. The main differentiating factor of this faith is the observance of the Sabbath. This rule caused them to create a few enemies in the 1800’s. They dislike Darwinists because they felt that Darwinian evolution undermined the literal Sabbath. They disliked the Roman Catholic Church because they were initially responsible for changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. They disliked Protestants because, like I said before, a lot of them were trying to enact a national Sunday law. They also dislike left winged biblical scholars, who deny the infallibility of the bible, and right winged literalists who use the bible to enforce male superiority.
I attended the Kalamazoo Seventh Day Adventist Church. I have quite a few relatives who attend that particular Adventist church. I attended two weeks, for a total of five hours all together. I spent my time there with my great aunt and great grandmother. My aunt introduced me to quite a few of the church members including the pastor. SDA’s do something pretty weird with their pastors, they move them every three years. I had intended to ask what the deal was with that and how it affected the congregation, but I completely forgot to whilst at the church.
My initial impression of the SDA’s was that I was impressed that they could be at church at nine in the morning on a Saturday, consume no caffeine whatsoever, and still be in a good mood. I needed at least four cups of coffee to handle it. I was also extremely nervous because I’m Catholic. My Adventist relatives are completely unaware of the fact that I’ve converted to Catholicism, and my mother has warned me against telling them. I feared that telling them could jeopardize the scientific integrity of my research, and plus these are relatives I hold in very high regard and I don‘t want them to hate or distrust me. Though I quickly found that if you ask a sixty year old woman about her church and her family you don’t have to worry too much about talking about yourself.
Like I said, what is unique about the Seventh Day Adventists is the observance of the Sabbath. They are pretty much the only Christian sect to do this, although I’m fairly certain there are Jewish Christians who practice this custom as well. As is the Jewish custom, they keep the Sabbath as a day of rest, avoiding all excessive labor. I was pleased to note that in the weekly bulletins they mentioned what time the sunset was going to take place on the following Friday. And at their weekly services they greet each other with the expression “Happy Sabbath!”. I picked up on this one pretty quickly, I found this custom enjoyable because it made me feel Jewish.
As in the Catholic Church, kneeling is a regular part of the Adventist worship service, so they have those little kneeler contraptions on the pews. Baptism and communion are conducted in the same way as in most Protestant churches, my second week there I had the privilege of witnessing an Adventist baptism. But, there was one custom that I found particularly interesting. At every weekly service, at one point, they have all the children in the congregation come forth and sit on the floor. And then someone takes the mic and tells them a story, after the story they give the kids little plastic buckets and have them go collect offerings from everyone for the Adventist elementary school. SDA’s put a huge emphasis on catering and ministering to children.
My dear aunt gave me a tour of the church during the customary Sabbath school, and I got a chance to see the different classes in action. The way they teach children is actually quite different from what I experience growing up. In one room I noticed that there were just as many adults as there were kids. My experience of Sunday School growing up in a Baptist church was nothing more than just a place to store your kids for the time being. SDA’s make serious efforts to nurture their children in the teachings of their church.
I was seriously intrigued when in one of the Sabbath School classes the subject turned to whether or not it is a sin for a Christian to eat meat. I found this to be a really fascinating conversation to eavesdrop on, as it is in the kind of conversation I’ve never heard before amongst a fellowship of Christian believers. As I found out, the SDA Church has actually kind of eased up on the whole meat thing. They abstain from it, but it’s not a belief they try to force on other Christians when attempting to evangelize them.
The requirements for joining the Seventh Day Adventist Church are beyond anything I could ever live up to. They, for the most part, abstain from all meat, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no gambling, no coffee, no R rated movies. It’s a pretty strict church. Their observance of the Sabbath really seems to create a strong sense of community, almost kind of an “us vs. the world” sort of thing. Baptism by immersion is a requirement for entrance into the church, as is belief in the bible as the infallible word of God (a view not held by most modern day Catholics).
Through the process I was passively active. I sang hymns with them, but I didn’t kneel. Like I’ve previously noted, I did use the customary SDA greeting “Happy Sabbath!”. I was tempted to chime in during the meat discussion in the Sabbath School class, but I didn’t want them to take to much notice of me and start asking me questions. The Adventists were totally cool and fine with me studying them, and didn’t seem to be the least bit paranoid, as some other sects might be, I’m not going to mention names. The SDA’s treated me as they would any potential convert (even though they were aware that I wasn‘t a potential convert), they’re known for being unusually friendly and often evangelizing to the lowest wrung of the social ladder. I actually know people who have been kicked out of Protestant churches for unsatisfactory dress and hygiene and ended up being accepted in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
If I was ever to do a study like this again I would organize my time better. The SDA’s do a potluck dinner once a month, which I would have loved to attend. I would be quite interested to see what sort of meatless entrees they served. However, time was insufficient for me to view this particular aspect of their church. Also, I may return in the future to observe what customs they practice during particular Christian holidays.
As a vegetarian I’m very grateful for Adventist culture because of what they’ve done in the field of soy. All of the best fake meat products on the market are made my Seventh Day Adventist run businesses. As I mentioned, we can also thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Dr. Kellogg was a Seventh Day Adventist (although he was eventually excommunicated for questioning the authority of Ellen G. White), and he created Corn Flakes as an anti-masturbation food, using ingredients that he believed somehow tamed sexual desires and deviancy.
Because of my relatives in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, I consider Adventism to be a huge part of my personal cultural history. I actually live in the town I live in because of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I live in this crappy little town called Hastings, and I’ve always wondered how in the hell my family wound up here. A few months ago I found out that my grandfather moved his family from Kalamazoo to Hastings in order to keep the Seventh Day Adventists away from my grandmother. So the SDA’s have played a much bigger part in my life then I had initially thought. At the Hastings Seventh Day Adventist Church my grandmother has almost a saint like status. I paid a visit to that church a few weeks ago. Some sweet little old lady asked my name, I told her, and she told me that it sounded really familiar. When I told her who’s grandson I was she damn near had a heart attack.

This Is The Greatest Feeling In The World

This is the feeling of pure and utter certainty. I've just registered for all of my spring and winter classes. This means that I know exactly what I'll be doing from now till June. Even in my old age, I find this to be a significant period of time for which to know what I'll be doing. For the past three years I have had a constantly changing schedule. Every four months my life would be altered and following a completely different routine. Well, now I have the next eight months to not worry about anything and just focus on studying.

And in my old age time may seem to move alot faster, but eight months is still a very long time. It's amazing the extent to which a person can change over the course of eight months. I just read a paper I wrote for a religion class about eight months ago entitled "Why Catholicism is Better Than Everything Else". Reading it now I think that it totally sucks. I guess now I am more adversed in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and I could write a way better paper. And I'm a completely different person for it. Because, nothing changes you to the extent that knowledge does. And one can attain quite a bit of knowledge over the course of eight months. So, I'm thinking to myself. What kind of person will I be eight months from now? What sort of things am I going to learn in these classes? What sort of knowledge and insight am I going to attain in my religious life? I've got the next eight months taken care, now I'm just waiting for the next eight months to take care of me.

I'll probably never post "Why Catholicism Is Better Than Everything Else" on this blog, because it just isn't that good. Though, at the time, it was pretty much everything I had to say at that point. Looking back and reading it I see a sort of charming naivity, but at the time that was kind of what I was going for. The paper was a rather silly hybrid of "naive/tongue and cheek/wrote it the night before". I think the instructor realized what I was going for because he gave me an A on it. Even though, as he said, I made no valid objective arguments what so ever.

Anyways, this right here I think is the greatest feeling in the world. I've got everything planned out until June. I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get money or applying for anything. Everything has been set in stone. I'm set till June. And if I were to get lung cancer within the next couple of weeks, I would probably be dead by June. So, for all I know I could be set for life. But, with the way my brain works, I've always had a hard time looking more than six months into the future. So, it kind of seems like I am set for life. Yessiree, set for life. This is the greatest feeling in the world.

By The Skin Of My Fucking Teeth

It's amazing how this math class I've had to take has been ever the living hell I anticipated. And I just totally gave myself a good scare about fifteen minutes ago.

I had done the unsophisticated math and determined that I needed to get a 2.0 in this class to maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA so that I won't loose the discount on my car insurance. I added up my score thus far in this class and determined that I needed to get sixty nine percent in order to get a 2.0. Well, I just got my grade for the final exam and I had gotten a sixty two percent. I swore quietly to myself and then after about ten minutes of torturing myself and trying to determine what I'll have to do next semester to pull my GPA back to car insurance discount territory. Then I looked at my test scores and realized I had calculated wrong.

I got seventy six percent on each of the first two tests, but when I did the calculations I accidentally put seventy two's in place of the seventy six's. So, as it turns out I made the 2.0 mark. But, just barely. I needed a score of 280 to get a 2.0, and I got a score of 281.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Raw, August 11th: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

"Hell yeah" seems to sum it up pretty well. The proverbial thing before the thing that matters has come and gone and all praise to the merciful and benevolent Allah, my prayers have been answered. Or at least some of them. The hair vs. hair match will in fact be taking place in Grand Rapids as I have been constantly saying it will. To think, this will be the first time I ever see Nash in person, and the last time I ever see him long hair. It's doubly historic.

Now, I love Nash. His in ring skills may have been lacking lately. But, so what? The guy is and has always been entertaining behind a microphone. He showed us that again last night. Besides, when NWO made their debut in WWE in Febuary of 2002, Nash didn't do any wrestling till the night he unfortunately broke his knee in his dramatic return to in ring wrestling. So, for about four or five months, Nash was entertaining us with nothing but his mic skills. And I think that's where his true talent lies, though I question the extent to which he shines within this role out side the context of the New World Order.

Monday night was an absolutely glorious night to be a Hurricane fan. First we saw him in a hell of amusing vignette with Rosey, the Super Hero In Training. The vignette featured Rosey helping an old lady cross the street once and then she hit him with his purse when he exclaimed him acronym to her in a flairful super hero fashion. The Hurricane then makes a typical grandiose entrance and assures him that quote "no good deed goes unpunished".

Then after a commercial break the Hurricane wrestled a beautiful match against Rodney Mack. I declared in my post earlier on Monday that this would, in fact, be the Hurricane's first Raw victory in almost two months now. And I was absolutely right. Not only did he win. He procured a stellar and clean victory. He won it with a flying cross body. I, personally, would much rather have seen him win the match with the chokeslam. But, the Hurricane, none the less, has the best flying cross body in the business right now.

So, yeah, I was quite joyous to see the Hurricane get a clean victory. I was pretty sure he would win, but I expected to see Rosey play some role in it. But, he didn't get involved until after the match. He saved the Hurricane from a post match beating and then proceeded to pose. If you haven't seen the Hurricane and Rosey posing together, you're missing out. They're better than HBK and Diesel, or maybe even Billy and Chuck in their hay day of posing.

So, I can rest assure that when I go to see Raw at the Van Andel this Monday I will see the Hurricane in action. They definitely seem to be going somewhere with this story. It seems that with a wrestler's gimmick being that he's a super hero, the logical next step is to give him a sidekick. So, bring on the vignettes and poses, I say. Though, I though Mighty Molly made quite a good sidekick while she was at it. Can Rosey live up to the legacy established by Molly Holly? That's probably one of the more ridiculous ponderances every uttered, even within the context of professional wrestling.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Niney Minutes Till Raw

Raw goes live in ninety minutes. I just finished doing five hours of studying. I'm ready to pound down a few beers, forget every stupid verbatim definition I've memorized over the past five hours, and watch some good wrestling.

As one can imagine, this is a very crucial Raw tonight as it should set the stage for things to come next week.

First off and most importantly, the Hurricane. Tonight we will se the Hurricane in action against Rodney Mack. The Hurricane and the Mack have had a few encounters as of late, particularly when the Hurricane interfered in his match against Rosey about four weeks ago, before the recruiting of Rosey. With the Super Hero In Training in his corner we could possibly see the Hurricane get his first Raw victory in almost two months now. A victory over the Mack should help get things going for the Hurricane once again. Right now it seems like Mack's run is just starting to slow down, what with Teddy Long side lined for the time being. The WWE obviously wants to push the Hurricane along with his new sidekick. Mack is obviously going to be in a stand still for a while. I'm looking forward to watching the Hurricane win tonight.

I just got the incredibly awesome news that last night at a house show Booker T lost the Intercontinental title to Christian. Sadly, Booker had to drop the title because of an injury and will be out for about six weeks, which means we won't get to see him next week at the Van Andel. But, I love Christian and I thought he made a way better I-C champion than Booker. Booker never should have been in that battle royal to begin with. He never deserved a shot, at least as far as story line goes. The man himself is incredible. But, I think right now, Christian is at the top of his game as far as getting a reaction from the crowd. And it appears that the higher ups are well aware of that too, especially with Christian doing the "Peep Show" whenever Jericho can't do the "Highlight Reel". I am definitely a peep.

Also, tonight Kevin Nash will apear on the "Highlight Reel" with Chris Jericho. I'm expecting to see Nash except his offer for a hair vs. hair match. And I'm expecting them to declare that the match will be next week. In Grand Rapids, baby!!!!

Here's what I'm praying to see tonight:

Kevin Nash and Jericho agree to do the hair vs. hair match next week in Grand Rapids.

Shane challenge Kane to a match next week in Grand Rapids (if they're not going to do it at Summer Slam, then for the love of God they should do it next week in Grand Rapids).

Some indication for further Hurricane storyline development to take place next week in Grand Rapids.

Goldberg suffer a minor injury thus keeping him out of action just long enough to not be able to appear next week in Grand Rapids.

The booking of a match betwixt Trish Stratus and Gail Kim next week in Grand Rapids. Maybe a bra and panties match?

Jim Ross return, so that we'll see him next week in Grand Rapids.

Indication that Vince McMahon will make an appearance next week in Grand Rapids. Sadly, I have yet to see Vince in person.

Alright, so as you can see, I have alot riding on tonight's episode of Raw. This is what is going to give me an idea of what I can be in store for next week. I already know it's going to be awesome. But, if these things I'm praying for happen, or at least one or two of them, that would be ever so kickass.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Gender Discrimination In Guitar Retail

In his article entitled “Patriarchy”, Allan Johnson (1997) describes a patriarchal society as one being male identified, male centered, and male dominated. In my observations I’ve noted that no other line of business seems to exuberate these tenets to the extent that it is in the area of guitar retail. Whilst most franchise businesses seem to have adopted to a more egalitarian business strategy, at least as far as selling their product not necessarily in the area of employment, franchise guitar retail outlet facilities such as Fire House and Guitar Center seem to still cling to an archaic patriarchal manner of retail.
So with this sentiment in mind I set out to investigate the extent to which this patriarchal mentality persists amongst guitar store employees. I wanted to examine the extent to which guitar store employees discriminate against women. My strategy was simple. A female associate and myself enter a guitar store at separate times, offer up similar stories and a similar amount of cash, but not too similar so as to avoid raising suspicion. After our separate altercations with these guitar store employees I would thus compare outcomes, taking into consideration first and foremost the time it took to receive an offer of assistance, plus the deals that we were offered, and maybe even the general attitude of the employee towards the customer.
All in all we investigated six guitar retail outlet facilities in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. Due to time constraints we were unable to investigate Lansing, in particular the notorious Eldery’s. However, I was later informed that the people at Elderly’s are really nice and progressive in their thinking towards issues of gender, so I may have been better off not wasting my time.
The results we attained were fairly mixed, and at times down right baffling. The discrimination wasn’t so consistent and systematic as I had originally hypothesized, but I came along specific examples of gender discrimination none the less.
I will keep the stores I visited anonymous, but if you’re familiar with guitar stores in these areas you’d probably know which ones I went to.
The first store visited I will refer to as Kalamazoo Guitar Retail Outlet Facility A. I was sort of disheartened as my investigation got started off with no clear and blatant sign of discrimination. My colleague ended up waiting one minute for service, where as I ended up waiting three minutes for service. However, on inspection it seems to me that the guitars I was presented with by the employee were of slightly higher quality. Although, the difference of quality isn’t substantial enough to render any serious consideration. We both seemed to experience similar treatment from the employees.
At Kalamazoo Guitar Retail Outlet Facility B my female colleague waited about five to six minutes for service, where as I was offered assistance as soon as I entered the door. My female colleague was offered a guitar-amp-combo known as the “Strat Pack” which seems to be the product a lot of those types are pushing now a days. The service I got seemed more attentive. The employee talked with me extensively about amps and what my amp needs may be in the future. Even though I was attempting to come off as ignorant he talked to me as though I may be potentially considering starting a band and needing a serious amp. All in all, it seemed that we got equally friendly service, although my female colleague was forced to wait a substantially longer time than I did.
Our experience at Kalamazoo Guitar Retail Outlet Facility C struck me as just plain weird. We both waited the exact same time, four minutes. And we were both offered the exact same deal, the “Strat Pack” but if we were willing to spend a little more we could get a Squire Fat Strat with an amp who’s name currently eludes me, and a gig bag for three hundred and ninety dollars. The employee was friendly to both of us, and I’d say is probably the most indiscriminative guy alive.
Next we visited Grand Rapids Guitar Retail Outlet Facility A. This is when things started to get kind of weird. I established a rule that if one of us had to wait for service for longer than ten minutes to just go ahead and leave. This research is very important to me, but we can’t stand around a guitar store for an hour waiting for someone to come and talk to us. Anyways, after waiting about twelve minutes I finally gave up and left. At one point whilst waiting an employee even came up right next to me and without saying a word put a new price tag on a guitar and left. I was sort of irritated with this.
So then my female colleague went in and she was assisted within three minutes of entering the store! She was shown several guitars, received “courteous” assistance, and was even given four free tickets to a rock and roll show at the Intersection! What the hell? My colleague suggested that maybe they were more apt to help her because they thought she needed help and I totally knew what I was doing. I’ll elaborate on similar sentiments later on in this paper.
At Grand Rapids Guitar Retail Outlet Facility B we encountered another similar situation. I waited for assistance for about twelve minutes and then gave up and left. The entire time I was in the store the employee working literally just sat at the counter staring into space. When my colleague went in she received assistance in four minutes. Dammit! Am I being discriminated against? Or do these people just assume that I know what I’m doing because I’m a dude? Either way, I was still receiving discourteous treatment.
Finally we visited Guitar Retail Outlet Facility C, in which we encountered the most substantial occurrence of discrimination. We both waited eleven minutes and were offered assistance just as we were about to leave. However, our scenarios were rather different. I told the employee that I wanted to buy a guitar and I was wanting to spend about two hundred dollars. He told me it wasn’t worth my while to spend two hundred dollars on a guitar and he talked me up into the three hundred dollar range. My colleague told the employee that she wanted to spend three hundred dollars and he talked her down into the two hundred dollar range. This I feel to be a considerable example of discrimination.
Those are the run downs of each individual store. All in all, I waited a total of forty minutes, which comes to an average of six minutes and forty seconds. My colleague waited a total of twenty nine minutes, which comes to an average of four minutes and fifty seconds. So on average I had to wait a minute and fifty seconds longer than she did. All in all, I seemed to get better deals than she did. But, from what I observed we both got equally courteous service. But, don’t worry, there’s still some discrimination. For one thing, with all the stores we visited I only noted one female employee.
And now for my interview. The interview yielded me a more, I’d say, detailed look into the true underlying patriarchy that is a guitar store.
Here is the interview I conducted ( I will refer to my interviewee as Anonymous Guitar Store Employee):

Ron Whiting: What’s the approximate proportion of female workers at your particular guitar retail outlet facility?
Anonymous Guitar Store Employee: In my specific store we have only hired three females since the store has opened compared to over fifty males. They were hired for the position of “front door person” where they were to greet people as they came in, say “see ya” to the people going out, and, more importantly, check all receipts going out. The door person must also check any gear that comes in the store whether we own it or not, for theft reasons.....The females that were hired in were just the right people for such a job- outgoing, friendly, able to direct traffic. They were certainly not hired in for their knowledge of gear, although it seemed as though the girl who knew her stuff was more able to steer incoming customers in the right direction.
Ron Whiting: If the proportion of female employees is substantial enough to render consideration, how would you describe the potential for promotion amongst female workers?
Anonymous Guitar Store Employee: The females that were hired in to the “door person” position really had no way to move up, as there really is no step up. Interestingly enough, however, we hired a male door person a few months ago. He possessed a great deal of enthusiasm, just like the females. A job opening presented itself in the store due to an employee leaving not long after he was hired in. The position- Operations Assistant. The person would be doing business type stuff, counting money, assisting in inventory counts, etc. That door person got that job, not without in-store competition, I might add (like me). Keep in mind that this door person was somewhat qualified for such a job, but still it seemed odd that someone would go from one of the lowest rungs in the store to quite a big wheel with some bit of responsibility.
Ron Whiting: How would you describe the attitude of male employees towards female patrons?
Anonymous Guitar Store Employee: First I’ll describe the way I see things, then the way I observe my co-workers. When I first see someone come into the store, I first try to get a bearing on what they’re doing here, if they are with someone, if they look highly interested in one piece of gear, those sort of things. In my experience, female customers tend to ask for assistance right away at the front door, or approach a salesperson to ask a question. Most times they are buying/looking for a boyfriend/husband, etc. There is a very very small amount that are looking for a guitar for themselves, usually beginners are just looking for an acoustic guitar. I try to treat each customer differently, because everyone is in a different situation. A guy who is looking for a starting acoustic doesn’t really want to hear what I have to say about the differences between models/colors, etc. The price seems to be the bottom line. With females, I usually get a bit more in-depth about things, especially visual appointments and comfort. I’ve experienced that guys want to know more about functional things, and girls tend to want to know more about feel and playability. So, with me, I certainly do treat females differently, but I certainly do not think of this as a negative thing- at least the way I do it.
With my co-workers, I’ve observed a “hey, she’s kinda cute, I think I’ll go talk to here” attitude. I have also noticed when a co-worker is dealing with a female, whether she’s buying the gear for herself or someone else, he tends to be a little showy when demonstrating an instrument/amp. It’s almost like male peacocks showing off their plumage. I’ve notice co-workers treating female customers like a girl they’re talking to casually rather than a customer. Granted, there will be a level of friendliness involved with the service we provide, but I’ve seen that taken a bit too far sometimes. Many times it’s the same salesperson that does these things, and other salespeople aren’t this way at all. I would consider myself an example of a salesperson that is not like this.
Ron Whiting: Have you ever perceived any advertisement campaign strategy undertaken by your particular guitar retail outlet facility to be sexist or degrading? If yes, please describe.
Anonymous Guitar Store Employee: Yes. Grand Opening night. We had music blasting, a band playing in a tent outside, we gave away a guitar, we had cool deals on gear, and we had Hawaiian Tropic girls at the front doors giving out t-shirts......these girls know they’re being stared at by strange just seemed odd.
As a side note, it seems as though every party our store manager plans or throws for us is at Hooters. Call me a weirdo, call me gay, but I just can’t go in there. It’s just too strange, too “forced atmosphere”. I would feel really sheepish, call me crazy.
Ron Whiting: Well, thanks for your time.
Anonymous Guitar Store Employee: Okay, hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction.
End of interview.

The part in which my friend referred to the male door person who moved up to a higher more prestigious position is a perfect example of what Christine L. Williams (1992) refers to as “the glass escalator” . A man in a job typically associated with the ladies is more likely to move up the ranks whilst the women stay stuck in their lower position job.
Also, his example of his boss throwing little parties at Hooters is a good example of heterosexist discrimination. Even though he is a heterosexual, that sort of blatant objectification and sexual novelty makes him uncomfortable ( as it does me). His refusal to “play golf” could definitely possibly serve as a hindrance to his career in guitar retail.
In conclusion, yes there is discrimination. Some may insist that this is due to the fact that women just don’t play, know, and understand guitars to the extent that men do. However, it appears to me that this is very much a result of social ideologies. We live in a society that teaches that girls shouldn’t play that kind of music. We live in a society that believes that “all women play the piano”.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Holy Cool, It Rules To Be Me

Right now the current plan is to do the hair vs. hair match on Raw in two weeks. That's right. The hair vs. hair match will take place in Grand Rapids! I knew this evening was going to be historic. Last year it was historic. It was the night Triple H betrayed Shawn Micheals and it was the night they did away with the European championship. And once again history will be made at the Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids Michigan when Kevin Nash shaves his head. Sorry for the spoiler, but do you honestly think the WWE would have Chris Jericho shave his head.

A friend and I were discussing this earlier today. Kevin Nash has far more incentive to shave his head.

First off, he's getting old. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a part of life. And it should be dealt with head on. We don't want to see one of our all time favorites hobbling through the ring with grey hair. We've all noticed the grey in Nash's hair as of late. So, that would provide Nash with some incentive to shave.

Second, Nash's character seems stuck. After his two pay per view main events it's seemed like there' s nothing to do with his character. He's been hurting over the last few months. He even jobbed to Test a few weeks back and it didn't lead to any sort of story line in which Nash could have gotten any kind of retribution. So, Nash's story has been suffering. Jericho hasn't. Jericho's been on a roll as of lately. He's been hell of entertaining on the High Light Reel, and two weeks ago he became the first person to make the Heart Break Kid Shawn Micheals tap out.

So, all things considered, it benefits everyone to have Nash shave his head. His character is in a lull, and it seems his physical well being is as well. He did just pass out in a hotel lobby a few weeks ago. A shaved head will get us talking again. Me, I'll always be interested in Kevin Nash. But, if everyone else isn't interested as well, then he doesn't get any TV time. So, off with his hair, I say!

And I'm going to be there when it happens in Grand Rapids Michigan, baby.

Raw, August 4th 2003: S.H.I.T.

Wooo, looks like the Hurricane's now working a strong steady story line for the time being. He had a hysterical backstage exchange with Rosey and Christian, which cullminated in a nice little expletive deleted on the part of my hero and yours. The Hurricane put on a stellar match agaisnst Christian, although he did end up jobbing this one. That's okay, things are starting to look like maybe we'll be seeing more of the good stuff from the best thing in my favorite genre of entertainment. The last couple weeks my ears have been tickled by the little wooshing sound effect that they do whenever the Hurricane "flys" off. And I'm actually starting to enjoy Rosey and I'm glad he's working this program with the Hurricane. Hopefully there should be good things coming. And hopefully, this new duo will be involved in Summer Slam in some capacity.

Yesterday I went rummaging through Toys R Us trying to find a Hurricane action figure. No luck. If you're looking through a toy store some day and stumble upon a Hurricane action figure, e-mail me immediately and let me know where and what kind. I need more Hurricane action figures. Right now, my collection consists of a whole two.

The new main event at Summer Slam totally caught me way off guard. But, given Triple H's groin injury, it makes perfect sense. Plus, the Elimination Chamber is a pretty cool match, and it means that Randy Orton and Kevin Nash will be in the main event. And those two deserve to do some main-eventing. Randy in particular.

I'm totally pissed off that they're not going to be doing Kane vs. Shane at Summer Slam. I honestly don't want to see Kane take on RVD. There's no momentum to that match. Kane and Shane have some serious heat going on right now. And I want to see Shane take some bumps. BUMPS BABY!!!!!!!!

Woooo, I'm so stoked. Jim Ross will be coming back to Raw next week. That means twelve days from now, when Raw pulls into Grand Rapids J Fucking R will be there. Plus I get to see Ric Flair and the Hurricane for the first time ever, oh yeah and Kevin Nash.

I love watching wrestling live from Canada because the crowd reactions are completely different. I noticed in the crowd that there was a butt load of "Peeps" signs. And when Goldberg wrestled, there was a nice little "Goldberg Sucks" chant going on. I'm telling ya, there's no fooling Canadian fans.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Raw, July 28th 2003: SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez, it's been six days since Shane's incredible return and I'm just getting around to commenting on it. I've been extremely busy doing field research for a Sociology paper and studying for my stupid math class disguised as a psychology class.

Shane's return on Monday was absolutely incredible. Mind you, I totally knew it was going to happen. But, the way in which it happened was completely steller, brought a big child like smile to my cold, emotionles, sterile face. He just ran in and completely demolished Kane in typical Shane-O-Mac style. And this whole scenario is unbelievably great due to two factors evident to all. First, this meens Shane is going to be at Raw when it comes to the Van Andel. We get to see the man himself carry on his feud with Kane in Grand Rapids, baby! Second, the ultimate conclusion of this conflict is going to be, most likely, an altercation at Summer Slam. Shane vs. Kane at Summer Slam can only mean awesome. Shane vs. Kane at Summer Slam means we could quite possibly see Shane take some huge fucking bumbs. BUMPS BABY!!!!!!!!

After further discussion with some of my friends pertaining to Shane McMahon, I've set out on a hunt to find a copy of King Of The Ring 2001 on DVD, which features one of my all time favorite matches, Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle in a street fight. This was the match that immortalized Shane in my heart and the hearts of my friends. I haven't found a copy of it on DVD. Though on Friday a friend of mine found it on VHS, but I really want it on DVD. And another friend found the DVD on e-bay, but I really really hate e-bay. And in my opinion anyone who doesn't absolutely hate e-bay has a hard lesson to learn. I checked WWE Shop Zone, and they didn't have it.

So the WWE is going through with the Hurricane and Rosey teaming up. I'm fine with this. Whatever gets my favorite wrestler more TV time. Will I cheer Rosey come the 17th, probably not (though if there's an S-H-I-T chant I'll probably join in). But, it seems like we're finally getting to hear the Hurricane talk again, which is awesome. And this is all for the better if it means the Hurricane won't have to wrestle Rosey. Plus, the WWE seems to have their hearts set on pushing Rosey. So what the hell? If a wrestler sucks what better way to improve on him then make him the sidekick to the most entertaining man in the business right now. Though, all in all, I still wish there was another way they could do this.

Nash looked really old. There's nothing wrong with that. He just looked old, that's all. So a few days after Raw he fainted in a hotel lobby. It's probably just because he's really old. There's nothing wrong with that. Ric Flair is really old. Sure, Ric Flair is a better wrestler than Nash and can still very much hold his own in the ring with the up coming stars like the Hurricane, where as Nash comes off as sluggish next to some one like Chris Jericho. But, Nash isn't as used to being old as Flair is. He hasn't been old as long as Flair has. Give him some more time to adapt to being old. I'm sure once he's settled in and can handle being old, he'll be able to compete like he once did when he wasn't old. Mind you, not that he was any spectacular ring technician when he wasn't old.

In all fairness, though, Nash is still one of my favorites on the mic.

Goldberg defeated Steven Richards. It appears to me as though in the weeks leading up to Summer Slam we'll be seeing Goldberg wrestling alot of lower card wrestlers. Goldberg just has to look like a monster, doesn't he? They can't have him taking on anyone who might put up a fight, God forbid. At least next week we'll see Goldberg take on Flair. I want Golberg to win, because if he loses via interference it could just be a way to build up to a victory at Summer Slam. I so don't want him to win, but it seems like everything in my body is telling me he will. Triple H has held the title for almost a year now, with a one month break back in November. Goldberg is the most hyped thing ever. This doesn't look good for people.

Saturday, August 02, 2003


I've been way to busy with school to write anything about Raw or Smackdown, even though they were both great, especially Raw. Anyway, due to my inactivity over the past few days on this blog I decided to paste on a paper I wrote for my Cognitive Psychology class. I think I might paste more school papers on here in the future.

Information Storage In The Human Brain

E. L. Loftus and G. R. Loftus constructed an assembled series of ideas pertaining to the nature of information storage in the human brain. They did so from the presumption that information storage in the human brain isn’t completely permanent. They tackled the issue of whether the impermanence of information storage in the human brain is the result of an inability to access the stored information or if the information had actually been done away with. Loftus and Loftus contributed considerable importance and cognitive relevance to the stance taken on this particular issue.
Loftus and Loftus cited an example of a particular survey in which one hundred and sixty nine individuals were surveyed. Of the one hundred and sixty nine individuals, seventy-five of the had had formal graduate training in psychology, the rest had not. The survey was merely of the individuals beliefs about the nature of memory, whether it was destroyed or merely unavailable. The majority answered that it was unavailable. However, Loftus and Loftus note, the people surveyed were not selected randomly and one of them was an eleven year old girl.
The permanence of memory became a popular notion via Dr. Wilder Penfield’s experiments with electrical brain stimulation (Penfield, 1969; Penfield & Perot, 1965; Penfield & Roberts, 1959). In an attempt to discover the portion of the brain responsible for epileptic attacks Dr. Penfield tried stimulating certain areas of his patients’ brains with weak electric current. When he zapped certain areas of the surface of the brain he found that some people experienced vivid flashbacks of past events which the patients had claimed they had no previous conscious recollection of. An overlooked fact about this experiment is that only 3.5% of the patients had experienced these little flashbacks (Penfield, 1969). Dr. Penfield’s experiment was conducted on 1,132 patients, and of those 1132 patients only 40 reported memory recovery. Of those 40, 24 of them experienced only vague auditory memories.
The method of hypnosis has also contributed to the popularity of the theory of memory permanence. It is believed that hypnosis can bring out forgotten memories in complete and accurate detail (Cheek & LeCron, 1968) and has even been used in criminal investigations (Block, 1976). However, there is still no evidence that people under a hypnotic state possess a more accurate recollection then when they’re not in a hypnotic state (Barber, 1965). Plus, there also exists the possibility that information conveyed during a hypnotic state may merely be information that the subject wouldn’t otherwise reveal when not hypnotized, as supposed to hidden memories.
Psychoanalysis has also contributed to the belief in memory permanence. Through free association, dream analysis, and other methods therapists can help patients recover hidden memories. However, just because some memories can be re-attained doesn’t mean all of them can. Also, there exists the possibility that recovered memories maybe nothing more that elaborate fantasies, plus there is no method with which to test the accuracy of these recovered memories (Erdelyi & Goldberg, 1979).
One of the Loftuses was involved in an experiment which tested memory distortion (Loftus, Miller, & Burns, 1978). In this test subjects were shown a slide show depicting a car running down a pedestrian. There experimenters then asked the subjects a series of questions in which half of the subjects were presented a series of misleading questions. Of those presented with misleading questions, 80% of them responded incorrectly on a recognition test.
M. McCloskey and M. Zaragoza wrote a counter argument article entitled “Mislead Postevent Information and Memory for Events: Arguments and Evidence Against Memory Impairment Hypotheses”. In it they argued that current available evidence is insufficient for establishing whether or not misleading postevent information has an impact of memory. They also claimed that there were certain unaccounted flaws in Loftus’ experimental techniques. For instance, in the experiment subjects were shown a slide show and then sometime later were asked a series of questions, with half of the subjects being asked questions which contained misleading information. With this method it’s possible for some subjects to forget the information during the period of time between the slide show and the misleading questions. In this case the new information wouldn’t be blotting out the old information because there wouldn’t be any old information for it to blot out.
McCloskey and Zaragoza came to the conclusion that a single memory can be collaboration on the part of multiple sources of information. McCloskey and Zaragoza make an illustration of a person who witnesses a baseball game and then later reads about it in the newspaper. He takes these two separate experiences of watching and reading, combines the vital information from both and combines them into one memory. So subjects involved with the experiment conducted by Loftus may have just naturally gone ahead and used the misleading information in the questions to answer the recollection test because the slide show and the questions probably just went ahead and combined to form one all inclusive memory.
Myself, personally, I like to believe that memories can be lost forever. I guess I’m kind of a cynic, but I prefer to think that the human brain can’t be trusted. My view in not without a personal experience within which to be grounded. I consider myself to be somewhat of a pop culture buff, and a few months ago I was trying to remember the name of the woman who plays Daphne Moon on TV’s “Frasier”. I knew for a fact that this was information that at one point in the past I was well aware of. A few years ago some of my friends and I were quite intrigued with the Niles and Daphne story line on “Frasier”, we even threw a bit of a party when they finally hooked up, so the name of the actress was something that I was once well aware of. I was convinced that if I thought long and hard enough eventually it would come to me. I scratched my head for several weeks, but I just couldn’t seem to recall here name. Eventually, out of frustration I went and looked it up on the internet. When I read what it was, the name rang no bell whatsoever. The information had been completely erased from my memory, it was just flat out gone. There was no way I could have ever recalled it, because it simply wasn’t in my brain.
I believe that the permanence of memory is determined by the extent to which it changes us. Some memories change our personality, and the more they change our personality, the more they are imbedded in our brains. Certain traumatic events or instances of abuse can seriously alter someone’s personality, even if they don’t remember it. Because of that, that memory will always be in their brain and may even be recovered someday. But some information, even big things like weddings and what not, can just flat out leave and be gone forever.